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UN To Fund Blacklist Of Companies Which Do Business In Israel  December 30, 2016

It should not be surprising that on the same day the U.N. Security Council passed a controversial resolution condemning Israel...

UN, Obama Further Radicalize Palestinians December 30, 2016

Buoyed by the latest United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements as illegal, Palestinian leaders are now...

Prepare For The Era Of Cyber Warfare December 30, 2016

The revival of the Cold War attitudes between the U.S. and Russia are just the beginning of the an expanding scene of digital vulnerabilities and shocks to...

The EU vs. The Nation State? December 30, 2016

Attention is beginning to focus on elections due to take place in three separate European countries in 2017...

January 15th: 70 Nations Will Gather In Paris To Discuss The Future Of Israel December 29, 2016

Everything that is happening now is setting the stage for the biggest war in the Middle East that we have ever seen...

The UN Declares War on Judeo-Christian Civilization December 29, 2016

Even now a "blacklist" of international companies that have ties with Israeli companies in Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights are being prepared for the expected boycott coming soon.

Europe Cracks Down On Gold, Cash, And Bitcoin, To Fight "Terrorist Financing" December 29, 2016

Following exceedingly unpopular moves by China and India, the European Commission has now proposed to tighten controls on cash and precious metals -- going so far as to allow confiscations of gold and assets -- of anyone even believed to be associated with terrorism or terrorists.

The End of "He" and "She" As Ze Training Spreads Through Schools, Military December 29, 2016

No longer an abstract academic exercise for linguists, policies mandating the use of the pronouns 'ze' and 'hir' (which rhymes with here) are being adopted in schools, workplaces and the military, often with consequences for those who refuse to comply with the changes.

10 Previous Times America Faced Major Disaster After Attempting To Divide Israel December 27, 2016

Over the past several decades, whenever the U.S. government has taken a major step toward the division of the land of Israel it has resulted in a major disaster hitting the United States.

Obama's Abandonment Of Israel Should Surprise Nobody December 27, 2016

For the American Jewish community that voted overwhelmingly not once, but twice for President Barack Obama, America's abstention and refusal to use its veto power on an anti-Israel measure at the U.N. was a betrayal of historic proportions.

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