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Democrats Let Radicals Take The Steering Wheel August 20, 2019

Democrats who care about the Jewish state should refocus their efforts on demonstrating that “The Squad” doesn’t speak for their party on Israel or any other issue.

The Palestinians, Happiness, & The 'Occupation'  August 20, 2019

It might sound frivolous to attempt to measure happiness. Still, for a Columbia University think tank and two respectable Canadian policy institutes, the measuring of happiness and the ranking of states by a happiness score is serious business.

Political Agenda Behind Media Coverage Of Coming Recession? August 19, 2019

All of a sudden, it seems like the mainstream media just can't stop talking about "the coming recession". Is it possible that there is also a hidden political agenda at work? Many on the left seem to be hoping for a self-fulling prophecy to bring about the downfall of President Trump.

Silicon Valley Censorship & The Coming Global Police State August 19, 2019

We're living in a world where the largest tech firms have more power than any companies have ever had before. Since the police power of government rules over the high tech companies, it means we're heading into an era where governments will be more powerful than they've ever been.

Pornography Is Transforming Our Society - Study Looks At Teen Dating Violence August 19, 2019

Teenage boys exposed to violent pornography are two to three times more likely to victimize girls. Now consider the fact that boys have a 90% chance of being exposed to pornography before the age of 18.

Is The Palestinian Authority Preparing For A New Intifada? August 19, 2019

The PA leadership's incitement and the threats by Hamas and Islamic Jihad to step up terror attacks against Israel could trigger another wave of terrorism like the "Knife Intifada."

A Powerful Response To The Chorus Of Christian Leaders Renouncing Their Faith August 15, 2019

John Cooper, lead singer for the Christian band Skillet, posted a powerful response on Facebook to the growing number of Christian leaders who have renounced their faith in recent weeks. The most notable of late was Joshua Harris ( I Kissed Dating Goodbye) and Hillsong songwriter Marty Sampson.

Christian Missions Change Direction: The Task Of Reconverting The West August 15, 2019

A century ago over ninety percent of the world's Christians lived in Europe and the Americas, and less than six percent in Africa and Asia. Today, over a third of all Christians hail from those continents and they have started sending missionaries of their own back to the increasingly irreligious West.

The Dismantling of Reality - LGBTQ Organizations War On Society August 15, 2019

LGBTQ organizations are quietly going about their work dismantling ethical norms, making a mockery of education, dismantling women's sports and destroying parental authority.

Training The Next Generation To Hate - Gaza Summer Camps For Kids August 15, 2019

Videos have now emerged of children at summer camp with young boys going through military training, running obstacle courses and crawling under barbed wire with what appears to be live fire overhead.

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