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What Is The Big Deal About Jerusalem? July 26, 2017

Not many days pass where Jerusalem is not a front page news item worldwide.

Apostate World Council Of Churches Endorses Palestinian Temple Mount Protests  July 26, 2017

The World Council of Churches has declared its support for the Palestinian campaign against Israeli control of Jerusalem's holy sites.

U.K. Gov't Demands 'Queer Theology' In Christian Seminaries July 24, 2017

A stunning report from the Foreign Office is recommending that seminaries include 'queer theology' in their courses and that even Sunday school teach "LGBT beliefs."

The Argument Is About Jews, Not Metal Detectors  July 24, 2017

How could putting metal detectors to protect a holy site lead to a new holy war?

When A Professor Justifies Infanticide July 24, 2017

A university professor is arguing that since it is acceptable to kill a baby inside the womb, it's acceptable to kill one outside the womb.

Iranian Missile Expansion Into Lebanon Sets Stage For Conflict With Israel July 24, 2017

Newly-built Iranian missile factories in Lebanon can produce powerful weapons for Hezbollah -- and are part of a wider trend that could set the region on fire

Church Of England Affirms Transgenderism With 'Gender Transition' Service July 21, 2017

The Church of England has voted to allow a ceremony reaffirming a parishioner's baptism under a new name.

Gay Activists Look To 'Punish' Christian Conservatives For Resistance To LGTB July 21, 2017

When Tim Gill says he wants to "punish" Christian conservatives who do not affirm LGBT activism, you can take him seriously

Israel: The Country That Europeans Love To Hate July 21, 2017

Europe continues to turn its back on all the values it professes to embody.

Palestinian 2017 Budget: "Huge Increase" for Terror Payments July 21, 2017

There is no greater promotion of terror than the PA's financially rewarding terrorists who have murdered Israelis.

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