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Religious Zionists Find Common Ground With Evangelicals Over Election Media Bias October 28, 2022

Israel is going to the polls on Tuesday. If the polls are accurate the next government will be a right-wing coalition and the Religious Zionist parties might play a key role. Right-wing religious zionists are coping with media bias in much the same way that American Evangelical Christians are.

Indoctrination Works - Massive Spike In Children Identifying As LGBT October 28, 2022

Kids want to be popular and special. The fastest route to achieving that these days is to identify somewhere on the LGBT spectrum and as such new data from Seattle Public Schools shows an 853% spike in students identifying as non-binary over only three years.

Microchip Payment Implants - Biohacking Trend Or Sign Of Things To Come? October 27, 2022

Arnie Szoke of Great Britain is the latest individual to make the news headlines for a chip implant into his hand that allows him to pay for items with the wave of his hand.

Biden Wants Your Kids to Be Gender-Transitioned Whether You Like It Or Not October 27, 2022

President Joe Biden wants your children to make life-changing gender transitions, and the only reason you want to stop him is bigotry and fear. At least, so he says.

The Perils Of A Palestinian State October 27, 2022

Support for a Palestinian state is driven either by malice or ignorance: Malice is expressed by the desire to undermine Israel's national security and/or the personal safety of its citizens. Ignorance is reflected in a gross lack of knowledge and/or appreciation of the consequences that a Palestinian state would have for Israel.

'No-Go Zones' For Jews At Berkeley Reveal Soul Of Pro-Palestinian Activism October 27, 2022

When Law Students for Justice in Palestine at University of California, Berkeley, School of Law promoted a bylaw that would create what critics have characterized as "no-go zones for Jews," it may not have anticipated the thunderous and widespread denunciation it has since experienced for its toxic and radical tactic to marginalize and alienate Zionists and Jews on campus.

12 Reasons Why It Is Impossible To Be Optimistic About The U.S. Economy 

Anyone that takes a truly objective view of things is forced to admit that the outlook for the months ahead is incredibly bleak. The following are 12 reasons why it is impossible for any rational person to be optimistic about the U.S. economy at this point.

Dangerous Escalation Could Lead To Russian Conflict With NATO October 25, 2022

There had been a lot of chatter about the possibility that Russia could start using tactical nukes in Ukraine, and now the Russians are alleging that the Ukrainians are preparing to detonate a "dirty bomb" in their own territory in order to motivate the western powers to get even more involved in the conflict.

Bible Readership Is Down, Reports Of Its Transformative Power Are Up October 25, 2022

The American Bible Society's 12th annual State of the Bible report revealed that the American public's overall engagement with the Bible is at a historic low of 19%. The study also found that almost 40% of non-Bible users say "the message found in Scripture has transformed their lives."

Trans Activists Are Now Promoting Child Drag Queens Nationwide October 25, 2022

Some of these performances have been cancelled under pressure, but a bar called "Old Nick's Pub" in Eugene, Oregon, for example, are hosting a "child drag performer" along with adult drag queens this coming Sunday.

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