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The Clock Is Ticking - Two Year Countdown To War Between Israel and Iran? March 06, 2023

A two year window appears to be opening that will force Israel to act or risk facing an Iranian nuclear program that is both fully operational and protected. Something that every modern Prime Minister of Israel has vowed to never let happen.

The Hottest Conspiracy Theory Of 2023 - 15 Minute Cities March 06, 2023

It has become common for elitist, mainstream outlets to poke fun at those who dare to question the "we have your best interests at heart" narratives. Not all conspiracy theories are wacky, and not all conspiracy theories are wrong.

Dangerous Push For Mental Illness To Be Eligible Condition For Assisted Suicide March 06, 2023

Canada's current laws have already allowed euthanasia to rise 32 percent since 2020, with more than 10,000 people dying in 2021 alone. The push for these new laws will see these numbers rapidly expand.

Ahead Of Purim, Meir Panim Makes Sure Everyone Can Celebrate With Joy March 06, 2023

For Israeli non-profit Meir Panim, the past few weeks have been very busy. Their five branches across the country have been teeming with life and initiatives, as they got ready to celebrate the upcoming Jewish festival of Purim.

Food Crisis Grows As Number Of Beef Cows Drops To Lowest Level In 60 Years March 03, 2023

Americans need to be prepared to eat a lot less beef, because the size of the national cattle herd is steadily shrinking and could get worse as the year progresses.

From Concerning To Terrifying: 7 Horrible Milestones For The Federal Budget March 03, 2023

When it becomes clear that the nation's debt is spiraling out of control with no plans to turn things around, investors eventually will lose faith in U.S. debt as a safe asset. Ever higher interest rates will be necessary to entice investors, drowning the nation's finances and the economy under a sea of debt.

'Jesus Revolution' Movie Doubles Industry Estimates As Faith Movie Takes Off  March 03, 2023

The movie earned an A+ CinemaScore rating from movie goers and a 99 percent audience rating from Rotten Tomatoes, meaning the audience loved it.

Survey: Britons Would Prefer Muslim Over Evangelical Christian For Leadership March 03, 2023

When asked about specific religious beliefs, evangelical Christians are the faith group less tolerated when it comes to political leadership in Great Britain.

Army Chief Warns Conflict With China Will Result In Strikes On US Mainland March 01, 2023

In a stunning warning, the United States Army Chief has cautioned that China may launch a vicious attack on American soil in the event of a "major war" with Taiwan.

Student Suspended And Then Arrested For Saying There Are Only Two Genders March 01, 2023

I've been reporting on the colonization of Canada's public school system for years, and even I find this story shocking. Gender ideology is the new religion even in many allegedly religious schools but still--having a student arrested?

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