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Biden Pact Would Have Forced U.S. Soldiers To Die For Saudi Arabia October 25, 2023

Even before anti-American ideologues held public rallies justifying terrorist violence in the name of "decolonization," Joe Biden sought to hammer out an agreement that could force American soldiers to fight and die for Saudi Arabia.

US Navy Prepares For War... By Hiring Another Gender & Sexuality Professor October 25, 2023

The potential for war spreading is increasing, protests are breaking out globally, and the Naval Academy has decided to put their effort -- not into lethal combat training -- but gender and sexuality studies.

AOC blames Christian Fundamentalists For Fueling Palestinian-Israeli Conflict October 25, 2023

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York is naming Christian fundamentalism as a key driver of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, pointing to recent US actions in the region.

Will Israel Use Nuclear Weapons Against Iran And Hezbollah? October 23, 2023

It appears that Hezbollah, Syria, Iran and potentially other parties are likely to get involved soon, and that means that Israel will literally be fighting a war of national survival. If it gets to a point where the Israelis think that they could potentially be overrun by their enemies, they aren't going to leave their most powerful weapons on the shelf.

Biden's Demands Could Delay Israel's Ability To Win War Quickly October 23, 2023

Biden's visit to Israel was a study in cognitive dissonance. On the one hand, he spoke warmly and emotionally about the U.S.'s commitment to Israel's security. And on the other hand, the goal of his visit--to enable supplies to enter Hamas-controlled Gaza and preserve the open falsehood that the P.A. is a responsible, non-genocidal alternative to Hamas--indicates that his actual policy is deeply hostile towards Israel.

Hamas Terrorist Supporter Has Key Job At U.S. Homeland Security October 23, 2023

A key member of the federal bureaucracy, those government employees who are supposed to fulfill the ideals of the American dream, is a pro-Hamas extremist who bashes Israel and promotes its destruction – to the point of posting online images of terrorists parachuting in – regularly.

BBC launches Urgent Probe Into Terror-Supporting Reporters October 23, 2023

As the war in Israel moves into its third week, a major broadcaster has launched an "urgent" probe into its own journalists for their apparent reporting bias in favor of Muslim terrorists.

Iran Raises Black Flag Over One Of The World's Largest Mosques In Ominous Sign October 21, 2023

In Iran, a black flag has been ominously raised above the Imam Reza Mosque. There has been a lot of debate about what this could mean. But without a doubt, it certainly isn't a good sign to have a black flag flying on top of one of the world's largest mosques.

Terrorist Families Could Receive $3 Million From PA For Massacre Of Israelis October 21, 2023

The Palestinian Authority (PA) could pay the equivalent of almost $3 million out to the families of terrorists who were killed or captured during the Hamas massacre on October 7th, according to a watchdog organization.

$100 Million To Gaza? Incentivizing Terrorism As We Match Iranian Aid October 21, 2023

Sending a $100 million aid package to Hamas-controlled territory "adds to the numerous, numerous idiocies that this administration has pursued," said Senator Josh Hawley. "I haven't heard a word from the administration about how they're going to ensure that this money actually goes to people in need and not to terrorists."

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