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Rise Of The Beast? New Push For Powerful Federal Europe Led By President September 22, 2017

European Union boss Jean-Claude Juncker has charted a course for a much more powerful superbloc of nations in his controversial State of the Union address.

World Is Running Out Of Antibiotics, warns WHO September 22, 2017

Bacteria appear to be innovating faster than the global health community.

Russia Rejects Israeli Plea To Keep Iranians From Golan Frontier September 22, 2017

Israel has been repeatedly warning against Iran's military ambitions to establish a territorial "corridor" all the way to the Mediterranean, and an increased Iranian presence on Israel's northern border.

UK Supermarket World's First To Offer Cashless Checkout With Finger Vein Scan September 22, 2017

The march toward a cashless society has now moved from the theoretical to the phase of widespread adoption.

NASA Plan To Stop Supervolcano Sparks Doomsday Fears September 22, 2017

Earthquake swarms at Yellowstone raise concerns as worldwide natural disasters spread destruction.

When the Terrorists Come Home September 21, 2017

British security services estimate that of the 850 Brits that left the country to fight for ISIS in Iraq and Syria, 400 have returned. Yet, none of them to date have been charged with war crimes.

Conservative Websites Battle Google Bias  September 21, 2017

In the world of high technology and Internet media, government censors are far from the only threat to free speech.

Fake News, Palestinian Style September 21, 2017

PA officials continue to spread fake news to demonize Israel and incite Palestinians to attempt to murder Israelis without consequence.

The Next Manhattan Project And The New World Order September 20, 2017

Putin said the development of artificial intelligence presents "colossal opportunities and threats that are difficult to predict now" and "the one who becomes the leader in this sphere will be the ruler of the world."

GOP Congress Kills Legislation Banning Taxpayer Funding Of Hamas September 20, 2017

Rack up a win for the Council on American-Islamic Relations and a network of other U.S. Islamist organizations controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

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