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Tale Of A Christian Mother In A Non-Christian Land November 08, 2018

The Christian mother said it had all started out as a young woman might hope: with romance. She had fallen in love with a Muslim man and was certain that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

A.I. Lie Detectors Being Tested To Replace Human Border Guards November 08, 2018

Border security questioning may soon transfer from human to robotic artificial intelligence as the security apparatus seeks more supposedly effective ways to screen travelers for their potential threat risk.

Christian Schools Told To Adopt LGBT Agenda Or Be Shut Down November 07, 2018

The progressive Left is fully aware of the fact that if you want to transform society during your intermittent tenures in government, then you must ensure that the education system does your work for you.

The Middle East "Truce": Why Hamas Cannot Be Trusted November 07, 2018

Israel is being asked to trust Hamas. This request is coming from Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations, who are working to arrange a truce agreement. However, when terrorists are smiling and celebrating what they perceive as victory, the world needs to worry.

Serial Killer Ted Bundy Describes Dangers Of Pornography November 07, 2018

“I’ve lived in prison a long time now. I’ve met a lot of men who were motivated to commit violence just like me. And without exception, every one of them was deeply involved in pornography”.

The Annihilation of Iraq's Christian Minority November 07, 2018

The Christian population has dropped in 15 years from 1.5 million to about 250,000 -- a reduction of 85%. Christians have been abducted, enslaved, raped and slaughtered, sometimes by crucifixion

Mainstream Media Silent As The Persecution Of Christians Escalates Worldwide November 06, 2018

The global persecution of Christians continues to escalate dramatically, and yet the mainstream media in the United States is virtually silent about it.

The New Jihad: More Threatening Than Ever November 06, 2018

Radical Islam may be on the defensive, but its offensive has not stopped. The main Islamist organizations appear to be waiting for the moment to strike again.

The Next Generation Of Warfare: Genetically Engineered Viruses November 06, 2018

Genetically engineered viruses could very well become the next generation of warfare. Deadly viruses modified in labs could be released eliminating entire communities of people.

The Palestinian Response To Pittsburgh: A Contrast In Societies November 06, 2018

One cannot help but note the striking difference between how American society and its leaders responded to the Pittsburgh massacre, and how Palestinian Arab society and its leaders responded to the Har Nof massacre.

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