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Israel's Population Booming As Other Nations Decline  November 14, 2017

Europe, South Korea, Japan and New Zealand are in a crisis of shrinking native populations as birthrates remain below the minimum replacement rate.

Congress' Latest Police-State Bill November 14, 2017

If the current legislation passes, the federal government will be able to track you throughout life using education, employment, wage and workforce data.

Will The Millennial Generation Push Us To Socialism?  November 13, 2017

Fully one half of millennials surveyed in a recent poll would prefer socialism or communism to the current capitalist system the US has in place.

'Last Days Babylon' Now On Drawing Board? November 13, 2017

Throughout church history, commentators and students of the Bible have struggled to understand the identity of a last days city known as 'Babylon the Great'

Christmas In An Islamized Europe November 13, 2017

An elementary school in Skien, Norway has announced that this year that its Christmas festivities would include not only the usual reading by pupils of verses from the Bible but also a bonus -- two verses from the Koran.

The Big New Palestinian Lie November 13, 2017

Despite vocal and self-righteous claims to the contrary, Palestinian leaders continue to incite their people and the rest of the Arab and Muslim world against Israel and Jews.

Muslim Civil War In Middle East Could Draw In Israel & U.S. November 10, 2017

Saudi Arabia and Iran have already been fighting proxy wars against one another in Syria and Iran for quite a while, but a direct military conflict between the two could literally be a nightmare scenario.

Teaching Children About Sin Now Considered "Extremist"  November 10, 2017

A Church of England primary school has found itself thrust into an unexpected controversy over an essential doctrine of the Christian faith.

Christian Persecution Hits All-Time High Worldwide  November 10, 2017

If you only watched the mainstream media you might be shocked to learn that we are now hitting new all-time highs for the persecution of Christians worldwide.

Russia To Test New Generation Missile (Satan 2) That Can Beat US Defense System November 09, 2017

This week the world was reminded that North Korea isn't the only country that has been showcasing its nuclear power to the world.

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