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Iran Raises Black Flag Over One Of The World's Largest Mosques In Ominous Sign October 21, 2023

In Iran, a black flag has been ominously raised above the Imam Reza Mosque. There has been a lot of debate about what this could mean. But without a doubt, it certainly isn't a good sign to have a black flag flying on top of one of the world's largest mosques.

Terrorist Families Could Receive $3 Million From PA For Massacre Of Israelis October 21, 2023

The Palestinian Authority (PA) could pay the equivalent of almost $3 million out to the families of terrorists who were killed or captured during the Hamas massacre on October 7th, according to a watchdog organization.

$100 Million To Gaza? Incentivizing Terrorism As We Match Iranian Aid October 21, 2023

Sending a $100 million aid package to Hamas-controlled territory "adds to the numerous, numerous idiocies that this administration has pursued," said Senator Josh Hawley. "I haven't heard a word from the administration about how they're going to ensure that this money actually goes to people in need and not to terrorists."

Stark Differences Between Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestine Protests October 21, 2023

Following the Hamas attacks on Israel, thousands of protestors across the world have been coming out in support of either Israel or Palestine. But the differences in the demonstrations between the two have been stark, with mostly mourning from pro-Israel demonstrators and justifications for violence and even calls for Jewish genocide from among the pro-Palestine protestors.

U.S. Military Could Be Used Against Hezbollah If It Joins The War Against Israel October 19, 2023

The White House has been discussing the possibility of using military force if Hezbollah joins the war in Gaza and attacks Israel with its huge arsenal of rockets. Once the U.S. starts bombing targets in Lebanon, there will be no turning back.

Propaganda Wars - The Battle For Truth Must Not Become A Casualty October 19, 2023

The Muslim world is in uproar over the destruction of a Palestinian children's hospital that Israel has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt was a misfire from Palestinian rockets. Multiple camera sources, drone footage and audio recordings from PA fighters... no amount of evidence will change people's minds and this is just the beginning of the propaganda wars to follow.

Another Dangerous Deception - Hamas Is The Bad Guy. The PA Is The Good Guy October 19, 2023

On the ground in the Palestinian Authority, the crowds greeted the news of Hamas's atrocities with jubilation. Celebrations, victory marches and public parties were held across the land. Palestinians mocked the Jewish victims on their social media accounts and celebrated their mass murder. These are the good guys according to Western media?

America's Universities Reap What They Have Sown October 19, 2023

America's elite institutions are shuddering from the impact of the outbursts of anti-Semitism on their campuses. Their spasms of panic are animated less by the Israel-hatred and hostility to Jews emanating from their students than by something even atheist materialist postmoderns find terrifying: loss of income.

What An Expanded War In The Middle East Could Look Like October 17, 2023

If the Israeli public wants to survive, it must prepare--mentally and physically--for war with the Iranian octopus that has managed to establish its grip on Gaza and the failed countries adjacent to Israel: Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen--all countries that have almost nothing to lose.

The Ethical, Essential, And Imperative Yet Mythical Blockade Of Gaza October 17, 2023

It only took a few days for the world to complain about Israel's "siege" and "blockade" on Gaza, the territory ruled by the evil Iranian backed Islamist terror organization, Hamas, that perpetrated these attacks.

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