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'Where Is The Promise Of His Coming?' Media Mocks Christian End Time Beliefs November 05, 2022

Right now, there is a tremendous amount of chatter about the "end times" all over the Internet. Of course there are plenty of skeptics out there. In particular, there have been quite a few articles in the mainstream media lately that portray Christians that believe that we are living in the "end times" as a bunch of nuts.

How Europe's Energy Crisis Is Becoming An Economic Crisis November 05, 2022

Europe's energy crisis is becoming an economic crisis. Skyrocketing energy prices are causing companies of all types across the region to cut thousands of jobs, dramatically roll back production, and in some instances, halt business altogether

Leftist Media Continues To Defend Drag Queen Events For Children November 05, 2022

Drag queens are at the forefront of the latest skirmish in the sexual revolution--specifically, the phenomenon of drag shows or drag queen-led story events for children. These events have sparked a parent-led backlash, and it isn't difficult for any sane person to understand why.

Inevitable Conflict Between US Liberals And Israel's New Right Wing Government November 05, 2022

As far as many American Jews are concerned, this time the Israelis have gone too far. After more than four decades of tolerating, with decreasing patience and growing disdain, Israeli governments that were led by the Likud Party, the results of this week's Knesset election go beyond the pale for a lot of liberals.

3 More Major Wars That Could Suddenly Erupt In 2023 November 04, 2022

Are we going to see more war in the months ahead? Both sides just continue to escalate the conflict in Ukraine, but it may soon have to share top billing as more wars suddenly erupt around the globe.

US National Security Train Wreck Over Rare Earth Minerals November 04, 2022

China has a near-monopoly on the mining and refinement of rare earth minerals that are used in EV batteries. China also monopolizes the production of those same batteries. In short, America is being forced to tie its future to EVs while having no capability to provide key elements of the system.

Biden Shouldn’t Try To 'Save' Israeli Democracy From Election Victors November 04, 2022

Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-religious bloc has emerged victorious and in the process confirmed the worst fears of the Biden administration. President Joe Biden and his foreign-policy team have strong opinions about who should be running the Jewish state that are echoed by most Democrats and the liberal mainstream media.

The Reasons The Right-Religious Bloc Won The Israeli Election November 04

Even before coalition negotiations begin, some American Jews and politicians are predicting disaster for the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Everything Is Not Fine - The Cold, Hard Economic Reality Can't Be Hidden November 02, 2022

They are trying really hard to convince all of us that everything is just fine. But close to one-fifth of the U.S. population is skipping meals because food prices are too high. And nearly 40 percent of our small businesses couldn't pay rent in October.

The Return Of Netanyahu & Religious Zionism November 02, 2022

Israel's initial election exit poll results are in, and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remains the most dominant force in Israeli politics by a significant margin. In addition to securing the most Knesset seats, his supporting right-wing bloc, which also includes three religious parties, exceeded pre-election surveys.

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