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Can We Know When Jesus Will Return? June 20, 2017

If we can't know anything about the timing of the Second Coming, then why did Jesus tell us to look for signs?

London March Fly's Hezbollah Flag, Blame Zionists For London Tower Fire June 20, 2017

If "Enough is Enough", why does the government continue to appease jihadists by allowing the so-called "Al Quds Day" march through London?

BBC Supporting Incitement? Israeli Prime Minister Blasts For Misleading Headline June 20, 2017

Can we trust the headlines of the mainstream media?

Marriage Mending: How Churches Can Rescue Marriages In Trouble  June 20, 2017

Divorces are sky-high in Tinseltown, and we can't blame Liza Minnelli for all of them. Find out how we can avoid their marital failures.

Violent Words Have Turned To Violent Deeds: The Rise Of The Radical Left June 19, 2017

From violent campus protests to the shooting of a congressman, the violent, radical left is rising. But this should not surprise us at all. The handwriting has been on the wall for years.

In Canada, Big Brother Is Ready To Raid Your Home And Steal Your Child June 19, 2017

We have not been crying wolf. We have not been exaggerating the danger. The unthinkable is now reality in Canada. And it could be coming to America next.

Japan Imposes Sweeping Pre-Crime Surveillance Law Ahead Of 2020 Olympics June 19, 2017

With the latest spate of terror attacks we are beginning to witness supposedly democratic countries take increasingly tyrannical positions in the name of security.

Katy Perry Talks About Evil: Why Sentimentality Is No Response to Terrorism  June 19, 2017

I love Dr. Seuss, but in the real world, joining hands and singing a musical number is not an effective strategy against evil.

Response To Bernie Sanders Belief That Christians Should Not Hold Public Office June 15, 2017

Bernie Sanders recently voted against a nomination for the office of Office of Management and Budget stating this individual "is really not someone who this country is supposed to be about."

U.S. Sending Christians Back To Iraq To Face 'Slaughter' June 15, 2017

More than 100 Iraqi Christians were rounded up in federal raids in Michigan and will soon be deported back to where they are marked for death in a genocide carried out by ISIS and other Islamic groups.

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