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The Candy Bar That Blew Barghouti's Cover May 11, 2017

Palestinian incitement against Israel resumed this week after it exposed the leader of the Palestinian hunger strike sneaking a candy bar in his prison cell.

Down The Slippery Slope: Canada May Extend "Right To Die" To The Mentally Ill May 11, 2017

The expression "mental illness" is a broad category that opens up tens of thousands to the dangers of assisted suicide.

Why People Attend Church May 10, 2017

The Gallup Organization decided to ask people who actually attend church why they attended, and the answers they got are helpful . . . sort of.

Life Insurance For Terrorists? America's 1st Somali Legislator Says 'Yes' May 10, 2017

In December 2015, Syed Farook shot and killed 14 people and injured 22 at an office Christmas party. Before doing so he made sure his life insurance policies worth $250,000 were valid.

A Secular Rapper Calls American Pastors To Account May 10, 2017

You know we're in trouble when a secular rapper urges pastors to get back to preaching that the Lord is a jealous God of "discipline and obedience."

The Logic Behind Israel's Presence In Judea And Samaria May 10, 2017

No area has impacted Israel in modern politics more than Judea and Samaria.

ISIS And Al Qaeda May Join Forces To Spread Extremist Disease May 09, 2017

An unholy union between the two largest terror groups in the world may be in the works.

Trump's Religious Freedom Order: Once Again Politics Downstream From Culture May 09, 2017

President Trump's long-anticipated order on religious freedom reminds us that salvation won't come on Air Force One.

Palestinians: Abbas's "Culture of Peace" May 09, 2017

If this is Abbas's "culture of peace," what, one wonders, would he consider a culture of war?

Target Doubles Down On 'Gay' Pride Despite Losses In Bathroom War May 09, 2017

Rainbow-themed merchandise reflects retail giant's aggressive LGBT stance.

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