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We're All Being Judged By A Secret "Trustworthiness" Score April 10, 2019

Nearly everything we buy, how we buy, and where we're buying from is secretly fed into AI-powered verification services that help companies guard against credit-card and other forms of fraud, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Porn Culture Is Creating Sexual Predators Out Of Our Young People April 10, 2019

Pornography has mainstreamed sexual violence: It has made it normal. Girls are expected to accept sexual abuse, men are expected to perpetrate it, and pornography is driving the demand.

When A Homosexual Episcopalian Calls Trump's Christianity 'Hypocritical' April 10, 2019

If ever there was a glaring instance of the pot calling the kettle black it was when South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a professing Christian and practicing homosexual, called President Trump a hypocritical Christian.

Drug Resistant "Super Fungus" Spreading Across America Killing 50% Of Infected April 09, 2019

The stage is set for a public health crisis unlike anything we have ever seen before, and unlike other diseases, the medical community has no way to stop it.

Economic Shockwaves: Saudi Arabia Is Threatening To Drop The Petrodollar April 09, 2019

Saudi Arabia is threatening to drop the dollar as its main currency in selling its oil if the U.S. passes a bill that exposes OPEC members to U.S. antitrust lawsuits. This is the most direct threat yet to the US Dollar's reserve status.

Palestinians Prepare To Rally Arab World Against Trump "Deal Of The Century" April 09, 2019

The Trump administration will soon discover what every child in the Arab and Islamic world already knows: that the Israeli-Arab conflict is not about a settlement or a checkpoint or a security fence, but about Israel's very right to exist in the Middle East.

First Legally-Recognized 'Non-Binary' Person Warns Against Gender Confused Label April 09, 2019

Shupe was America's first legally-recognized "non-binary" person. His case opened up the non-binary status for people in eleven states but now he has some strong words against such labels calling them a "fraud".

Americans With "No Religion" Increases By 266% Over Last 3 Decades April 08, 2019

Over the last 30 years, there has been a mass exodus out of organized religion in the United States. Each year the needle has only moved a little bit, but over the long-term what we have witnessed has been nothing short of a seismic shift.

Canadian Tribunal Fines Man $55,000 For Misgendering April 08, 2019

Bill Whatcott has been fined $55,000 for expressing Christian views on 'transgenderism.'" In other words, Whatcott called a biological male (who identifies as a female) a "biological male." That was his crime.

Islamic Schools In America Becoming Recruiting Grounds For Hezbollah April 08, 2019

Clarion Project has discovered that a private Islamic school in Dearborn, Michigan is linked to diehard supporters of Hezbollah and the Iranian regime. However, it is not the only school to show such sympathies.

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