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The Rise Of Facial Recognition Should Scare Us All June 18 2019

The ability for governments and private actors to monitor and spy on the activity of the average person has nearly become accepted as the norm. Facial recognition technology is going to increase such abilities ten fold.

"Emanuel" - The Untold Story Of The Charleston Shooting June 18, 2019

In June 2015, Dylann Roof, a 21-year old white supremacist from North Carolina, drove to Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina and committed one of the most shocking mass murders in American history. However few know the story of what happened after.

Iran Begins To Lash Out As They Realize They Can't Hold Out For 2020 US Election June 18, 2019

The slew of terrorist attacks perpetrated recently by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the most recent being directed against oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, are more proof of the pressure harsh U.S. sanctions are putting on Tehran.

Palestinians Trying To Drag Entire Arab World Down With Them June 18, 2019

The Palestinians are demanding that Arab states turn their backs on the United States,sever all contact with the Trump administration and help the Palestinians torpedo efforts to advance Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Food Price Shock Coming - African Swine Fever To Devastate Pig Population June 14, 2019

African Swine Fever, also referred to as "pig Ebola", has already wiped out millions upon millions of pigs and it continues to spread to even more countries. There is no vaccine and there is no cure, and so essentially we don't have any way to stop this disease.

Academic Battles: Statement Of Faith vs. Statement Of Diversity June 14, 2019

Despite leftist academia condemning Christian schools and organizations for their statement of faith requirement, they see no irony in enforcing statements of diversity among their students and faculty.

The Victims Of Words: Reality Isn't Whatever We Want June 14, 2019

Many today imagine they've got mastery over reality--not with the use of a stone, but through words. Redefining words, they think, would magically change reality. It doesn't, of course.

Israeli Author Tour Highlights Israel & US Intertwined Values  June 14, 2019

In early 2019, author David Rubin left Israel for the United States of America on a mission to showcase his new book, Trump and the Jews, which explores the complexities of US President Donald Trump and his relationship with the Jewish people and Israel.

Why I Do Not Celebrate Gay Pride June 13, 2019

If you ask my detractors, they would tell you that the reason I do not celebrate gay pride is that I'm a bigot. A hater. A homophobe. A transphobe. And I understand their perspective. After all, no matter how Christian I claim to be, if I tell a gay couple I do not believe they are truly married in God's sight, that feels like hatred to them.

Messianic Believers Come Under Fire In Israel June 13, 2019

As the number of Messianic Jews in Israel has risen to about 30,000 and as the society at large is much more open to these Jewish believers in Jesus, opposition from ultra-Orthodox Jews continues to rise.

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