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Universities Teaching Students How To Become Domestic Terrorists? March 21, 2024

Where would one expect to find lessons taught from a book entitled "How to Blow Up A Pipeline"? Perhaps at a terrorist training camp run by ISIS, al-Qaida or Hamas? One would not expect to learn at least 16 state universities in the U.S. are providing such teachings.

Behind The Search Engine - Whistleblowers Expose Woke Google Culture March 21, 2024

When Google's artificial intelligence (AI) program Gemini began generating images last month of the Founding Fathers as black men and popes as women, former Google Ventures partner Shaun Maguire said he was 'not shocked at all'

Repeating History: Evil Iranian Leader To Chair UN Agency... On Purim March 21, 2024

Purim commemorates the salvation of the Jews from a plot hatched by an evil member of the Persian/Iranian government to destroy the Jewish people.

Signs In The Heavens - Blood Moons & The Solar Eclipse March 19, 2024

On Monday, March 25th, the sun, earth and moon will perfectly align, creating a penumbral lunar eclipse or blood moon, two weeks before a total solar eclipse transverses the continental U.S.

Earthquake Swarms Off Pacific Coast Raising New Concerns March 19, 2024

An area off the coast of Washington state is being shaken by hundreds and hundreds of earthquakes. So is this an indication of potential trouble for the Cascadia Subduction Zone?

The Collapse Of Cultural Christianity & The Rise Of Cultural Queerness March 19, 2024

How do nations become post-Christian? To quote Ernest Hemingway: Gradually, and then suddenly.

Chuck Schumer Helps Make The World Safe For Hamas March 19, 2024

Putting his personal political power above principle, Schumer took it upon himself to explain to his fellow American Jews that it is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is to blame for the war in Gaza.

The Strategy Of Atrocity In The Gaza War March 19, 2024

Hamas is perhaps the first regime in recorded history to fight a war designed to maximize casualties among their own population.

The Cost To Maintain The Same Standard Of Living Keeps Skyrocketing March 14, 2024

According to CBS News, on average U.S. households must now spend an extra $11,434 per year just to maintain the same standard of living that they were enjoying when Joe Biden first entered the White House.

America's Economic Checkup Doesn't Look Good March 14, 2024

A routine checkup of America's economic condition indicated a nation as hale and hearty in body and mind as that sprightly, energetic fellow sitting in the Oval Office. Let's review the details.

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