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Is Britain On The Path To Becoming A Muslim Majority Nation? January 03, 2023

On December 1, 2022, Britain's Office for National Statistics released the latest 10-yearly census, carried out in 2021, showing that the fastest-growing population in England and Wales is Muslims.

Under The Radar, The Detransitioner Movement Is Surging January 03, 2023

With the explosive phenomenon of gender dysphoria continuing to ripple across America’s youth, a related but much less highlighted trend is simultaneously occurring - a movement almost completely ignored by the mainstream media.

The Prophetic Year In Review & What May Come Next December 31, 2022

A review of the top prophetic issues of 2022 and what may be coming in 2023.

US Military's Failing Deterrence Against China Sets Us On Collision Course December 31, 2022

The United States is now facing two nuclear-capable, strategic peer adversaries at the same time - Russia and China. We are witnessing one of the largest shifts in global geostrategic power the world has ever witnessed.

CDC Promotes Ranking Score For Schools LGBT Acceptance & Promotion December 31, 2022

Just days after Christmas, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention republished a "self-assessment tool" urging teachers, administrators, school health staff, and others to become an "awesome ally" by advocating for LGBT causes in school.

Terror Victims Sue Biden Administration For Funding Palestinian Authority December 31, 2022

Victims of Palestinian terror are suing the Biden administration for awarding millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority, which pays terrorists and their families.

Who Will Start The First Major War Of 2023? December 29, 2022

Tensions are on the rise all over the planet, and global conflict will be one of the big trends that we will all be watching in 2023. More war seems inevitable but where will it erupt first?

Americans Spent More On Christmas This Year, But Not Because They're Prospering December 29, 2022

The most expensive time of the year is winding down and the numbers are in. Retail sales ended up being 7.6% higher for Christmas 2022 than for Christmas 2021. While that sounds like a good sign that Americans spent more, it isn't because they are more prosperous. They spent more because everything costs more.

More Companies Shifting Ads To Selling You A Liberal Worldview December 29, 2022

More corporations are selling products by selling you a worldview. As the sexual revolution conquers everything, we're beginning to see creative talents in the ad world turn towards selling not just family, home, and heritage - but gender ideology and alternative lifestyles.

Ezekiel's Bones Live - Dramatic Increase In Those Making Aliyah To Israel December 29, 2022

Some 70,000 people from 95 different countries immigrated to Israel in 2022 making it the most olim in 23 years.

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