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Elimination Of Nation State Veto Takes EU Closer To United States Of Europe June 29, 2023

In what may be the beginning of the end for European nations, Germany and France are determined to reform national rights, including the EU right of veto, this year. Herbert Kickl, president of the Austrian Freedom Party, believes that Brussels' aim is to create a centralist superstate in which member states increasingly lose their importance and self-determination.

The Global Disinformation Index - How We Are All About To Be Censored June 29, 2023

A United Nations policy proposal that outlines how to combat online "mis- and disinformation and hate speech," including through demonetization, is informed by work from groups that actively push to censor conservative speech online.

Trans Center Admits 'Irreversible Infertility' Is Side-Effect Of Treatment June 29, 2023

"So many groups try to hide the fact that there are these harmful side effects. Finally, at least we have it on paper that there's some sort of admission," said Dr. Jennifer Bauwens, a former clinical psychologist and now director of Family Research Council's Center for Family Studies.

The Palestinians No One Talks About June 29, 2023

While anti-Israel activism on US campuses has increased over the past two years, no one seems interested in what is happening on the campuses of Palestinian universities in the West Bank.

America Has Less Than A Decade To Turn Itself Around June 27, 2023

Well, that didn't take long. From the time the US government managed to sign the debt ceiling resolution, it took just thirteen days for the national debt to soar by nearly $600 billion. At that pace, they added over $500,000 to the national debt every second.

Average American Has Over $54,000 Of Debt - Home Ownership Out Of Reach For Many June 27, 2023

What would you do to be completely debt-free? A new survey finds Americans would give up social media for a year (32%), spend a night on a remote island (31%), and even go a month without internet access (29%).

The Number Of Americans Living On The Streets 'Has Broadly Risen This Year' June 27, 2023

So many families that were once thriving financially are now deeply struggling, and so many that were once deeply struggling to make ends meet are now living on the streets.

The Militarization Of Robot Dogs Is Terrifying Picture Of What Is To Come June 27, 2023

The militarization of robot dogs is terrifying. Even more disturbing is that some of these robots are receiving OpenAI's ChatGPT upgrades that make them even more intelligent.

America's Breadbasket At Risk As Drought Conditions Rapidly Spread June 26, 2023

According to the National Drought Mitigation Center, 64% of the corn crop and 57% of the soybean crop across the U.S. are now covered in drought. That's a sizable jump in just a week, which is reflected in the ongoing decline in crop conditions.

Reading And Math Scores Plummet As Racial And Sexual Activism Replace Academics June 26, 2023

As America's public education system reports the worst literacy and math performance in decades, we should not be surprised when schools are wasting eight hours a day on political activism instead of academic instruction.

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