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The Lessons Of History - The Price Of Bread Can Bring Revolution January 27, 2022

Politicians can get away with an astonishing level of corruption and incompetence, and their citizens will tolerate it. But if enough people struggle to put food on the table for their families, trouble is coming.

Finland Puts the Bible On Trial - All Christians Should Be Watching January 27, 2022

Europe's biggest religious freedom case has gone to trial. A Finnish member of parliament, Päivi Räsänen, has been charged by the Finnish prosecutor general with three counts of "ethnic agitation," a hate speech provision in Finland's criminal code. Each count relates to Räsänen's respectful expression of widely held Christian beliefs.

Conservatism Without Marriage & Family Is No Conservatism At All January 27, 2022

According to Gallup's annual Values and Beliefs poll, just 29% of Americans say it is "very important" for a couple who have children together to be legally married. That's down from 49% in 2006. If we lose our belief in marriage and the family as the foundation of a healthy and flourishing society, there will soon be very little left for "conservatives" to conserve.

Theological Antisemitism At Home In The Presbyterian Church January 27, 2022

Over the last decade, PCUSA has suffered a sizable decline in its churches, and membership. Perhaps this is because people realize PCUSA is as spiritually and theologically vacant as its pews, or perhaps it is the affirmation of God's clear statement that He will curse those who curse Israel. Of course, we are not God, but we also don't believe in coincidences.

Market Crash Coming Or Can We Hold A Little Longer? January 25, 2022

What would our country look like if an epic market crash suddenly wiped out 35 trillion dollars in financial wealth? You may not want to think about something so horrible, but we are being warned that it could soon happen.

Farming Insider Warns Coming Food Shortages Are Worse That We Are Being Told January 25, 2022

According to this farming insider, dramatically increased costs for fertilizer will make it impossible for many farmers to profitably plant corn this year. As a result hundreds of farmers could drop the crop for other more profitable crops resulting in a corn crisis later this year. Think animal feed and ethanol.

$1000 Fine For Biblical Counseling Coming To America January 25, 2022

Thanks to a string of bad laws, something as simple as sitting down and talking to a counselor about your struggles with sexuality isn't allowed because it is illegal. And if the far-Left has its way, small towns like West Lafayette, Indiana will be next.

The Russia-China Axis - How America Responds Could Set Up New World Order January 25, 2022

As Russia continues its troop build-up along the border with Ukraine, China has markedly increased its military activity near Taiwan. The twin geopolitical flashpoints are raising concerns that Russia and China could coordinate concurrent military offensives that the United States and its allies may find difficult to stop.

Woke Ideology, Anti-Zionist Faculty Pushing Anti-Israel Narrative On Campus January 25, 2022

Pro-Israel groups working on campus agree that the situation for Jewish students is growing steadily worse. The default political worldview on campus is far-left, and within that worldview Israel sits squarely in the negative.

First Steps - Fed Moving Closer To Creating US Digital Currency January 21, 2022

From the moment bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies first emerged, sold as an independent and alternative medium of exchange outside the financial status quo, it was only a matter of time before the new alternative would be challenged with a similar digital system - Central Bank Digital Currencies.

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