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Christian Believers In Iran See Growth In Midst Of Persecution November 29, 2016

Christianity is not, strictly speaking, illegal in Iran. What is illegal is conversion from Islam in the ninety-nine percent Muslim nation.

What The West Still Needs To Learn About Islamic Terror November 29, 2016

Europe -- and especially France -- can expect the return of several hundred trained jihadists, all part of a wider international network. Their hatred of the West is as deep as it was when they first left, if not deeper -- and now they are trained in warfare.

Preparing For Wormwood - NASA Launches Planetary Protection Exercise November 28, 2016

NASA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other government agencies engaged last month in a planetary protection exercise to consider the potentially devastating consequences of a 330-foot asteroid hitting the Earth.

Post-Truth, The Word Of The Year: Feelings Have Replaced Facts November 28, 2016

Is our culture losing touch with reality? The folks who pick the official "word of the year" think so.

French To Block Pro-Life Websites November 27, 2016

The French government has announced plans to block pro-life websites that it considers to provide biased information about abortion while appearing to be neutral.

The False Premise Of Palestine And Peace November 27, 2016

After 50 years of a two-state failure, the French and other diplomats, in their duplicitously-named "peace initiative," have no other idea for how to settle the Palestinian problem, except to behave like parched men trudging across a burning desert toward a distant mirage that they think is an oasis paradise.

Lesson For Trump: David's Attempt To Make Israel Great Again November 25, 2016

What makes Trump's situation so similar with King David's is that both Israel and America are facing identical political, economic and cultural situations at the same period in their national histories. David learned his lesson, corrected the problem and brought economic prosperity to the nation and, eventually, a spiritual revival to which Jesus would later refer to as "a shining city upon a hill." If history's repeating itself, lets hope Trump is half the wise as David.

How Israel Created Thanksgiving: The Biblical Roots of America's Holiday November 25, 2016

We all know the story how the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock and gave thanks to God for their survival and success. What many don't realize, however, is that the Pilgrims looked deeply into the Bible and took their inspiration from the story of the People of Israel traveling towards the Land of Israel.

Thanksgiving 2016: Squanto And The Providence of God November 25, 2016

Most of us know the story of the first Thanksgiving; at least we know the Pilgrim version. But how many of us know the Indian viewpoint? No, I'm not talking about some revisionist, politically correct version of history. I'm talking about the amazing story of the way God used an Indian named Squanto as a special instrument of His providence.

With Election Over, Will Republicans And Democrats Learn How To Love One Another November 22, 2016

The vitriol on social media has been off the charts, and there are some people that are actually unfriending anyone that supported the candidate that they were against. This election has also torn apart families, friends and even entire churches. Relationships that took decades to build in some cases are now permanently shattered because of fighting over Trump and Clinton.

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