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Gender Neutral Police - "Expectant Mothers" Considered Offensive February 07, 2017

The newest target of gendered-language crusaders? Motherhood.

Aging Clergy Could Present Pulpit Vacuum As Millennials Shy Away February 07, 2017

The average age of of pastors is seeing a dramatic increase as the West goes through a profound demographic shift.

Trump's Iran Sanctions Realign US Mideast Policy Back Toward Sunnis And Israel February 07, 2017

Trump' shift in approach comes as Iran's regional ambitions continue to spread deeper into Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon.

The Coming Clash With Iran February 06, 2017

Why did Trump and Flynn feel the need to threaten Tehran now?

Islamization Grows In France February 06, 2017

Is France on it's way to an Islamic theocracy? A new survey attempts to classify French Muslims based on their actual beliefs.

The Biblical Infidelity Of Progressive Christians February 06, 2017

Flying under the banner of social justice or emergent church, the Christian Left is nothing more than what they claimed to hate in the old "Religious Right"

The "Palestinian Village" Where Children Are Raised To Be Terrorists  February 06, 2017

In 1996 Hillary Clinton wrote a children's book titled "It Takes a Village." The "Palestinian village," sadly, is a place where children are raised to be terrorists.

City Killers - Electromagnetic Pulse Artillery Shells February 02, 2017

Could one single artillery shell take out the electronics of an entire city?

Christian Converts From Islam Face Beheading In Somalia February 02, 2017

Somalia is second only to North Korea in the level of danger to its Christian population.

New Fears For Terrorist Drone Attack After ISIS Proves It Has Weaponized Drone February 02, 2017

Is a terrorist drone attack inevitable?

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