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Russia And China Developing New Weapons Systems To Take On United States August 22, 2018

Most wars are won well in advance, and Russia and China are both feverishly preparing to win the next major world war between global superpowers.

Facebook Bans "Activist Mommy" As The Purge Of Conservatives Accelerates August 22, 2018

We are witnessing the greatest purge of conservative voices in modern American history.

Deep Pattern Of Anti-Israel Prejudice Among Mainline Protestants August 22, 2018

A total of eight resolutions attacking Israel were recently tabled at the 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

'Fauda' And The Two-State Scenario August 22, 2018

In the international hit Israeli TV series "Fauda," the head of the Palestinian Authority security service is reconciled to peace and coexistence, and therefore willing to cooperate with the Israelis to combat Islamist terror.

One Year Later - Employees Loving New Microchip Implants August 21, 2018

Wisconsin based Three Square Market is now calling it's employee microchipping program a success one year after employees began having a small microchip implanted in their hand.

Ring Of Fire Lights Up With 53 Earthquakes In 24hr Period August 21, 2018

The entire west coast of the U.S. falls along the "Ring of Fire", and experts assure us that it is only a matter of time before the seismic tension that is building up along the tectonic plates in that area is released.

Kings Of The East Prepare Their Silk Road To The Middle East August 21, 2018

China's Belt and Road Initiative - a term coined by Chinese President Xi Jinping to evoke the ancient Silk Road trade routes connecting China with lands to its west - should be cause for great concern in the West.

DroneHunter Knocks Killer Drones Out Of The Sky August 21, 2018

Drones are more popular than ever, but the recent assassination attempt of Venezuela’s leader by drone shows the dark side to the new technology.

Debt Bubble Is Getting Ready To Pop & It Could Destroy The World Economy August 20, 2018

America, you officially have a debt problem, and I am not just talking about the national debt.

Echos Of Ezekiel 38 - Tehran To Plot Strategy With Russia & Turkey August 20, 2018

President Vladimir Putin will fly to Tehran in early September for a summit meeting with his Turkish and Iranian counterparts.

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