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After Same-Sex Marriage Is Polyamory Next? June 27, 2017

The media has pushed both polygamy and polyamory, with public opinion gradually shifting towards more acceptance of these lifestyles.

Now U.S. Government Threatens To Take All Your Cash June 27, 2017

In the name of fighting terrorism financing, a new U.S. Senate bill threatens to force private corporations to monitor your financial activity

ISIS Losing the Battle But Winning The War? June 27, 2017

Never before in history have terrorists had such easy access to the minds and eyeballs of millions.

Palestinians: Why Abbas Cannot Stop Funding Terrorists June 27, 2017

The practice of paying salaries to terrorists and the families of "martyrs" is as old as the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which was founded in 1964.

The Essential Difference Between Christianity And Islam June 26, 2017

It is the difference between the cross and the sword.

Yellowstone Quake 'Swarm' Raises Disaster Fears June 26, 2017

If and when it erupts, the disaster would radically transform the entire global climate and devastate much of the Western United States.

69 Percent Of Americans Do Not Have An Adequate Emergency Fund June 26, 2017

Do you have an emergency fund? If you even have one penny in emergency savings, you are already ahead of about one-fourth of the country.

Rise Of The Drag Queens - Schools and Libraries Promote Drag Events For Children June 26, 2017

8-year old "drag queen" promoted as role model to other children.

Germany & France Quietly Building EU Army June 23, 2017

Slowly and quietly the countries of the European Union are building an integrated military force that will soon be a European Union military in all but name.

US/Israel Prepare To Confront The Shi'a Corridor June 23, 2017

The existence of a land corridor will transform Iran's capacity to wage war with Israel.

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