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Survey: Dramatic Rise In Young Women Leaving The Church  April 11, 2024

"Over the last two decades, which witnessed an explosion of religious disaffiliation, it was men more than women who were abandoning their faith commitments," but as the survey reveals, this time around, "the pattern has now reversed."

Faith Groups Protest Biden Plan To Control Their Employment Decisions April 11, 2024

"Nondiscrimination" schemes under the Joe Biden regime in Washington often have been used to advocate for blatant discrimination against Christians and Christian organizations. The State Department, which is proposing a new "nondiscrimination" demand that could affect the employment decisions of Christian ministries.

Magog Rising: Israel Warns It Will Bomb Iran Directly If Attacked April 11, 2024

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz warned on Tuesday that Israel will respond in kind should Iran launch a direct attack against it.

Prophecy News Watch In The Crossfire - ISIS Fanatic Targets Idaho Churches April 10, 2024

While getting little media attention, Christians in the Northern Idaho town of Coeur d'Alene are breathing a sigh of relief after the FBI arrested an 18-year-old resident just before his plot to attack churches this past weekend on behalf of ISIS.

Terrorists In The U.S. The Feds Won't Tell You About April 10, 2024

Consider that there were a record number of people on the terrorist watchlist apprehended in 2023 alone. These numbers represent a 72% increased of apprehended potential terrorists, the most ever on record - higher than the last six fiscal years combined.

Another Atheist Academic Recognizes Value Of Cultural Christianity  April 10, 2024

Christianity has received significant praise from an unexpected mouth: Atheist scholar Richard Dawkins. Dawkins appears to have joined other prominent academics (Jordan Peterson, for instance) in recognizing the cultural virtue of Christianity yet denying the truth of the gospel and its life-changing power.

Tylenol vs. Transgenderism: Parents' Permission For One, But Not The Other? April 10, 2024

Schools across the country routinely inform parents--and often must obtain their written permission--about all sorts of things, from a trip to the zoo to taking a Tylenol. If gender activists have their way, however, parents will be shut out of efforts to turn Johnny into Janie.

DEI Out Of Control As Harvard Plans Multiple Segregated Commencement Ceremonies April 10, 2024

Harvard plans to hold a 'Disability Celebration,' a 'Global Indigenous Celebration,' an 'Asian American, Pacific Islander,' a 'First Generation-Low Income Celebration,' a 'Jewish Celebration,' a 'Latinx Celebration,' a 'Lavender Celebration'--which refers to LGBT students--a 'Black Celebration,' a 'Veterans Celebration,' and an 'Arab Celebration.

Why Do So Many Americans Support Hamas Terrorists? April 09, 2024

What has happened over the last few months that now barely more than a third of Americans support the clear case of the right of Israel to defend its country? We might also ask why only 55% last November supported Israel's military action to defend itself.

The 5 Year Countdown To Bring About Global Digital ID & Digital Currency April 09, 2024

Dozens of national governments are joining with the United Nations and billionaire Bill Gates on a global program to impose "digital public infrastructure" on their citizens within five years. This includes central bank digital currencies, digital identification and more, all functional across national borders.

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