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US Reliance On Chinese Strategic Resources Set Stage For War Disaster February 11, 2023

If, God forbid, the Chinese Communist Party attacked Taiwan, it's hard to imagine that Beijing would not use antibiotics and other vital drugs as well as rare earth materials to extort U.S. neutrality while China conquers and communizes that nation.

American Cities Become 'War Zones' As Crime Explodes Across Nation February 11, 2023

The complete and utter lawlessness that we are witnessing has caused many pundits to describe our largest cities as "war zones", and unfortunately that is not an exaggeration at all. In fact, there are some zip codes in Chicago where young adult males are more likely to be shot and killed than U.S. soldiers were during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

At Grammys And Elsewhere, The Devil Is In The Details February 11, 2023

We were assured that anyone bothered by Satan worship at the Grammys just doesn't appreciate edginess or good art. The website went a step further in their response to the criticism arguing that concerns about Satanism were a distraction from the historic victory for LGBTQ rights the performance represented.

'Womb Transplants' For Gender-Confused Men Are Coming Sooner Than You Think February 11, 2023

For a couple of years already, biological men cosplaying as women have been demanding that the medical establishment address the injustice inflicted on them by reality and figure out a way to put wombs in men and when that day arrives - it should be free. That is, funded by the taxpayer.

2023 Year Of Conflict - Russia & China Are Mobilizing February 09, 2023

Why have the Chinese decided that a nationwide mobilization may soon be necessary? Is China expecting a war? It is being reported that anyone in China that is '18 years or older' could potentially be subject to mobilization under a brand new law which will go into effect next month.

China Surpasses US In Nuclear Missile Launchers; US Unprepared To Deter Threats February 09, 2023

As China engages in a rapid nuclear buildup as part of its strategy to achieve global dominance, the Pentagon announced yesterday that the communist nation has surpassed the U.S. in the number of intercontinental ballistic missile launchers it has.

And the Grammy Goes To... Satan February 09, 2023

Kim Petras explained the reason he and Sam Smith sang paeons to the Prince of Darkness: to celebrate how their LGBTQ identities violate Christianity.

Blinken Continues To Misread The Middle East February 09, 2023

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken's visit to Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian Authority marked another milestone in his well-intentioned--but erroneous--Middle East legacy. It has backfired on vital U.S. interests in general, and the pursuit of regional stability and peace in particular.

Best Chocolate Dessert in Johor Bahru, Malaysia 

There are many reasons chocolate can make people happy.

Democrat Senator Wants To See Children Protected From Vacation Bible School February 07, 2023

Driving kids to Vacation Bible School would become a misdemeanor in Nebraska if a recent proposal by Nebraska Senator Megan Hunt (D) passed into law. Hunt proposed to "amend" a bill that would protect children from adult-themed drag performances by striking all the language and replacing it with similar language to bar children from attending a "religious indoctrination camp" instead.

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