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The Deadly Gospel Of Nice April 30, 2018

If making people feel loved is more important than telling them the truth, where does this end?

Prison Just Got More Dangerous - Inmates To Choose Their Gender Identity April 30, 2018

San Francisco was the first city to require its jails to allow inmates to select the gender of their housing unit when it did so in 2015, and now Mayor Bill de Blasio is making New York City the second such city, as moral insanity has run amok.

Target Israel? Iran Recruits 80,000 Shi'ite fighters In Syria April 30, 2018

Iran has at least 80,000 Shi'ite Muslim fighters in Syria at a training base near Damascus, Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon warned the world body on Thursday.

Fatah Continues Presenting Murderers As Heroes To Palestinian Youth April 30, 2018

The PA Ministry of Education has emphasized the importance of the terrorist’s heritage to students in all PA schools

Middle East Braces For A Tense May April 27, 2018

The coming month of May looks set to contain an unusual number of potential escalation points that could converge to create a highly explosive month.

China Solidifies Military Positions For New Push Against Taiwan April 27, 2018

There are new worries that tensions between China and Taiwan may be escalating to the point of conflict and the US has good reason to be concerned.

When Christian Conservatives Are Compared To The 9/11 Terrorists April 27, 2018

California is poised to make it illegal for anyone of any age to receive professional help for unwanted same-sex attraction or gender-confusion and if you oppose the upcoming bill you are branded as a religious fanatic.

Palestinian Nazi Flags And Hamas Talking Points April 27, 2018

Hamas has been aided by a frequently uncritical press that, more often than not, serves the terrorist organization's objectives, often by omitting crucial details.

Belgium: First Islamic State In Europe? April 25, 2018

The leaders of the ISLAM Party apparently want to turn Belgium into an Islamic State. They call it "Islamist democracy" and have set a target date: 2030.

California To Ban Books? AB 2943 An Assault On The First Amendment April 25, 2018

Once again in California, we see that the new sexual orthodoxy trumps the Constitution.

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