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With New Peace Plan In The Works - President Trump Prepares To Pressure Israel February 16, 2018

In recent weeks, President Donald Trump has repeatedly indicated that he intends to pressure Israel to make yet more concessions to the Palestinian Authority.

Liar, Lunatic, Legend, Or Lord? - Make The Case For Jesus This Easter February 16, 2018

If someone asked you whether we can really know who Jesus is and what He accomplished, could you give a convincing answer?

You Might Be Considered A Domestic Terrorist If This New Bill Passes February 15, 2018

When you hear the word "patriot" do you think of someone who stands for the national anthem, perhaps serves in the Armed Forces, and loves their country? Well, "patriot" may become a dirty word if the new Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2018 becomes a law.

Israel Is Fighting A Five-Front War February 15, 2018

One could call it a "low-intensity conflict" but the fact is no day passes by without news which supports the conclusion that the IDF is fighting an asymmetrical war against implacable foes on five fronts.

The Hamas-ISIS War February 15, 2018

What do Muslim terrorists do when they are not killing "infidels" and non-Muslims? It is simple: They start killing each other.

Ashes For Valentine's Day: The Convergence Of Eros And Agape February 15, 2018

Isn't it odd that both Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday fall on the same day this year? Are there two more culturally different days than Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday?

LGTB Affirming Churches Add Rainbow Glitter To Ash Wednesday February 14, 2018

Catholic LGTB supporters and numerous left leaning protestant churches throughout the United States and Canada intend to show their support for inclusion of the LGTB community by wearing "glitter ash" on their foreheads to mark Ash Wednesday.

Russia's Syrian Conundrum February 14, 2018

Can Russian President Vladimir Putin remain neutral should another Iranian provocation lead to an additional, perhaps stronger Israeli response?

Valentine's Day And True Love: When Feelings Fizzle February 14, 2018

In today's culture, through novels, films, and TV shows, we are taught that intense romantic feelings trump everything else. And that is a recipe for unhappiness--for our spouses, our families, and for ourselves.

Gaza Needs To Look In The Mirror February 14, 2018

At every point in the last century, the Palestinians have chosen war instead of peace. They prioritized a war whose goal remains Israel's destruction over building a state that could live in peace alongside that of the Jews.

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