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Political Correctness Is Killing College: Emotions or Education? January 24, 2017

The snowflake generation has a new demand of the education system - rewrite history to suit their feelings.

Trump Fires Up Europe's Anti-Establishment Movement January 24, 2017

Anti-establishment parties in Europe are inspired by Trump to promote "patriotic spring" to topple the European Union.

Demographics And Faith - A Very Different America Is On The Horizon January 23, 2017

Barack Obama famously said that "we are no longer just a Christian nation", and after the last eight years that is now more true than ever.

Pew: Divide In America Deeper Than Ever Before January 23, 2017

Americans see their nation separated by a wide gap, with "little optimism that the countrys political divisions will subside any time soon".

Germany's New Propaganda Bureau - Big Brother is Watching YOU! January 23, 2017

Germany risks creating it's own State Propaganda Bureau as it restricts free speech and combats fake news.

10 'Humiliating' Minutes At An Israeli Checkpoint January 23, 2017

International news media regularly accuses Israel of unfairly restricting Palestinians at checkpoints. Let's take a closer look.

Bikers For Trump vs. Anarchists - Stage Is Set For Confrontation At Inauguration January 18, 2017

A potentially ugly confrontation between radical leftist protesters and law enforcement authorities and Trump supporters appears to be looming.

The "Peace Conference": An Outright Admission of Failure January 18, 2017

The US has provided $1.4 billion in support over the last 20 years to the Palestinians..who have yet to create infrastructure for a viable economy.

Will Trump Bow To Arab Intimidation On Jerusalem? January 18, 2017

For nearly 60 years, American presidents have wilted in the face of threats over moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Will Trump be different?

Surveys Show Global Trust At All-Time Low As Central Governments Lose Control January 18, 2017

Distrust of central governments and institutions have snowballed into an uprising of nationalism and populism.

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