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Xi Jinping For Life: Bad News For Christians & The World March 09, 2018

The cult of personality that grew around Mao never developed under his successors. Until now.

Shaping The Next Generation: The Battle For School Curriculum March 09, 2018

A recent study of Palestinian textbooks found that Palestinian children are being taught to glorify and value terrorism and violence.

Purge Of Conservative Voices On Social Media Continues March 08, 2018

In recent weeks, we have witnessed an unprecedented social media crackdown on conservative voices. Hundreds of conservative content creators have had their accounts penalized, suspended or deleted by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media giants.

Europe: The Rapid Spread Of Dhimmitude March 08, 2018

Local European authorities have been utilizing "hate speech" laws to prohibit criticism of Islam, even though Islam represents an idea - a religion and ideology - not a nationality or an ethnicity.

The Price For Trump's Israel Plan Is Too High March 08, 2018

A Palestinian state in Israel's backyard, international control over Jerusalem's Old City and the mass expulsion of tens of thousands of Jews from Judea and Samaria: Is this the "price" that President Donald Trump recently hinted Israel would have to pay?

Abbas Successor Will Not Make Any Difference To Middle East Peace March 08, 2018

The Israeli and American establishments spend a lot of time over who should replace Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas when he’s gone.

Thousands More Stores Are On The 2018 Retail Apocalypse Death List March 06, 2018

Jobs in the retail sector are the most prolific in America, employing 4.3 million workers as salespeople and 3.3 million workers as cashiers. The current store closures mean the end of employment for tens of thousands of workers.

Has The King Of The East Now Taken His Throne? China's New Emperor For Life March 06, 2018

If the Chinese Communist party does decide to end term limits for president, it could have major implications for the nation - and the world.

The Power Of Influence - Teacher Planned To Raise 'Army' Of Jihadi Children March 06, 2018

A teacher in Islamic schools in the UK was radicalizing his students, preparing them to assist him in massive terror attacks on 30 targets across London.

Do Western "Goodists" Really Care About Helping Syrians, Palestinians? March 06, 2018

The West is drowning in a sea of double standards and moral relativism in which murderers and tyrants are allowed to wallow in their crimes, while global indignation is turned only against the sole democracy in the Middle East: Israel.

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