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Global Leaders Rattle Their Sabers As World Tensions Rise March 13, 2017

We have entered a season where leaders all over the globe feel a need to rattle their sabers, and many fear that this could be leading us to war.

Christian Street Preachers Found Guilty For Proclaiming Jesus Only Way To God March 13, 2017

Freedom of speech is under attack in England in yet another legal case where anti-Christian sentiment has trumped both core liberties and Biblical truth.

EU Continues To Fund Indoctrination Of Hate At Palestinian Schools March 13, 2017

Palestinian Authority schools are openly ignoring Western demands to cease encouraging violence against Israelis -- or else forfeit foreign aid.

Christians Emulate Queen Esther To Stand With Israel For Such A Time As This March 13, 2017

Like Esther, Christian Zionists are uniquely positioned to stand with the nation of Israel "for such a time as this."

Every 'Conspiracy Theorist' In America Has Just Been Vindicated March 09, 2017

Wikileaks has just revealed many state secrets that until now had been the fringe of conspiracy theorists.

March 15: Another Debt Ceiling War Is Coming March 09, 2017

Special accounting measures to cover Federal deficits are only covering the surface of our massive debt problem.

Hezbollah's Ongoing Threat To US National Security March 09, 2017

Tattoos featuring Hezbollah's insignia among imprisoned drug cartel operatives in the US southwest are on the rise.

Religious Broadcasters Conference Highlights Christian/Israel Alliance March 09, 2017

Strong Christian support for the state of Israel was on full display at the National Religious Broadcasters convention this week.

America: A House Divided March 08, 2017

When you examine the core values on the right and the left, you quickly come to the realization that there is not much room for compromise.

Economic Collapse - Lessons From Latin America March 08, 2017

The ninth largest economy in the entire world is currently experiencing "its longest and deepest recession in recorded history".

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