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Cyberattacks, Solar Storms & EMP Weapons: U.S. Power Grid Extremely Vulnerable March 15, 2019

China, Russia & North Korea are building powerful nuclear bombs designed to produce super-electromagnetic pulse (EMP) waves capable of devastating all electronics--from computers to electric grids--for hundreds of miles.

Christian Martyrs Of Islamic Jihad: A Recurring Theme March 15, 2019

February 15 marked the four year anniversary of the martyrdom of 21 Christians by ISIS. They are part of the ongoing phenomenon that permeates nearly fourteen centuries of history: Muslims slaughtering Christians who refuse to renounce Christ and embrace Muhammad.

Dads, Take Your Kids to Church! - Fathers' Outsized Role in Children's Faith March 15, 2019

According to the best available data, the most reliable predictor of children's ongoing church attendance is how consistently their own father attends.

Abortion Survivors Speak Out: Faces & Stories Change Hearts & Minds March 15, 2019

Come face-to-face with the real victims who find themselves on the other end of the so-called right to choose.

Mobile World Congress Demos Live Microchip Implants For Bank Payments March 13, 2019

The buzz around microchip implants was ratcheted up a notch recently with a demonstration at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona where a man volunteered to to have a chip inserted under his skin, and another showed off how to make payments using his chip insert.

Countdown To Red Heifer March 13, 2019

The Temple Institute in Jerusalem has been working for three decades to educate the public and make practical steps to prepare for the Third Temple. After many years of research and work, they are close to bringing about an essential element: the Red Heifer.

'Queer Theory' Scholar Confirms Indoctrination Goal Of Gay Clubs In Schools March 13, 2019

The prime function of Gay-Straight Alliance clubs is not simply to be a "support group," as LGBT activists have claimed. Rather, these groups are intended to be a way of promoting a specific ideological agenda within the school system, especially within the Catholic school system.

Brussels & The Myth Of The 'Lone Wolf' Terrorist March 13, 2019

In an interconnected world, so-called "lone wolf" jihadists are almost always part of a lethal pack. And they will continue prowling for prey, undeterred, until we recognize them as such.

Losing Hope: Drug, Alcohol, & Suicide Deaths Hit Record Levels March 12, 2019

Since the United States government began tracking the cause of death in 1999, suicides, alcohol, and drug-related deaths have skyrocketed to record levels.

50 College Courses That Show America's Students Indoctrinated Into Socialism March 12, 2019

Most parents assume that they are sending their children to college to get prepared for their future careers, but the truth is that a lot of our major colleges and universities have become little more than indoctrination centers for progressive thought.

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