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What The Trump Peace Plan Cannot Accomplish June 26, 2019

The economic vision for the Palestinians isn't new and won't work. But the problem isn't the plan. It's that its intended beneficiaries have other priorities.

Culture Wars: LGTB Agenda On Full Steam For Pride Month June 26, 2019

Pride month has demonstrated how much the LGTB agenda has made inroads into society with everything from snipers being placed at Drag Queen Story Hour, to gender fluid street lights, a new transgender credit card that allows you to pick your name and now trans-age and trans-species have joined the bandwagon.

Porn At Root Of Rapidly Spreading Child-On-Child Sexual Assaults June 26, 2019

Most adults are still unaware of the fact that violent pornography is regularly consumed by young teens, and this material is creating a violent new ideology of sexuality that the upcoming generation has been raised on.

Another Anti-Israel Academic Coming To Campus Near You June 26, 2019

Usually by the time we hear about an anti-Israel professor at some university, it's too late -- she or he already has tenure, is chair of the department, or is so deeply entrenched in other ways that there's simply no way to prevent him or her from turning young minds against Israel for decade after decade.

Will Iran Unleash Hezbollah Terrorists On U.S. Soil? June 25, 2019

Most Americans have no idea what a full-blown conflict with Hezbollah could look like. For a moment, just imagine thousands of extremely well-trained terrorists shooting up and blowing up soft targets all across America. The sheer panic that would cause would immediately paralyze our entire society.

The Unholy Alliance Between DNA Sites & Facial Recognition June 25, 2019

Two means of collecting personal data - DNA databases and facial recognition software - are forming an unholy alliance, and the privacy implications could be devastating.

New Poll Shows Majority Of Arab World Still Believes Israel Is #1 Threat June 25, 2019

A clear majority of the Arab world continues to believe that Israel is the main threat in the Middle East and North Africa, a comprehensive BBC poll of 11 Arab countries revealed on Monday

When Being Friends With Jews Is A Fireable Offense June 25, 2019

An invitation to several Jewish youths to join in his son’s wedding has cost the mayor of the Palestinian Authority-controlled village of Dir Kadis his job.

California Bill Would Dictate What Topics Pastors Can Preach About June 24, 2019

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 99 calls on 'counselors, pastors, religious workers, educators' and institutions with 'great moral influence' to stop perpetuating the idea that something is wrong with LGBT identities or sexual behavior.

Did Your Child Return From College A Better Person? June 24, 2019

When assessing America's or any of the Western world's universities -- wondering whether you should send your child to one; whether you should go into great debt to attend one -- it would seem that the single most important question to be answered is: What type of person does the university produce?

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