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School Officials Declare Playgrounds 'No-Jesus' Zones August 08, 2017

Bureaucrats in an Australian state are facing a serious backlash after declaring their public-school playgrounds 'no Jesus' zones.

Facial Recognition ID Moves From Planes And Trains To Conferences And Events August 08, 2017

People have been acclimatized to biometric ID in various forms, with increasing frequency in the areas of banking and personal computing, but only now is it being rolled out into the wider world.

Missing The Canaanites In Plain Sight: The Media Need To Read Their Bibles! August 08, 2017

We've heard a lot about "fake news" this year, and last week we were treated to a flurry of fake news aimed at the reliability of the Bible.

A Killer Bonus: Canada Weighs Paying Docs Extra For Assisted Suicide August 08, 2017

Faced with doctors' growing resistance to assisted suicide, some Canadian advocates are asking, "What if we just pay them more?"

Is There Biblical Significance To The August 21st Solar Eclipse? August 07, 2017

Some fascinating insights into past, present and future eclipses as we approach the August 21st solar eclipse.

Technology In Place For Bible's 'Mark Of The Beast' August 07, 2017

"Eventually, this technology will become standardized allowing you to use this as your passport, public transit, all purchasing opportunities.."

Hamas And Fatah Teach Next Generation For Terror At Summer Camps August 07, 2017

Close to 120,000 Palestinian children will attend camps this summer run by Hamas where they will learn how to murder Jews.

Israel Must Be Boycotted -- Unless It Saves Our Lives August 07, 2017

We've seen before how BDS activists talk big about boycotting Israel -- which really means that everyone else must boycott Israel.

Most Christians Miss The Mark When It Comes To A Biblical Worldview August 04,2017

We face the very real possibility of a generation that identifies as born-again Christians while holding a frightening level of un-Biblical beliefs.

U.S. Town Bans Residents From Criticizing Mosque August 04, 2017

A key tenet of Shariah, the Muslim law that governs both personal and political life, bans any negative comments about Islam or Muslims.

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