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Survey Finds Waning Support For Israel Among Millennial Evangelical Christians December 06, 2017

A new survey has found that millennial evangelical Christians support Israel less than older generations, a possible troubling new trend for one of Israel’s strongest and most vocal support groups in the US.

The Gutting Of The Taylor Force Act December 05, 2017

The Taylor Force Act started out as a powerful and long-overdue tool for pressuring the Palestinian Authority to stop paying terrorists. But the legislation has been diluted, weakened and compromised in so many ways that it is now a pale shadow of its former self.

Drumbeats Of Ezekiel 38 - Israel Bombs Iranian Base In Syria December 04, 2017

With all the events taking place in Syria right now, many people are asking, "What does the Bible have to say about Syria and the end times?

Have Sodom And Gomorrah Been Found? December 04, 2017

An archaeologist who believes, following 12 years of sifting sand near the Dead Sea in Jordan, that he has found the ruins of the largest twin cities in the area, one that fits all the criteria of the Bible account.

Why the Masterpiece Cake Case Matters To All Americans December 04, 2017

Should a gay baker be required by law to design a cake with the message, "God hates fags"? Should an African American t-shirt maker be required by law to design a t-shirt saying, "Long live the KKK?"

Advent: Jesus Is Coming, and This Time It's Different December 04, 2017

The season of Advent reminds us that Christ's second coming will be very different from his first.

Jerusalem Is About To Become A Cup Of Trembling As Trump Considers Historic Move December 01, 2017

Is President Trump about to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

Prophetic Accuracy - The Amazing Prophecy Of The Fall Of Tyre December 01, 2017

Fulfilled prophecy is one of the things that makes the Bible the most unique book in the world. The Bible contains hundreds of fulfilled prophecies concerning towns, and cities, and nations, and empires, and individuals.

Who Will Be the Next Head Of Global Jihad? December 01, 2017

The son of Osama, Hamza bin Laden is global jihad's new star. Not only is he perceived as his father's natural heir, but he is also a future key player in and potentially the next leader of jihadism.

Who Is Finding Their Way Into American Students' Minds? December 01,2017

The U.S. government pours $65.1 million annually into various regional studies centers run by staffers who overwhelmingly possess strong anti-American and anti-Western biases that they are communicating to their students.

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