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U.S. At Second-Highest Threat Level For Terrorist Attack As Dangers Increase July 06, 2024

American soldiers abroad and U.S. citizens at home face perilously high odds of suffering a terrorist attack caused by the Biden administration’s policies, a national security expert has revealed. In his estimation, the American homeland stands at the second-highest level of terrorist alert.

Can Israel Afford To Stand Up To America? July 06, 2024

Ever since the Oct. 7 Palestinian Arab pogrom in southern Israel, America has been giving to Israel with one hand while chaining it with the other. Even when Iran fired a barrage of rockets and drones at Israel in April and America and others scrambled to help knock them out, the U.S. stopped Israel from responding robustly.

Why Do People Still Continue To Believe The Media Lies About Israel? July 06, 2024

In May, the World Food Program of the UN claimed, without a shred of evidence, that there was a "full blown famine" in Gaza. Now, it turns out, it was all a big lie. There was no famine and in its report published on June 4, the UN's IPC concluded that famine was no longer even "plausible" and had no "supporting evidence."

10 Signs That Global War Is Rapidly Approaching July 03, 2024

Leaders all over the planet seem to have come down with a really bad case of "war fever", and preparations for apocalyptic showdowns are being made.

The New Standard for Financial Security in America: $186,000 Per Year July 03, 2024

According to a stunning new survey that was just released, an annual income of at least $186,000 a year is required in order to feel financially secure in the United States today.

The Pointlessness Of Pursuing A Two-State Solution July 03, 2024

The United States, the European Union and others in the West who are fixated on a two-state solution continually exhort Israel and the Palestinians to negotiate a peace agreement. This exhortation confuses a sideshow with the main act, because Iran and its proxies, not Israel and the Palestinians, call the shots.

Presbyterian Church's Attack On Christian Zionism: The Last Straw? July 03, 2024

The Presbyterian Church (USA) voted on Monday at its biennial meeting to divest from financial bonds in Israel and to denounce Christian Zionism.

Only A Matter Of Time - ISIS Linked Individuals Stream Over Biden's Border July 02, 2024

A startling new report has revealed that an ISIS-affiliated smuggling network was able to slip over 400 individuals through the U.S. southern border on the Biden administration's watch, with the location of more than 50 of them currently unknown.

Redefining The American Dream: From Wealth To Survival July 02, 2024

We're seeing far fewer Americans with the goal of becoming 'rich' and many families pivoting to just trying to be able to pay their bills on time. With all of the economic pressures facing American families, financial freedom is currently more about making ends meet.

Hezbollah And Iran Plot Mediterranean War Strategy Against Israel July 02, 2024

Hezbollah, under the leadership of Hassan Nasrallah, is coordinating with Iran to open a new front against Israel in the Mediterranean. The objective is to neutralize the capabilities of the Israeli Air Force, which Hezbollah perceives as its greatest threat.

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