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Anti-Israel Media Bias On Full Display During Gaza Rocket Attacks May 10, 2019

While Israel absorbed as many as 700 rockets fired by the terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad from the Gaza Strip last week, the media turned the tables on the aggression and launched its usual assault on the Jewish state.

Why There Is No Such Thing As Ethical Porn May 10, 2019

In recent years, there has been a rise in pornography producers claiming they make 'ethical porn' in an attempt to convince consumers that their pornography consumption is unproblematic but this could be nothing farther from the truth.

On The Brink Of War With Iran? Most Americans Don't Seem To Care May 09, 2019

This is the closest that the U.S. has been to a war with Iran in decades, and yet most Americans are either clueless or they don't seem to believe that it could actually happen.

Why Time Magazine And The Left Love Pete Buttigieg May 09, 2019

Did you see the front cover of Time? It features a picture of Mayor Pete Buttigieg and his "husband," with the caption, "First Family." Why this exaltation of a fairly obscure, outlying political figure?

Muslim Converts To Christianity Face Targeting In Iran May 09, 2019

In Iran, any practice that contradicts Islam is regarded as a national security threat, punished severely by the court system.

For Hamas, Even Palestinian Deaths Are A Win May 09, 2019

The Gaza missiles have hit homes, a synagogue, a hospital, and a school, and killed four civilians (and only civilians). The story you won't read is the one quoting anyone from the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, or any other "humanitarian" organization decrying these absolutely clear violations of the law of war.

Nuclear Showdown In Iran: Revealing The Ancient Prophecy Of Elam May 07, 2019

Tensions between Iran, Israel and the United States are reaching an all-time high as the US sends a carrier strike group to the region in response to Iranian threats of an attack. Does the Bible give us clues as to what might happen next in the region?

Is It Time For The IDF To Inflict 'Massive Damage' On Hamas? May 07, 2019

A delegation of U.S. ambassadors currently visiting Israel published a joint statement in which they said, "Enough is enough!" The statement also read, "Can one imagine rockets falling on Washington, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Bern or Lisbon today without an appropriately strong reaction?"

Congresswomen Omar, Tlaib Support Gaza Terrorists In Onslaught Against Israel May 07, 2019

Despite a ceasefire in the current conflict between Israel and Hamas, Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib both felt compelled to show their support to Hamas and the other Gaza terrorists in their onslaught against Israel.

Muslim Children In Philadelphia Sing About Decapitating Jews May 07, 2019

The Muslim American Society has 42 chapters in the United States. After a recent performance in which young children wearing Palestinian scarves sang about conquering Jerusalem and cutting off Jews heads - it may be time for an investigation.

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