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Abbas Adviser: "Islam's Religious War To Destroy Israel Has Started" October 12, 2018

The most important religious figure in the Palestinian Authority and the closest to Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, continues to tell Palestinians that the conflict with Israel is an uncompromising religious war for Islam against Israel and Jews.

Israelis Treasure Children: What's Behind Their High Fertility Rate? October 12, 2018

No member of the European Union has a "replacement level" fertility rate. Even with high levels of immigration, most members' populations are on a downward trajectory. The state of Israel is bucking the trend: It has a very high fertility rate for a developed nation. What's behind it?

Market Meltdown: New Warnings That Correction Is Unstoppable October 11, 2018

The recent jump in Treasury bond yields suggest the U.S. is barreling towards a potential recession and market meltdown at a faster and faster pace with no way to prevent it.

Biometric Database Growth: Plans To Track, Trace & Database All Humans Beings October 11, 2018

Does anyone remember that it used to be considered a conspiracy theory to warn people about biometric databases? Well, now that it is an accepted reality, we should be looking even farther down the slippery slope for new signposts indicating even greater plans to track, trace and database all human beings.

Gosnell: The Movie - The Murder Case That Put Abortion On Trial October 11, 2018

A new film is telling the details of a horror so unspeakable, it shocked federal investigators. It's a story that needs to be told.

Islamist's Continue To Persecute Egypt's Christian Copts October 11, 2018

Islamists and jihadists in Egypt have targeted the Egyptian Coptic Christian minority for decades with bombings and mob attacks on Coptic churches, businesses, and homes.

Church Sues Christian Company For Not Broadcasting Pro LGBT Message October 10, 2018

In no small example of irony, it is a church that is suing a private company for not embracing and broadcasting un-Biblical LGBT messages.

Liquid Gold - Farmers Harvest Olives In Preparation For Third Temple Sacrifices October 10, 2018

"We are doing the work that our ancestors did in the time of the Temple, of course with the expectation that the day will come when we will take our olive oil to Jerusalem for use in the Third Temple,". "This is holy work that we are doing."

Parents Beware - Porn Invading Online Gaming & VR October 10, 2018

The pornography industry has no intentions of backing-off or slowing down in its quest to continually find more distribution pathways. Porn is now making major inroads into two areas that will tighten its grip even more - online gaming and virtual reality.

Israel Losing One Of It's Strongest Defenders On World Stage October 10, 2018

Nikki Haley, who has been the face of the Trump administration’s strong stances in support of Israel, has resigned as ambassador to the United Nations.

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