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Who Is Paying To Bail Out The Failed Banks? You Are March 15, 2023

We are being told that it won't cost taxpayers a single dime to bail out the second and third largest bank failures in the history of the United States. Every single depositor is going to get all of their money back, and plenty of liquidity will be made available to other banks that may be on the verge of failing. All of this is going to cost billions and billions of dollars, but somehow we get a free pass?

Girls Basketball Team Banned After Refusing To Play Against Biological Male March 15, 2023

A Christian school forfeited a girls' basketball game in the state playoffs because their opponent had a high school boy on the squad. Now the Vermont Principals' Association has banned the Christian school from future tournaments.

Woke Priorities Borrowed Trouble For Belly-Up Bank March 15, 2023

SVB was so entrenched in ESG (environmental, social, governance) investing that it obsessed over LGBT advocacy and diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, even hiring a top executive to manage the company's "safe spaces," month-long Pride campaign, and programs to celebrate gay- and trans-identifying kids.

Why They Won't Talk About The Oslo Accords March 15, 2023

Acknowledging Oslo would mean admitting that the Palestinians have violated their obligations every single day since the accords were signed.

Is Banking In America About To Be Fundamentally Changed Forever? March 14, 2023

Many believe the endgame of where we are heading is the widescale acceptance of digital currency controlled by the Federal government. With the loss of confidence in the banking system the Government will ride in to rescue the day but the price of that 'security' will be complete and total control over everything in the monetary system.

China's War Warnings Should Not Be Ignored March 14, 2023

"If the U.S. doesn't hit the brakes and continues to barrel down the wrong track," China's Foreign Minister Qin Gang said on March 7, "no amount of guardrails can prevent the carriage from derailing and crashing, and there will surely be conflict and confrontation." He also spoke of "catastrophic consequences."

As Iran Gains Nuclear Arms Capability, Eyes Turn To Israel March 14, 2023

As aggressive as a non-nuclear Iran has been under the leadership of its mullahs, imagine how much more aggressive an Iran with a nuclear arms capability would be. By mid-March, we may not have to imagine such a scenario much longer.

USA Powerlifting Forced To Let Biological Men Compete Against Women March 14, 2023

A state court judge has ruled that USA Powerlifting discriminated against a biological male athlete who identifies as a woman when it banned him from competing in its women's division.

2nd Biggest Bank Failure In U.S. History – Domino Effect Could Devastate Economy March 11, 2023

The wait for the next 'Lehman Brothers moment' is over. On Friday, we witnessed the second biggest bank failure in U.S. history. The stunning collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is shaking the financial world to the core and is is being described as an 'extinction level event' for tech startups.

Collapse Of An Economic Cycle Or The Entire Financial System? March 11, 2023

A major economic meltdown has begun, and it will eventually get a whole lot worse. We aren't just witnessing the end of an economic cycle. What we are actually witnessing is the end of a deeply corrupt, deeply flawed system.

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