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Will 2023 Be The End Of The Middle Class? October 24, 2022

The Social Security Administration just released wage statistics and half of all American workers made less than $3,133 a month last year. Once upon a time, you could live a very comfortable middle class lifestyle on $3,133 a month. But thanks to inflation, such a wage now puts you just barely above the poverty level.

The West Continues To Turn It's Back On Persecuted Christians October 24, 2022

When it comes to who is being granted asylum in the West, persecuted Christians need not apply, while extremist Muslims are welcomed with open arms.

Australian Bank Begins Linking Customer Transactions To Carbon Footprint October 24, 2022

In another foretaste of potential future 'carbon allowance' limits, a major bank in Australia has introduced a new feature that links purchases to a customer's carbon footprint and warns them when they are going over the average.

This Young Woman Survived An ISIS Attack. Then She Was Euthanized in Belgium. October 24, 2022

The ever-expanding list of ailments for which physicians in Belgium will allow euthanasia, including autism, anorexia, chronic-fatigue syndrome, blindness coupled with deafness, manic depression, and what the chairman of Belgium's Federal Control and Evaluation Commission, Wim Distelmans, calls being "tired of life."

While All Eyes Are On Oil - Dangerous Tipping Point For Diesel Weeks Away Oct 22, 2022

For all the drama surrounding Biden's latest Strategic Petroleum Reserve fiasco, the real crisis is not oil or gas, but diesel. According to the EIA, the US now has just 3 weeks of diesel supply, the lowest since 2008.

The Hour Is Later Than You Think - The Convergence Of Prophetic Signs October 22, 2022

A great falling away of those who profess to be Christians, but deny the foundational truths of Christianity, is just one of many end time signs Jesus warned us would happen.

U.S. Military Gets Shocking Rank For First Time October 22, 2022

An annual ranking of U.S. military strength has ranked the nation's armed forces as "weak" for the first time. American armed forces are "at growing risk of not being able to meet the demands of defending America's vital national interests.

Democrats Answer To Solving Inflation - More Abortion October 22, 2022

'Having children is why you're worried about your price for gas. It's why you're concerned about how much food costs," according to Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. The question: 'What could you do as governor to alleviate the concerns of Georgia voters about those livability issues that they're confronted with?' Her answer: more abortion.

This Is Going To Be A Winter Like No Other October 20, 2022

The official beginning of winter is still more than two months away but it's already starting to get cold outside. Many forecasters are warning that this winter is going to be colder than normal and if that actually happens that would put a tremendous amount of strain on the system, including potential rolling black-outs.

Digital Dictatorship Is Coming - The Power To Monitor & Control All Transactions October 20, 2022

Governments and financial institutions are increasingly warming to the idea of introducing Central Bank Digital Currencies – central banks’ digital tokens, pegged to a country’s fiat money, and controlled and backed by the authorities in ways they never could with other money they issue.

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