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Welcome To The Era Of Artificial Intelligence And Technological Deceit July 27, 2017

Pretty soon, computer wizardry and artificial intelligence will allow video footage to be created that is practically indiscernible from the real deal.

What Charlie Gard Has Taught Us July 27, 2017

Isn't it remarkable that a handicapped child who, under normal circumstances, might have lived and died in obscurity, has become the focal point of a debate affecting millions?

French President Macron And African Babies: The Population Myth July 27, 2017

Aggressive attempts to reduce birthrates around the world have wound up working too well, especially in Europe.

Palestinian Incitement Skyrockets As Monthly Salary Given To Latest Terrorist July 27, 2017

Palestinian Media Watch is having trouble keeping up translating all the incitement spewing from sermons, speeches and social media posts.

It's Begun - First U.S. Company Wants To Microchip Employees July 26, 2017

A Wisconsin company is planning to be the first in the US to implant rice-sized microchip implants into it's employees.

Continental Suicide: "The Strange Death of Europe" and European Christianity July 26, 2017

What happens when a civilization forgets--or rejects--its roots? We're seeing it right now

What Is The Big Deal About Jerusalem? July 26, 2017

Not many days pass where Jerusalem is not a front page news item worldwide.

Apostate World Council Of Churches Endorses Palestinian Temple Mount Protests  July 26, 2017

The World Council of Churches has declared its support for the Palestinian campaign against Israeli control of Jerusalem's holy sites.

U.K. Gov't Demands 'Queer Theology' In Christian Seminaries July 24, 2017

A stunning report from the Foreign Office is recommending that seminaries include 'queer theology' in their courses and that even Sunday school teach "LGBT beliefs."

The Argument Is About Jews, Not Metal Detectors  July 24, 2017

How could putting metal detectors to protect a holy site lead to a new holy war?

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