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The Dangerous Nexus: Russia And Iran's Mullahs November 12, 2022

The Iranian regime is now providing weapons and troops to Russia in Ukraine with full impunity. What are the ruling mullahs of Iran getting in return?

Canadian Embarrassment As Trudeau Becomes First Prime Minister To Join Drag Show November 12, 2022

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is making headlines again. Rachel Gilmore of Global News posted on Twitter that Trudeau was going for yet another first: "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hasn't sashayed away from the opportunity of being the first world leader on Drag Race".

The Clock Is Ticking - China Prepares For War November 09, 2022

Chinese President Xi Jinping has just announced that China will be "preparing for war". Beijing will now comprehensively strengthen its military training and preparation for any war, Xi said today. This is the very first time in decades that China has been on a war footing and that should deeply alarm all of us.

11 Signs That Economic Activity Is Plunging Off A Cliff November 09, 2022

There has been a dramatic shift in the economy in recent days. It has been sudden and it has been severe. All over the country, sales are falling like a rock, inventories are piling up to alarming levels, and large companies are beginning to conduct mass layoffs.

Disabled By Choice - Transabled Movement Lays Bare The Dangers Of Trans Theology November 09, 2022

Once you buy the idea that a man can become a woman, you've accepted that identity no longer needs to correspond with biological reality. A healthy man identifying as a woman paralyzed from the waist down is just a start.

Palestinians Vote For Terrorists, Then Claim Israelis Are 'Extremists' November 09, 2022

The Palestinians, who keep complaining about the rise of the right-wing parties in Israeli elections, are the ones who brought the terrorist Hamas group to power.

The Shortages Are Coming - Are You Ready? November 07, 2022

Do you remember in early 2020 when they told us that the shortages that we were experiencing would just be temporary? Of course some of them were, but then more shortages just kept on erupting. That wasn't supposed to happen, and now it appears that our supply chain problems could potentially get a whole lot worse.

Debt Disaster: Average American Owes More Than $25,000 November 07, 2022

Financial times are tough and record-high inflation isn't cutting anyone a break in 2022. Now, a new survey finds the holidays could be extremely stressful for many consumers already drowning in debt.

Biden's Dangerous And Immoral Support For Youth Trans Surgery November 07, 2022

President Joe Biden called laws aimed at preventing minors from undergoing transgender injections, mutilation, or castration "outrageous" and "immoral" -- a position that critics say is itself immoral, hypocritical, and guilty of inflicting greater moral damage than America's chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan last year.

Soros-Backed Group Demands IRS Crack Down On Politically-Engaged Churches November 07, 2022

Christians of all political stripes, and different racial and ethnic backgrounds, deserve the freedom to speak to public issues of concern. Any other interpretation of this issue misses the mark and fails to tell the whole truth about church, politics, and the public square.

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