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An Unlikely Alliance: Anti-Trump Leftists & Radical Muslims February 22, 2017

Is the radical left paving it's own destruction by uniting with radical Muslims?

Another Company Offers Microchip Implants For Workers February 22, 2017

It isn't hard to imagine a world in which all companies "chip" their employees.

Nigeria's Forgotten Christians: Stand with Our Brothers and Sisters February 22, 2017

Almost nobody knows what's happening to the Christians of Nigeria - but even fewer care. Here's why we should.

One of Israel's Seven Species Scientifically Found to Help Remedy Many Illnesses February 22, 2017

The amazing health benefits of foods discussed in the Bible.

Pope Francis Continues Push For One World Religion February 21, 2017

Is Pope Francis a globalist?

The Era Of Human-Animal Hybrid Chimeras Has Begun February 21, 2017

Human-animal mutant creatures make for great material for science fiction writers, but we aren't supposed to be creating them in the real world.

The Rising North Korean Nuclear Threat February 21, 2017

Experts believe North Korea will possess nuclear missile technology capable of hitting the West Coast by the year 2020, or possibly sooner.

New Hamas Leader Signals Shift To Iran, Conflict With Israel February 21, 2017

The election of Yahya Sinwar to lead Hamas in Gaza is a bad signal of things to come for the region.

Corrupting Christian Liturgy With The Fantabulosa Fairy February 18, 2017

What happens when gay slang becomes the dominant liturgy of a church service?

Muslim Refugees Truly Turning To Christ Or A Means To An End? February 18, 2017

A record numbers of refugee applications are coming from recent converts to Christianity.

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