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Shocking New Canadian Law! - Christian Families At Risk Of Having Children Taken June 09, 2017

The Canadian government may legally remove children from families that refuse to accept their childs chosen "gender identity" thanks to new legislation passed by the Ontario province.

U.S. Schools 'Bowing' To Islam During Ramadan June 09, 2017

The advancement of Islam in public schools is growing at a rapid pace.

A Jihad Army In Europe? June 09, 2017

In the four European countries most targeted by terror attacks -- Britain, France, Belgium and Germany -- the number of official extremists has reached 66,000. That sounds like a real army, on active duty.

Abortion Is What Planned Parenthood Does: No More Dishonest Rebranding June 09, 2017

What does Planned Parenthood do? Everyone seems to know the answer except Planned Parenthood.

The Lessons And Consequences Of The Six-Day War June 07, 2017

Fifty years ago this month, the Six-Day War broke out. Without an understanding of what happened in the past, it's impossible to grasp where we are today.

Grooming Jihadists: The Ladder Of Radicalization And Its Antidote June 07, 2017

If you spend hours listening to speeches and sermons by "respectable" local imams and Islamic scholars -- you can see a pattern emerge.

Your Smart City Is Watching You June 07, 2017

"Smart Cities" have the ability to spy on you in ways Orwell never imagined.

Will Brits Vote For A Hard Left Antisemite This Week? June 07, 2017

On June 8, British voters will head to the polls and Israel has good reason to worry over Labours rising poll numbers.

The Significance Of Biblical Numbers & 2017 June 05, 2017

Everything in the Bible is significant, even numbers.

Rabbi: DNA Holds Secret To Rebuilding Temple June 05, 2017

An Israeli rabbi is making the case the Hebrew priesthood can be re-established through genetics, making it time to rebuild the Temple.

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