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Catholic School Suspends Student For Holding Biblical Beliefs About Gender February 07, 2023

A student at a Catholic high school has been suspended for the rest of this year for holding biblical beliefs. That would be that God created men and women, and that they don't change back and forth.

How 'The Collective Voice Of The Muslim World' Weaponizes The UN Against Israel February 07, 2023

How can such an overwhelming amount of time, paperwork and energy of the UN's extensive agencies, professedly representing global interests, be so single-mindedly devoted to the censure of a single democratic state?

AP Bans 'Crisis Pregnancy Centers' Terminology Due To Term Being Misleading February 07, 2023

The Associated Press has added an entry to its style guide directing journalists to put the term "crisis pregnancy center" in scare-quotes, and to use "anti-abortion center" instead, to convey that "the centers' general aim is to prevent abortions."

Is Chinese Balloon 'Dry Run' For EMP Attack? February 06, 2023

China's recent balloon flyover of the United States is clearly a provocative and aggressive act. It was most likely a type of dry run meant to send a strategic message to the USA. We must not take this for granted.

Emerging Global Food Crisis To Get Worse In 2023 February 06, 2023

The worst case scenario that many of the experts feared is starting to play out right in front of our eyes. Throughout 2022, I repeatedly warned my regular readers that there were all sorts of indications that the emerging global food crisis would go to entirely new level in 2023, and that is precisely what is happening.

Feds Adapting A.I. Used To Track ISIS To Combat American Public Dissent February 06, 2023

The government's campaign to fight "misinformation" has expanded to adapt military-grade artificial intelligence once used to silence the Islamic State (ISIS) to quickly identify and censor American dissent on issues like vaccine safety and election integrity.

The Shrinking Remnant - Only 6% Of UK Adults Identify As Practicing Christians February 06, 2023

The report shows that only 6% of adults in the UK identify as practicing Christians, while 42% say they are non-practicing Christians.

The Collapse Of Faith In America February 03, 2023

In 1972, a Pew survey found that 92 percent of all Americans identified as Christians, but the most recent Pew survey that asked this question discovered that only 63 percent of Americans still identify as Christians and many of those want absolutely nothing to do with traditional Christian values.

Say What? Church Calls Police To Stop Member From Opposing LGBT Promotion February 03, 2023

A bishop in the Church of England has called police and reported a member to police. Because the member holds biblical beliefs!

Blinken's Trip To Israel: Nine Bad Moments February 03, 2023

Netanyahu welcomed Blinken warmly and described US President Joe Biden as "a true friend of Israel" and "a true champion of this alliance." However, in spite of the rhetoric, during those three days Blinken made several remarks showing the Biden administration's duplicitous policies concerning Israel.

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