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Save The Persecuted Christians: Get Your Church Involved June 05, 2018

You've been asked to save the whales, the elephants, and the redwoods, but how about the persecuted Christians?

Hamas's Next Test June 05, 2018

Israel has repeatedly stated that it has no interest ‎in a military campaign in the Gaza Strip, but ‎reality may still drag it there, perhaps even this ‎week.

More Parents Homeschooling To Counter LGBT Indoctrination June 02, 2018

In states across the country, schools have quietly implemented elementary and preschool programs designed to indoctrinate young children to homosexual and transgendered lifestyles.

Welcome To Algeria Where Sharing Your Faith With A Muslim Will Send You To Jail June 02, 2018

Christians have increasingly become the targets for an authoritarian crackdown by the government of Algeria including the crime of "printing or distributing anything that aims to shake the faith of a Muslim."

A Messianic Jew Stirs Up Anti-Christian Zionists: Christ At The Checkpoint June 02, 2018

My time at the Christ at the Checkpoint conference was both wonderful and terrible, powerful and painful. As I said to the leaders face to face: The people were even warmer than I expected. Their positions were even worse than I expected.

Here's Why the Media Got the Gaza Violence Wrong June 02, 2018

Western journalists covering the Arab-Israeli conflict are in need of an intervention.

China Steps Up The Pace In Nuclear Arms Race With Russia And US May 31, 2018

Over the past three years, Chinese nuclear scientists have performed more tests than their American counterparts have in 15 years.

Demographics Are Destiny: China Finally Gets It, Do We? May 31, 2018

So just as America's fertility rate is tanking, China is waking up to the damage of its one-child policy.

The Amazing Growth & Operational Capabilities Of The IDF May 31, 2018

Today, Israel stands out as the dominant military power in the Middle East. It has been able to accomplish this while reducing the burden of defense expenditure on its gross national product from a peak of 24 percent in the post-1973 war years to about 6 percent today.

Dangerous Escalation By Islamic Jihad Could Lead To Another Gaza War May 31, 2018

Gaza's second-largest terrorist faction, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, is leading the current dangerous escalation of the security situation, which may yet escalate further, and which represents the most serious flare-up of violence since the 2014 armed conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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