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How One Organization Is The Media Gatekeeper For Determining Hate Speech June 08, 2018

Four of the world's biggest tech platforms have working partnerships with a left-wing nonprofit that has a track record of inaccuracies and routinely labels conservative organizations as "hate groups."

Church Sued For Not Hosting LGBT Event  June 08, 2018

Anti-discrimination laws continue to be used to attack churches and other religious organizations for not supporting sinful behavior, this time in Portland, Oregon.

Why History Still Matters: The 1967 Six-Day War June 08, 2018

Fifty-one years ago this week, the Six-Day War broke out. Without an understanding of what happened in the past, it's impossible to grasp where we are today. And where we are has profound relevance for the region and the world.

Palestinians: A Story You Have Not Heard In The West June 08, 2018

The only stories foreign journalists are interested in are those that reflect negatively on Israel.

Government & Social Media Companies Censor Anyone Questioning Official Narrative June 06, 2018

The era of free and unfettered speech on the Internet is rapidly ending. All over the world, national governments are working very closely with social media companies to take control of "Internet news".

Jesus Is No Longer The Only Way For Many American "Christians"  June 06, 2018

Pluralistic notions of religious relativism and vague spirituality have resulted in a stark difference between traditional Christian doctrine and the now common belief that Christ's sacrifice is just one method of salvation among hundreds.

Star Wars - Preparing For War In Space June 06, 2018

When the first Star Wars movie was released back in the late 70's, audiences imagined intergalactic battles taking place at a time far in the future – possibly a full century into the future. No one could have predicted technology would improve at such an incredible rate in the decades to follow.

Reality Check: Iran Isn't Going Anywhere June 06, 2018

Iran didn't invest hundreds of millions, didn't lose thousands of fighters--members of the Revolutionary Guard Corps and regular army alike--and didn't draft tens of thousands of Shi'ite conscripts into the pro-Iranian militias it trains and funds to suddenly up and leave.

DHS Plans To Compile A List Of All Bloggers, Journalists & Social Influencers June 05, 2018

If you have a website, an important blog or you are just very active on social media, the Department of Homeland Security is going to put you on a list and will start collecting information about you.

Earth's Crust In Turmoil June 05, 2018

What is causing our planet to shake so violently all of a sudden? Rivers of lava have been pouring out of the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii for weeks, a massive eruption of Mount Merapi just a few days ago shot volcanic ash 38,000 feet into the air, and now rivers of lava are pouring out of Guatemala's Fuego Volcano.

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