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Why So Many Are Choosing Couches Over Pews? February 18, 2023

There's the church, there's the steeple, open the door... but where are the people?

Chinese Communists 'Hope to Erase' Christianity: Report February 18, 2023

The problem of religious persecution is as old as Marxism itself. Karl Marx considered religion the opiate of the masses. Yet suppression of Christians appears to have intensified as China has gained economic and military strength over the last two decades.

Christian Teacher Fired For Refusing To Hide 'Gender Transitions' From Parents February 16, 2023

The view of the transgender movement - that children need to be protected from their parents by ideologues posing as educators who assist them in changing their gender - has become the de facto regime in many countries.

13 Numbers That Show How Dramatically We Have Failed America's Children February 16, 2023

The kids are not okay, and it is time for us to face the truth. Surveys have shown that the mental health of our young people has been steadily getting worse. But now we are learning that things really took an enormous turn for the worse during the pandemic.

Democrat Calls Advocacy For Natural Family 'Dangerous And Un-American' February 16, 2023

A Democratic politician has received massive backlash after she called the scientifically attested belief that children suffer less abuse in nuclear families "dangerous and un-American."

Christian Genocide in Nigeria: The Biden Administration's Cover-Up February 16, 2023

The State Department's decision to de-list Nigeria from the "Countries Of Concern" list where thousands of Christians are killed every year reveals Washington's true priorities.

Conservative Media Being Squeezed Out Of Web/Media By Growing Blacklist February 15, 2023

The Global Disinformation Index is feeding secret blacklists to ad tech companies in an attempt to deplatform Conservative media sites such as Newsmax, World Net Daily, Daily Wire, Glenn Beck, Townhall, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and many more.

'Conservatives Need Not Apply' Under Biden's New Proposed Hiring Rules February 15, 2023

In a move that has gotten little notice in the press, the Biden administration is proposing federal hiring rules that easily could be abused to deny employment to anyone who questions liberal, woke policies, criticizes the government, or belongs to a politically incorrect organization.

A 'Right' To Suicide In Canada Could Soon Become Reality February 15, 2023

Canada's assisted suicide laws are the most unrestricted and unmonitored in the world, where "any adult with a serious illness, disease or disability" can seek the help of a medical professional to commit suicide.

Whistleblower: How Transgender Industry Convinces Parents To Mutilate Their Kids February 15, 2023

A whistleblower's explosive account reveals that the transgender medical industry uses high-pressure techniques, employs its own cadre of "experts," and lies about the impact of puberty blockers to authorize lifelong "gender-affirming care" that effectively, or literally, castrates their children.

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