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Israel Elections: Pro-3rd Temple Party Gets Decisive Boost In Polls September 10, 2019

From the fringe to the mainstream, an increasing number of Israeli politicians are showing favor towards building a third temple.

New School Year Means Even More Radical Material For Palestinians September 10, 2019

A study has found that new Palestinian educational materials to be used during the 2019-2020 school year have, despite considerable international criticism, become even more ridden with anti-Israel and antisemitic propaganda.

China & US Advancing Drone Swarm Technology - A Harbinger Of Revelation 9? September 04, 2019

Drone swarms are about to change the face of modern warfare and some prophecy watchers find both the technology and name of the US Naval program behind it perhaps more than coincidence. The US navy Low-Cost UAV Swarming Technology is called LOCUST.

Silicon Valley Is Building A Chinese-Style Social Credit System September 04, 2019

Silicon Valley is building a social credit system for individuals. Much like the social credit system communist China uses to control its population, this authoritarian control is different in one way: it is being done by corporations as opposed to the government.

Get Ready For ISIS To Make A Comeback September 04, 2019

Reports of the Islamic State's death have been greatly exaggerated. ISIS is an idea, not an organization, and ideas are hard to kill.

Media Promotes Another Polarizing Voice: The Handmaids Tale September 04, 2019

Over these past two years, the cultural phenomenon of "The Handmaid's Tale" has emerged. This spiraling series with a loyal and shockingly large following has now been renewed for a fourth season on Hulu.

Divided America: Democrat Resolution Celebrates God-Less Agenda September 03, 2019

Democrats have pushed away religious voters not simply by ignoring them but by actively repelling them with accusations of bigotry and backwardness. Now the DNC has now issued a resolution stating that "religiously unaffiliated Americans overwhelmingly share the Democratic Party's values, with 70% voting for Democrats in 2018".

Back To School: Islamist Indoctrination For US Kids? September 03, 2019

The new school year is upon us and Access Islam, a program backed by the Department of Education, is under fire again after being accused of being an Islamist indoctrination program.

How Unthinkable Became Unquestionable: New Study On Collapse Of Moral Consensus September 03, 2019

Anyone else dizzy by how quickly some things went from being unthinkable to unquestionable? Just in the last few years? Although the most recent demands of the Sexual Revolution are more radical than ever, people seem to be embracing them more quickly than ever.

Guns Fall Silent, But Hezbollah Threat Remains September 03, 2019

The IDF's effective tactical conduct appears to have prevented a broader conflagration. The Northern Command prepared for the possibility that Hezbollah would pull off a large terrorist attack, possibly leading to an all-out war. That scenario did not materialize, but the threat still exists.

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