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Christians Banned From Foster Care Adoption Over Gender Transition Beliefs August 10, 2023

The state of Massachusetts is being been sued for violating the Constitution in its decision to ban faithful Catholics from the state's foster care adoption program, which currently is facing a crisis with some 1,500 children in need of families.

What Deal Are The Americans And Saudis Negotiating? August 10, 2023

U.S. and Saudi negotiations are centered on two main issues: China and America's strategic alignment in the Middle East.

Progressive Pastors Invoking Gods Name To Promote Abortion August 10, 2023

"I felt God's presence with me as I made the decision to end two pregnancies," said Rebecca Todd Peters, an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA), during a July 9 homily on Psalm 139. "And I felt no guilt, no shame, no sin."

Wars and Rumor's Of War Spread Across The Globe August 08, 2023

Leaders all over the world are preparing for more conflict as hot spots around the world are flaring up and it is only a matter of time until many boil over.

The Weaponization Of Finance - Conservatives Face Real Threat Of Debanking August 08, 2023

The West is at risk of having something akin to the Chinese social credit score being instituted through the banking system as more Conservatives are finding accounts closed for not agreeing with a "banks values'.

USAID Links Foreign Aid To Promotion Of LGTBQ Policies  August 08, 2023

USAID uses United States tax dollars to push radical, leftist ideology abroad, going so far as to undermine foreign governments who do not adhere to the perverse ideology it espouses.

A Light In The Darkness Of Education - A Christian School That Continues To Grow August 08, 2023

While college enrollment nationally has declined 12%, enrollment at ACU is up almost 200% in the same timeframe. 'We're seeing general enrollment growth as people become more and more aware of the excellence of what we're doing and really the spiritual commitment of it'.

7 Trends That Indicate Economic Disaster Is Approaching Very Rapidly August 07, 2023

The economic meltdown that is coming should not be a surprise to anyone. Throughout U.S. history, there have always been signs that a major downturn was coming, and that is precisely what we are witnessing right now.

Pandora's Box Is Already Open - Deepfake Lies Could Social Engineer The World August 07, 2023

The surge in popularity of hyper-realistic photos, audio, and videos developed with artificial intelligence commonly known as deepfakes--has become an internet sensation. As the line between fact and fiction gets harder to distinguish, online criminals need just two hours to create a realistic, computer-generated "deepfake" product that could change a person's life.

The Dilemma Of A Preventive Israeli Strike On Hezbollah August 07, 2023

Hezbollah's provocations on the Lebanese-Israeli border continue, while deeper within Lebanon, the Iranian-backed terror army continues to amass a monstrous arsenal of some 200,000 rockets, mortar shells, missiles and drones.

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