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Church Attendees Believe... What?! August 28, 2023

The Family Research Council conducted a national survey of approximately 1,000 adults who attend church at least once a month, asking them questions on a range of social issues. This data holds much insight into the modern American church and it is pretty shocking.

El Niño Threat Puts US Solar Power Output At Risk This Winter August 28, 2023

The Biden administration’s rapid push to decarbonize power grids with solar and wind while squeezing fossil fuel plants into early retirement could spark grid stability risks this winter.

YouTube Censors Detransitioners While 'Glamorizing' Pro-Trans Content August 28, 2023

While YouTube videos glamorizing and promoting cross-sex hormones and double-mastectomies remain up with hundreds of thousands of views and zero restrictions, they slap warnings, limit viewing, or flat-out remove videos that warn people about the real consequences and harms of socially and medically transitioning.

Is The Banking Industry Going The Way Of Facebook Censorship For Conservatives? August 26, 2023

Imagine Facebook's censorship policy towards conservative viewpoints being adopted by the banking industry. More and more conservative organizations and individuals are discovering this is already happening and their bank accounts are at risk of being shut down.

Identity Crisis Now Has Young People Thinking They Can Change Their Race August 26, 2023

Last month, an article published on NBC described "practitioners of 'race change to another,' or RCTA," which refers to people who "purport to be able to manifest physical changes in their appearance and even their genetics to truly become a different race."

The Washington Post's 'Good' Terrorists August 26, 2023

A recent report by the Post provided what was essentially free advertising for a U.S.-designated terrorist group. Worse still, the Post's foray is part of an ongoing trend in Western news outlets being used by terrorist organizations to promote their propaganda.

Christian Parents Failing To Instill A Biblical Worldview In The Next Generation August 26, 2023

A study conducted by Family Research Council suggests that only 6% of the adult population has an authentic biblical worldview. So how can believers more effectively spread the gospel and begin to reverse the trend? Sociologist and researcher George Barna has an answer: it starts with children and how they are raised.

Major Supply Chain Issues Are Starting To Develop All Over The Country August 24, 2023

Have you noticed that it has become really difficult to acquire parts and get things repaired? It isn't just your imagination. And have you noticed that store shelves seem rather sparse just about wherever you go shopping?

Americans No Longer Have Faith In Our Institutions - Is Collapse Inevitable? August 24, 2023

A recent Gallup survey discovered that faith in our major institutions has dropped to depressingly low levels. When people stop believing, it is just a matter of time before failure arrives, and at this point the American people simply do not believe in those that are currently running our society.

Australian Misinformation Bill Could Become Testing Ground For Global Censorship August 24, 2023

The Australian Government's proposed new laws to crack down on misinformation and disinformation have drawn intense criticism for their potential to restrict free expression and political dissent, paving the way for a digital censorship regime reminiscent of Soviet Lysenkoism.

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