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The EU-Funded Education For Jihad And Martyrdom Against Israel July 27, 2023

While the Iranian-backed Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror groups in the Gaza Strip use summer camps to train children how to become combatants and murder Jews, the Palestinian Authority, through its education system, effectively does the same thing. It poisons their hearts and minds through incendiary material in its school textbooks.

Panic Rice Buying Spreads Across US - A Warning To How Quickly Things Can Turn July 25, 2023

Videos and reports shared on social media over the weekend show Indian-Americans standing in long lines or panic-buying rice in Texas, Michigan, New Jersey Alabama, Ohio, Illinois and California after India put a ban on exporting rice.

The Summer Of Strikes Is Coming - 650,000 American Workers Ready To Walk Off Job July 25, 2023

So why is 2023 shaping up to be one of the biggest years of strikes in the US since the 1970s?

Polls Show Surge In Americans Embracing Social Conservatism July 25, 2023

While there have been plenty of positive developments in the culture wars -- especially a wave of legislation across the United States banning "sex changes" for children and restricting abortion -- I'm always wary of claims that we are "winning" in any way.

Israel At The Crossroads: Competing Visions For The Jewish State July 25, 2023

For opponents of the reform, they fear a "King Bibi," who has formed an ideologically aligned right-wing government that prioritizes traditional Jewish values over more liberal and progressive philosophies. For supporters of the reform, they fear a Supreme Court that has asserted itself as a self-appointed oligarchy over the elected branches of government.

While You Were Sleeping - FedNow Goes Live Providing Path To Digital Currency July 22, 2023

Once digital currencies are in place, especially if they are the only option, your every transaction will be monitored, data will be mined from your spending, and your choices can be controlled.

Amazon Expands Pay By Palm - Another Precursor To The Mark Of The Beast? July 22, 2023

Amazon announced Thursday it is rolling out its pay-by-palm services to all 500 Whole Foods Market stores across the country, making it possible for customers to use their palm for purchases without a wallet or phone.

The Retirement Nightmare: Gen-Xers Struggle To Save for Retirement July 22, 2023

The American Dream of a comfortable retirement seems increasingly distant for the "forgotten generation" known as Generation X.

Palestinian Summer Camps Trains Kids To Kill Jews July 22, 2023

While schoolchildren around the world are enjoying the summer vacation through sports and entertainment, Palestinian children are being taught and trained how to fight Israel and Jews.

China Prepares For War: A Timeline July 20, 2023

If you were the leader of China and you needed to prepare your nation for the war to come... what steps would you take? The Hudson Institute recently gave a presentation showing the detailed steps Xi would need to take for war and how he is already doing most of them.

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