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New Movie Has Blue State Elitists Hunting Red State Trump Supporters For Sport August 09, 2019

"Why would anyone think it's a great idea to have a movie about hunting down someone who doesn't agree with them politically? It's remarkable that the left blames Donald Trump's rhetoric for violence, then literally spends millions to normalize the killing of people based on politics".

Preparing For Long Term Crisis? Chinese Suddenly Stocking Up On Everything August 09, 2019

Does China believe that we are on the verge of a major global crisis? The communist Chinese government has always been very big into planning, and it appears that they have decided that now is the time to hoard food, gold and other commodities.

Hamas: The Circle Of Fire Around Israel Is Expanding August 09, 2019

As Egypt, the United Nations and other parties are pursuing their efforts to prevent an all-out military confrontation in the Gaza Strip, Hamas and its allies are forging ahead in their development of various types of weapons with which to attack Israel.

California Curriculum Shows The Price Of Complacency About BDS August 09, 2019

An anti-Israel and anti-Semitic ethnic-studies curriculum being promulgated by the state of California has illustrated just where complacency about BDS can lead us.

Temple Institute To Jews Worldwide: Build The 3rd Temple August 08, 2019

The Temple Institute has released a powerful new video to awaken world Jewry and reframe the traditional period of mourning this Ninth of Av into one of preparation for the rebuilding of the Third Holy Temple.

LGBT Movement Goes Beyond Acceptance To Seeking Totalitarian Power August 08, 2019

Not a day goes by without one media outlet or another pushing a story that treats the transgender ideology as fact. The LGBT movement is not simply seeking acceptance - they are demanding a particularly totalitarian form of power.

Cities Without Children: The Cost Of Our Urban Idols August 08, 2019

Most major cities increasingly demand a set of life choices that is sometimes called "workism"--delaying marriage and family in favor of intense, high-paying jobs that go largely to support adult-centric lifestyles. In other words, we're "swapping capital for kids."

Turkeys March West Comes To An End As It Embraces Russia, China August 08, 2019

Erdo─čan's ideologues keep on portraying the U.S. as an "enemy country," and many Turks increasingly buy that line. Seven out of 10 Turks now report feeling threatened by U.S. power, an increase of 28 percentage points since 2013 -- a higher jump than in any country recently polled.

El Paso, Dayton, & Gilroy: The Heart Of The Matter August 07, 2019

That there are evil people out there is the one thing, maybe the only thing, everyone still agrees on. We disagree on who the people are: The evil shooter. The evil racist president. The evil progressives who want to take our guns. So we go on and on, identifying who the evil people are--always them--and we go on and on missing the real problem right in front of our face.

CA Department of Education Prepares Mandatory Anti-Israel Curriculum August 07, 2019

California is set to enact resolution AB-331, which will require all California high school students to take at least a one-semester course in an ethnic-studies-based model curriculum, which consists of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel content, in order to graduate, effective from the 2024-25 academic year.

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