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Microchipping Fears Force Changes To Bill That Allows Tracking People  December 22, 2016

Under the guise of public safety, Democratic and Republican law makers have pushed for a law that would allow for the implantation of tracking microchips in minors with autism and senior citizens with dementia.

Depression Epidemic Hits Many Hard This Christmas Season December 22, 2016

For many people, the holiday season is the most dreaded time of the year. But does it have to be that way? The holidays can be a real pressure point because they tend to magnify our problems.

Tis The Season For Credit Card Debt December 22, 2016

Once again in 2016, parents will spend far more money than they should because they want to make their children happy. According to a brand new survey from T. Rowe Price, parents in the United States will spend an average of 422 dollars per child this holiday season

Born-Again Babies: Saved By Surgery In The Womb December 22, 2016

Did you know that babies can be born again? No, it's not theology I'm talking about but science, and the implications are enormous.

Europe: Christmas Shoppers In Jihadist Crosshairs December 20, 2016

As the winter nights lengthen, an even darker shadow is falling across the run-up to the Christmas holidays in several European nations. Families in markets and shopping districts across the continent are buying presents in the knowledge that jihadists mean to target them.

Israel Shifting Strategies To Prepare For Long Term Russian Presence In Region December 20, 2016

Israel's December 7th use of long range, surface-to-surface missiles to strike a military airport inside Syria indicates a dangerous change in the tense dynamic of the Middle East.

Why Donald Trump Is Catching Hell For Planning To Move Our Embassy To Jerusalem December 20, 2016

There is no controversy like the controversy that surrounds the city of Jerusalem, the most divided city on the earth and the most coveted city on the earth. The Bible predicted this more than 2,500 years ago, describing the day when Jerusalem would be a "a cup that brings dizziness to all the surrounding nations" (Zech. 12:2), even declaring that one day, the whole would be in uproar over Jerusalem.

Merry Christmas Building and Loan!: The Gospel Message in "It's a Wonderful Life December 20, 2016

It's one of the most beloved movies of all time. But I wonder how many people miss the gospel message in "Its a Wonderful Life."

Major Economic Warning Sign: The Euro Is Heading For Parity With The U.S. Dollar December 19, 2016

The collapse of the euro is accelerating, and it looks like we could be staring a major European financial crisis right in the face early in 2017.

National Geographic Promotes 9-year-old "Trans-Activist"- How Should We Respond? December 19, 2016

What comes to mind when you hear the words National Geographic? Do you think of exotic pictures from the jungles of Africa or up-close documentation of an erupting volcano or the discovery of a stone-age, Amazon tribe previously lost to civilization? If so, brace yourself.

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