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Economic Red Flags: Retail Store Closings, Student Debt, Auto Loans February 15, 2019

Debt has become an issue of concern for those who care about their financial future. But with the government setting the terrible example of drastically spending more than they bring in, many in America are following suit and it is leading to a crisis and a red flag for the economy.

Millennials & Evangelism: The Plague of Emotivism February 15, 2019

A new study has found that "nearly half (47 percent) of practicing Christian millennials--churchgoers who consider religion an important part of their lives--believe that evangelism is wrong."

Tehran Eyes Upcoming Israeli Elections February 15, 2019

Quds Force chief Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani wants the current government in Israel to fall. He even believes, according to media leaks, that a strong Iranian response to Israeli attacks in Syria could influence the outcome of the upcoming election in Israel.

Abbas Proves Once Again That He Is Not A Partner For Peace February 15, 2019

Abbas is fighting hard to keep influential Arab states--Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Persian Gulf Arab states--from endorsing the Trump peace plan.

Pre-Crime Legislation Goes After Gun Owners First But You Might Be Next February 14, 2019

Late last year, an Orwellian gun bill was presented in New York state. If signed into law, anyone who wants to buy a gun would have to turn over three years of their social media history and one year of their internet search history.

Trump Deal Of The Century Coming After Israel Elections February 14, 2019

The United States is expected to recognize a Palestinian state with its capital in eastern Jerusalem as part of its highly anticipated peace plan to solve the 70-year-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Trans Activists Demand We Pay For Their Womb Transplants & Other Health Changes February 14, 2019

The health system has come under massive strain attempting to catch up with the range of transgender services that are suddenly being demanded including that "transgender women" -- biological males -- are "entitled" to womb transplants so that they can carry a child.

The Cost Of Skipping Children: Life Has No Price Tag February 14, 2019

Americans aren’t having enough babies to replace themselves. In fact, a record one in five American women will never have children. As a result, the death rate is outpacing the birth rate.

Does The Great Commission Exclude Teaching On Prophecy? February 13, 2019

The prevailing mindset of many Bible-believing pastors today is that eschatology, or the study of future things, is not only separate from the preaching of Gospel but detracts from it.

Is Michelle Obama Going To Run For President In 2020? February 13, 2019

In politics you can never trust what people say, and it is much more important to watch what they do. Suddenly, Michelle Obama seems like she is the biggest rock star in America, and there are only two reasons why this would be happening.

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