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Bible Trends 2018; Good News About The Good News July 20, 2018

The results of the Barna and American Bible Society's annual State of the Bible survey are in, and the results show are an interesting glimpse at the role of scripture in American society in 2018.

You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide From AI July 20, 2018

We are confronted with a vast network of corporate and government computer systems that can instantly recognize anyone anywhere by their unique facial images.

Children Aren't Optional: Self-Sacrifice vs. Self-Fulfillment July 20, 2018

Americans are having fewer and fewer babies, and the New York Times wants to know why.

The 'If Only Israel' Syndrome July 20, 2018

Peddled in the name of Israel's "best interests" by some in the diplomatic, academic, and media worlds -- that if only Israel did this or that, peace with the Palestinians would be at hand.

Franklin Graham vs UK LGBT & Islamic Activists  July 19, 2018

It is a strange alliance indeed that finds LGBT radicals lining up next to Muslim hardliners, men not known for their respect for the homosexual agenda, to oppose the free speech rights of a Christian pastor.

Creative Worship Services Going Too Far?  July 19, 2018

Church services featuring creative spectacles of light and sound, fog machines, pop music and aerial gymnasts have sparked debate across the country.

America's New Romance With Socialism July 19, 2018

When regimes ruled by this ideology are created to suppress individual rights and the free market, the result is inherently dictatorial and violent in nature. Economic ruin also soon follows.

Crunch Time For Israel, Hamas July 19, 2018

Gaza's rulers may not realize it yet, but Israel ‎has run out of patience. A few more bouts of arson ‎terrorism and a full-fledged escalation will follow.

Perfect Storm: 15 Flashpoints To Watch In 2nd Half Of 2018 July 17, 2018

Our planet is being shaken physically, emotionally and financially, and it isn’t going to take much to push us over the edge. The following are 15 flashpoints which could create world changing events during the 2nd half of 2018...

Can The US & Israel Trust Putin On Iran & Syria? July 17, 2018

While both Israeli and American leaders seem to be focused on discussing with Putin Iran's presence in Syria, it remains unclear the extent that Putin is able or even willing to force Iran out of the country.

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