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Digital Currency Social Engineering - Expiry Dates And Purchase Restrictions? July 06, 2023

Expiry dates and restrictions on "less desirable" purchases are some of the key advantages behind central bank digital currencies, according to an economist at a World Economic Forum event.

UN Expert Argues Religious Beliefs Must Change To Accommodate LGBT Ideology July 06, 03

A new UN report argues that religious freedom is "not incompatible with equality for LGBT persons." However, by reading the report, it appears that this understanding of "compatibility" means that long-held religious beliefs and traditions must be subservient to the LGBT ideology.

Making Jesus In Their Own Image: Leftists Use AI To Rewrite Bible, Talk To God July 04, 2023

Liberal activists are using artificial intelligence to rewrite the Bible and put words in the mouth of Jesus.

The Great Dechurching - Americans No Longer Identifying With Christian Faith July 04, 2023

Americans' identification with the Christian faith is in decline. In their new book, "The Great Dechurching," Jim Davis and Michael Graham detail how about "40 million adult Americans who used to go to church ... don't go anymore."

The Canadian Government Says "Pride Season" Now Goes From June To September July 04, 2023

To suggest that a mere four weeks out of 52 should be spent in compulsory celebration of sexual diversity apparently was not enough and now we are extending 'pride' celebrations from a month to a season.

Israel Looks To Repel Iran's Plans To Encircle It On All Sides July 04, 2023

The Iranian penetration in northern Samaria marks the most far-reaching sign that Iranian terror forces have penetrated Israeli territory and pose a strategic threat. This will be met in the near term with a massive, uncompromising counterterror campaign to secure Israel's major cities and protect its citizens from Iran's jihad.

Scary Hate Speech Law In Michigan Would See Prison Time For Misgendering July 01, 2023

The state of Michigan is moving swiftly to make it a crime to say something, actually anything - if someone else then claims they "feel threatened" by the words. It was created specifically to limit all negative discussion about gender identity. Penalties would be up to five years behind bars and a $10,000 fine.

On July Fourth, Remember Why Economic Liberty Matters for America July 01, 2023

The Declaration of Independence was very much concerned with political liberty, while "The Wealth of Nations" was focused on economic freedom. But, as was well understood at the time, economic liberty and political freedom not only reinforce each other; the absence of one tends to weaken the other.

Christians Should (Mostly) Rejoice Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Ruling July 01, 2023

The most influential doctrine in America today, critical race theory (CRT), holds that the problem with historical U.S. policies that discriminated against minorities is whom they discriminated against. A Christian worldview understands the problem with unjust laws is discrimination itself.

How The Canadian Media Works With LGBT Activists To Demonize Christians July 01, 2023

On June 8, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hosted a flag-raising ceremony on Parliament Hill. Accompanied by other politicians, the LGBT banner was raised in front of Canada's seat of government alongside the national flag. In Trudeau's Canada, the government expects citizens to pledge allegiance to two flags rather than one.

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