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Scary Time To Be A Woman In Prison - More Biological Males Coming March 11, 2023

The Post Millennial reported that 47 biological males who identify as transgender have been allowed entry into women's prisons in California since the state's Transgender Respect, Agency and Dignity Act went into effect in 2021. Experts are decrying the policy, pointing to the dangers posed to women's safety and privacy.

UK Punishes 'Thought Crime' Of Praying Silently At Abortion Facilities March 11, 2023

British police will continue to arrest Christians for the crime of praying within hundreds of feet of an abortion facility, after the U.K. Parliament voted down an amendment that would have legalized "silent prayer" -- a situation Christians have described as a "dystopian" ban on pro-life "thoughtcrime."

Widespread Civil Unrest Is Growing All Over The Globe - Just Wait Until Summer! March 09, 2023

Angry citizens are taking to the streets all over the world, and often they are lashing out in wild and unpredictable ways. The eruptions of civil unrest that you will read about below are all happening for different reasons, but they all have one thing in common.

Christian Student Teachers Banned - 'Biblically Minded' Teachers Are A Threat March 09, 2023

The Washington Elementary School District held a meeting in which an Arizona school board member, who appeared in front of her colleagues wearing cat ears, voiced her opposition to the renewed contract for student teachers with Arizona Christian University, due to the institution's biblical values.

Growing Controversy As More After School Satan Clubs Spread March 09, 2023

The Satanic Temple’s After School Club at Paonia K-8 in Colorado held its first meeting on Monday after a parent requested the club for her son.

Fighting Back: 30,000 Petitioners Defend Persecuted Christian Police Officer March 09, 2023

In a massive show of public support for former Georgia police officer Jacob Kersey, over 30,000 petitions will be delivered to the mayor and city council of Port Wentworth on Friday, calling on city officials to apologize after he was pressured to resign his position over a Facebook post he wrote on his personal account upholding the biblical view of marriage.

Wars And Rumors Of Wars - 3 Flashpoints That Could Erupt Into WW3 March 07, 2023

Can you imagine a scenario in which we find ourselves fighting a war against Russia, a war in the Middle East and a war against China all at the same time? This nightmare scenario is picking up steam and we are not ready for it.

The End Of Women's Sports In The Name Of Equality March 07, 2023

The Equal Rights Amendment would erase all legal distinctions between men and women. Despite any biological advantage, male athletes would claim that denying them the opportunity to compete on a women's team is discrimination.

The State Department Returns To Hating Israel March 07, 2023

A long-delayed U.S. State Department assessment of Joe Biden's first year as president includes a section titled "Israel, West Bank, Gaza" shows that the State Department is back to its fantasies about a trustworthy and righteous Palestinian Authority, and overt hostility to Israel.

How Low Will We Go? Burlesque For Babies Draws Outrage March 07, 2023

Proving there is no bottom to depravity, first it was Drag Queen Story Hours. Now it's cross-dressing "burlesque for babies" with a drag queen taking a cash "tip" out of the tiny, clutched hands of a baby sitting on her mother's lap.

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