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Hezbollah Gearing Up For Showdown With Israel July 17, 2023

In a series of strategic political and military moves, Hezbollah is intensifying preparations for an imminent confrontation with Israel, drawing global attention and raising concerns about regional stability.

Millions Of Americans Are Relocating Just Prior To The Chaos That Is Coming July 15, 2023

Americans are segregating by their politics at a rapid pace, helping fuel the greatest divide between the states in modern history.. We are seeing an exodus of conservatives to red states and an exodus of liberals to blue states.

The Mainstream Media Is Not Telling You The Truth About Inflation July 15, 2023

Inflation is going down! Isn't that wonderful? When many Americans hear this news, they will think that prices are going down. But that is not true at all. In fact, prices are still going up. They are just going up at a slower rate than they were before.

Madness: Parents Can Be Arrested For Not Paying For Their Child's Sex Transition July 15, 2023

According to the U.K.'s Code for the Crown Prosecution Service, abusive conduct now includes 'withholding money for transitioning and refusing to use their preferred name or pronoun.'

How The Israeli Air Force Is Preparing For Multi-Arena War July 15, 2023

In mid-June, the Israel Defense Forces completed a major two-week war exercise, dubbed "Firm Hand," which simulated a multi-arena war starting with Hezbollah and Lebanon and spreading to other locations, including Iran.

UN Prepares 'Emergency Powers' To Set The Stage For Global Government July 14, 2023

Under a shocking new plan that is scheduled to be adopted two months before the U.S. presidential election in 2024, all it would take is some sort of a major "global shock" for the United Nations to literally take authority over the entire planet.

Lonely America: More Americans Are Living Alone Than Ever Before July 14, 2023

Nearly 30 percent of American households comprise a single person, a record high. In some large cities it is even higher with singles now making up more than 40% of households in Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Denver.

China To Attack Taiwan In Next 17 Months: Official July 14, 2023

The Biden administration's weakness and foreign policy miscalculations have convinced Taiwan that the U.S. military no longer has the resources to stop a Chinese invasion of the island, according to a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

Are Universities The Elite Training Camps For LGBT Indoctrination? July 14, 2023

A new report is claiming over a third of an Ivy League institution's students identify as LGBT, revealing the power of universities to brainwash and pressure students into conformity. According to the Brown Daily Herald, 38% of students at Brown University identify as LGBT, up from 14% in 2010.

Recovery in the Digital Age: How Technology is Revolutionizing Drug Rehab 

Curing Substance Use Disorder (SUD) requires providential monitoring, treatment, relapse prevention, and recovery support.

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