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Apocalypse Road, Revelation For The Final Generation February 12, 2017

Enjoy a thrilling novel and a Bible commentary ripped with todays headlines at the same time.

Army Preps For Urban Warfare In MegaCities February 11, 2017

The military is increasingly preparing for urban warfare that centers around civil unrest, economic breakdown and widespread riots.

Forgotten Dangers - Fukushima Radiation Spikes To 'Unimaginable' Levels February 10, 2017

Most people seem to think that since the mainstream media doesn't talk about Fukushima anymore that everything must be under control. Unfortunately, that is not true at all.

Archaeologists Announce New Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery February 10, 2017

It hasn't happened since 1956, but Israeli archaeologists are announcing the discovery of a new cave with tremendous significance.

Pro-Choice Movement Goes After The Ultrasound February 11, 2017

The ultrasound is part of a conspiracy to humanize the unborn?

The Debt Apocalypse Beckons February 08, 2017

When debt grows much faster than GDP for an extended period of time, it is inevitable that a good portion of that debt will start to go bad at some point.

Russia's Anti-Missionary Law Faces Legal Challenge That Could Overturn The Law February 08, 2017

Resurgent Russian nationalism has resulted in a crackdown on foreign religious activity, including Christian preaching, if not within a registered church.

Canadian Government Preparing To Silence Anyone Who Criticizes Islam February 08, 2017

Canada is preparing to introduce anti-blasphemy laws that would codify "Islamophobia" as a hate crime without even defining Islamophobia.

When Will The UN Make The Palestinians Uphold Their Commitments? February 08, 2017

When it comes to holding Palestinians accountable for their noncompliance, the international community merely shrugs.

Israel Continues To Rank As One of the Most Powerful Militaries In The World February 07, 2017

Just how powerful is the Israeli military?

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