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What Church Leaders Should Learn From The Bill Hybels Scandal August 09, 2018

Once again, a well-known pastor is making headlines across the country. And, as is too often the case, the story is about sexual misconduct and even sexual abuse.

Israel Sees Syrian Army Growing Beyond Pre-Civil War Size August 09

President Bashar al-Assad’s army has recovered from a critical manpower shortage earlier in the war and is now estimated to be on track to building up its ground forces beyond their pre-civil war size.

Conservative Speech Be Banned! August 08, 2018

"To all other conservative news outlets - you are next. The great censorship purge has truly begun."

Anne Of Rainbow Gables? The LGBT Agenda & A Children’s Classic August 08, 2018

When a classic children’s book gets turned into a TV series, it’s usually a cause for celebration. Usually.

Bible Marathon: The Ancient Running Challenge August 08, 2018

Men dressed in white and wearing ancient tarbooka drums around their necks stand on the edges of the ancient hills of the Shomron. Then, the sound of the shofar breaks the silence and with its blast a pack of runners begin their journey.

House Democrats Play A Double Game On Hamas August 08, 2018

The Democratic party is increasingly identified with people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who combine ignorance about the Middle East with bias against Israel.

3 Reasons Why So Many Millennials Love Socialism August 06, 2018

Millennials, especially younger millennials, have a very favorable view of socialism. But do they - or most of us - even know what it is?

Can Christians Support The Rebuilding Of The Temple? August 06, 2018

Is Christian support for a rebuilt Jewish temple led by God, or is it misplaced zeal aiding an anti-Christ agenda?

Hezbollah Closes In On Israel's Border As Last Syrian Rebel Groups Fall August 06, 2018

The Syrian army is expected to complete its takeover of the country's southwest, near the border with Israel, in the next day or two, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

Media Bias Against Israel - Where To Begin? August 06,2018

The Palestinian Authority continues to glorify terrorism, pays cash to imprisoned terrorists and the families of "martyrs," and incites the population to hate and murder Jews. And yet such stories rarely gets through in the Western press.

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