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3 Eclipses That Will Combine To Create A Giant 'Aleph' Over America July 12, 2023

The paths of three eclipses will combine to form a giant 'Aleph; over America, and hardly anyone knows about this. The Aleph is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet. The second letter in the Hebrew alphabet is Bet. Most people don't realize this, but our word "alphabet" originally came from a combination of Aleph and Bet. But is the fact that a giant 'Aleph' will soon be completed over the United States significant?

A Baptism Of Biblical Proportions: 4,500 Dunked At Site Of Jesus Revolution July 12, 2023

Evangelist Greg Laurie has held what is being called a baptismal service of "biblical proportions" at one of the locations in California where the Jesus Revolution movie was filmed.

Progressive 'Christians' Can Now Confess Heresy With The 'Sparkle Creed' July 12, 2023

While many creeds were drafted and approved by church councils after considerable deliberation, a single woman, prompted by a voice-to-text error, drafted the Sparkle Creed for no other reason except she decided it would go well with Pride Month.

Netanyahu's Still In Charge. Can Biden Say The Same? July 1, 2023

Biden's war on the Netanyahu government isn't promoting peace or strengthening U.S. interests in the Middle East. By fighting a losing battle aimed at ousting a Democratically elected government, he is drawing attention to his own weaknesses.

Perfect Storm Coming For Retailers As Household Savings Collapse July 10, 2023

Americans, who had been diligently saving following the pandemic, are now grappling with a deep decline in their savings this year, raising concerns among economists about how a drastic reduction in consumer spending will affect retailers and the economy at large.

CDC Continues Cultural Madness With Guidance Paper On 'Chestfeeding' July 10, 2023

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention actually has issued official guidance for "nonbinary" people on how to "chestfeed" infants. This latest woke lunacy isn't just a disturbing policy. In a larger sense, it demonstrates how powerful governmental institutions have been co-opted on behalf of a larger, elite-driven cultural revolution.

Surge In Palestinian Terror Is A Preview Of A Two-State 'Solution' July 10, 2023

The international reaction to the recent surge in Palestinian terrorism and Israel's operation in Jenin to take out the gunmen and infrastructure of the groups responsible for the bloodshed has been as predictable as it is depressing.

5 Reasons You Must See 'Sound of Freedom' July 10, 2023

I really didn't want to see this movie. Does anyone want to see a movie about horrific crimes against children and the systems that support or fail to stop child sex trafficking? But this movie is one to share with others, at a theater or at your church, or even in your home.

UN 'Summit of the Future' Will Set The Stage For New Global Order In 2024 July 06, 2023

It is at the "Summit of the Future" being planned by the international bureaucrats who make up the U.N. that member nations are expected to adopt a "Pact for the Future."

China's Long Game - Are Chinese Saboteurs Already In America? July 06, 2023

When the Chinese Communist Party starts its war against Taiwan and the United States, Americans should expect that Chinese sleeper agents now in America will hit their targets and the many military-age Chinese now crossing our border will be mobilized for this purpose.

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