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The Big Middle East Lie October 04, 2017

Officials and people in the West may deny what they hear as hard as they like; but the terrorists could not be more are honest about what their murderous motives are.

Europe: What Do Islamic Parties Want? October 04, 2017

Islamist parties have begun to emerge in many European countries, such as the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, and France. Is anyone paying attention to their platforms?

Only God Can Heal America October 03, 2017

America is reeling again. The pain is palpable, the shock tangible. Can America still be healed?

ISIS Claims Las Vegas Shooting, Calls Paddock 'Convert' October 03, 2017

ISIS is claiming the "attacker of Las Vegas converted several months ago,"

If You Fell Asleep In 1961 And Woke Up Today October 03, 2017

The America of today would seem like another planet to many past generations.

Thousands Of Christians Arrive in Jerusalem For Feast Of Tabernacles October 03, 2017

More than 6,000 Christian pilgrims from some 100 countries are set to arrive in Jerusalem this week.

Why Study Bible Prophecy? October 02, 2017

When the world seems to be careening into chaos and you wonder if God's still around, Bible prophecy tells us God certainly is still in control.

The Quiet Islamic Conquest Of Spain October 02, 2017

From Osama bin Laden to the self-proclaimed Caliph, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, all the leaders of the global jihad have mentioned Spain among the lands to be conquered by Islam.

Smart Billboards Are Watching You October 02, 2017

A new generation of "smart digital billboards will detect the make, model and year of oncoming vehicles and project ads tailored to the motorist."

New Trump Pressure Against Israeli Settlements Is Worrisome October 02, 2017

Candidate Trump was right to criticize the Obama policy of publicly pressuring Israel; but if President Trump is continuing any of that policy behind closed doors, it's just as bad.

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