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An Open Border Is An Open Invitation To Terror February 17, 2024

Nineteen people. That's all it took to completely upend our world on 9/11. Yet almost 300 people from our Terror Watch List have already been caught at our Southern Border. Imagine what 300 could do?

America's Military In Decline: Are We Prepared For The Next Crisis? February 15, 2024

Many people will say the purpose of a strong military is to deter war, but deterrence derives from the belief of the enemy that they would be defeated in battle. So if our military is at great risk of not being able to win ... well, it doesn't have much deterrent value. Our potential enemies can see this; the American public, not so much.

America's Fiscal Future: Historic Deficits, Record Debt & Higher Taxes February 15, 2024

America's fiscal future is gloomy, according to the 10-year forecast released Wednesday by the economic meteorologists at the Congressional Budget Office.

LGBTQ Glitter Destroys The Spirit Of Ash Wednesday February 15, 2024

A public university in America's heartland has effectively endorsed a divisive religious message: that celebrating Ash Wednesday is compatible with LGBTQ "pride" to the extent that Christians should wear on their foreheads ashes mixed with glitter.

Culture Wars: Christian Mother Barred From Adopting Over Beliefs On Gender February 15, 2024

A mother in Oregon has been barred by the state from adopting children from foster care due to her refusal to affirm a hypothetical child's gender transition, use false pronouns that do not match a child's biological sex and allow a child access to cross-sex hormones or puberty blockers.

Approaching Hoofbeats: The Signs Of The Times Rapidly Accelerate 

I purchased Billy Graham's book, Approaching Hoofbeats, not long after its publication in 1983. I cannot remember all that I thought as I read it forty years ago but as I recently skimmed its chapters, the stark differences between then and now leaped off the pages.

America's Epic Crime Wave Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down February 13, 2024

All over the nation, law enforcement is losing control and violent criminals are getting the upper hand. We have never seen anything quite like this before, and I am entirely convinced that this crime wave is only going to get worse as economic conditions deteriorate.

Conservative Leaders Denounce WHO Agreement: Health Care 'Tower of Babel' February 13, 2024

An international global governance group has launched "a global power grab" in its efforts to influence the way the world's governments respond to global health emergencies -- and suppress those who dare to dissent.

Biden Can't Have It Both Ways On The Gaza War February 13, 2024

At a time when the destruction of Hamas is, if not imminent, at least a real possibility after several months more of hard fighting, Biden's apology to his left-wing critics may offer the terrorists a lifeline.

The Commercial Real Estate Crisis Could Bring Down The Whole Economy February 10, 2024

Over the last several years we have seen commercial real estate values plummet dramatically all over the United States. One of the reasons why this is happening is because millions of Americans started working from home during the pandemic, and many of them never returned to the office once the pandemic subsided.

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