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The Victims Of Words: Reality Isn't Whatever We Want June 14, 2019

Many today imagine they've got mastery over reality--not with the use of a stone, but through words. Redefining words, they think, would magically change reality. It doesn't, of course.

Israeli Author Tour Highlights Israel & US Intertwined Values  June 14, 2019

In early 2019, author David Rubin left Israel for the United States of America on a mission to showcase his new book, Trump and the Jews, which explores the complexities of US President Donald Trump and his relationship with the Jewish people and Israel.

Why I Do Not Celebrate Gay Pride June 13, 2019

If you ask my detractors, they would tell you that the reason I do not celebrate gay pride is that I'm a bigot. A hater. A homophobe. A transphobe. And I understand their perspective. After all, no matter how Christian I claim to be, if I tell a gay couple I do not believe they are truly married in God's sight, that feels like hatred to them.

Messianic Believers Come Under Fire In Israel June 13, 2019

As the number of Messianic Jews in Israel has risen to about 30,000 and as the society at large is much more open to these Jewish believers in Jesus, opposition from ultra-Orthodox Jews continues to rise.

When Europe Is No Longer Europe: The Irreversible Decline June 13, 2019

Populist movements will have little weight in the new European Parliament; the Greens are gaining ground; Islamization will not stop, and anti-Semitism will probably continue to rise -- Europe is on the road to an irreversible decline.

Thirty Years After The Tiananmen Square Massacre - A Warning Of The Future June 13, 2019

The Communist Party that ruthlessly murdered thousands of Chinese students thirty years ago this week are still in power and they are in control of a country that poses one of the greatest geopolitical challenges to the West as they have grown infinitely more powerful in the years that followed.

Progressive Churches Now Pushing The LGTB Agenda June 12, 2019

American Baptist minister Oliver Thomas sums up the misguided views of today's 'progressive’ churches: "It’s difficult to watch good people buy into the sincere but misguided notion that being a faithful Christian means accepting everything the Bible teaches"

Why History Still Matters: The 1967 Six-Day War June 12, 2019

Fifty-two years ago this week, the Six-Day War broke out. Without an understanding of what happened in the past, it's impossible to grasp where we are today. And where we are has profound relevance for the region and the world.

Boy Scouts In Michigan Infiltrated By Islamists June 12, 2019

Boy & girl scouts are supposed to uphold American values. These scout branches in Michigan are being trained to think of the U.S. as terrorists and are being indoctrinated in Iranian regime and Hezbollah ideology.

Palestinian Authority Outraged That Israel Killing It's Terrorists June 12, 2019

According to the logic of the Palestinian Authority, the police officers who killed the terrorist are the real criminals and should be held accountable for preventing the terrorist from continuing his stabbing spree. The officers should even be brought to trial before the International Criminal Court for foiling the terrorist's plan.

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