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Twitter Debate Over Religious Freedom Finds Christians Siding With Rep.Omar??? August 18, 2023

A contentious debate over religious freedom broke out on Twitter between a Republican congressman and a former Trump campaign staffer. To make matters even more interesting, a Democratic congresswoman joined the fray who has traditionally been antagonistic to Christian moral beliefs throughout her legislative career.

Half Of Gen Z Says Their Life Was 'Transformed' By The Bible's Message August 18, 2023

A new report reveals that while younger generations of Americans are less religious and engaged with the Bible than their older counterparts, roughly half of them credit the Bible's message for transforming their lives.

Progressive Religion May Be Dying But The Gospel Is Thriving August 18, 2023

Manmade religion - meaning a me-centered, rationally-based, version of the faith that substitutes affirmation for transformation - is dying worldwide. One only need look at the progressive Church of England.

When Will Globalists Attempt To Introduce Their Digital Currency System? August 17, 2023

Without a cashless society, the globalists would have no power to enforce the other elements of their Reset. But when and how will they implement this monstrosity, and why would anyone embrace it?

Another Year Of Woke Ideology Is Coming For Students August 17, 2023

Welcome to another school year and lessons focused on Critical Race Theory, gender-fluid propaganda and socialism.

'Rich Men North of Richmond' And The Fight To Reclaim A Lost America August 17, 2023

Off-the-grid Virginia farmer Oliver Anthony released a simple folk song called "Rich Men North of Richmond," which has quickly become a sort of soulful anthem-turned-funeral-ballad for all Americans who are sick of being mistreated, abused, and ignored by those elected to represent them.

Country Music The Latest Victim Of The LGBT Agenda August 17, 2023

Country music was mainly a conservative genre because it primarily celebrated the ordinary (albeit in a uniquely American context): faith, family, and freedom. That is changing rapidly.

Meet The Man That Has Bet A Billion Dollars The Stock Market Is Going To Crash August 16, 2023

During the financial crisis of 2008, his massive bets against the housing market made him incredibly rich, and now he is making another "big short".

Disney Crosses Dark Line - Show To Feature Girl Who Gets Pregnant From Satan August 16, 2023

How did we get to a moment in culture - where a teen girl literally copulating with Satan pitched, written, shot, produced, and then picked up by a company that markets its content to children?

Why Are More Americans Than Ever Committing Suicide? August 16, 2023

About 49,500 people took their own lives last year in the U.S., the highest number ever, according to new government data posted Thursday.

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