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Polls Show An Increase In Unbelief And Uncertainty, And It's Not Surprising August 01, 2023

Clearly, we are living in a time of depravity. Not in the sense of how humans are depraved on account of the fall in Genesis 3, but in the sense that Americans are deprived of truth while constantly being fed lies. Whether viewing these statistics from a biblical or secular worldview, the results shouldn't be surprising.

Australian Christians Warned Censorship Coming With New Disinformation Bill August 01, 2023

Australia has joined the list of nations around the globe where people soon will be banned from expressing their opinions on a long list of issue - all coming under the mantle of "misinformation" and "disinformation."

Scary: One in Six Democrats Believes Violence Is Justified To Restore Abortion August 01, 2023

One in every six Democrats believes that "force is justified to restore abortion rights," a new poll has found, underscoring the secular Left's growing support for political violence.

Digital Services Act: A Framework To Gain Global Control Of The Internet  July 28, 2023

Europe's Digital Services Act (DSA) is coming online this August. Like many other laws, much of the Digital Services Act seems reasonable on the face. However, the DSA also contains provisions for combating disinformation, which means that it can be used to police online speech. Sound familiar?

New BRICS Currency Backed By Gold To End Global Dominance Of U.S. Dollar? July 28, 2023

Is the global dominance of the U.S. dollar in danger? In recent weeks, there has been lots of speculation about the introduction of a new BRICS currency that would be backed by gold.

Arizona Is Opening An LGBT Middle School - With Tuition Paid For By Tax Dollars July 28, 2023

The irony of this school is its redundancy. After all, children have been indoctrinated with the LGBT agenda in public schools for years.

Snapchat My AI Gives 'Advice' To Kids About Gender Confusion  July 28, 2023

It's attractive, easily accessible, and easily understood. It's also nearly impossible to remove from this popular social media app. And it's primed to deliver dangerous gender ideology narratives to vulnerable children. Meet Snapchat's latest feature, which goes by the catchy name "My AI" (artificial intelligence).

Worldcoin - Another Step To Global Biometric ID July 27, 2023

Once you sign up for Worldcoin, your new "World ID" will be issued to you. Ultimately, the goal is for the entire Internet to start using this new "World ID" system.

Percentage Of Americans That Believe In God Has Fallen To An All-Time Low July 27, 2023

Do you believe in God? If so, you belong to a portion of the population that is steadily shrinking.

Biden White House To Oust Conservative Reporters From Press Briefings July 27, 2023

Amidst growing concerns over censorship, the Biden White House is changing its rules on press credentials, potentially forcing conservative reporters out of the briefing room.

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