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Christians Persecuted Over LGTB Issues Fight Back  July 08, 2019

The number of Christians losing their jobs and being persecuted for their faith over LGTB issues continues to rise but many are fighting back with lawsuits.

Next-Generation Satellites Could End Privacy With 24/7 Surveillance Worldwide July 08, 2019

The holy grail is to create a web of surveillance with the capability to access streaming HD video in real-time for any location on the planet.

Antifa Takes Over Portland, Again: Politics 'By Any Means Necessary' July 08, 2019

Protesting is as American as apple pie. It's especially common in Portland. But if you're wearing a ski mask and holding a baseball bat, protester might not be the right word for you.

The Foolish "I Hope Trump Fails" Philosophy On Iran July 08, 2019

There are those who would rather see the country fail than see President Trump do well. Rooting for President Trump to fail in his policy with Iran means calling for empowering and emboldening a theocratic regime that has consistently threatened "Death to America" -- with nukes, presumably, if it had the capability, which it is busy acquiring.

Why This New California Bill Is So Dangerous To The Church July 03, 2019

The resolution "calls on religious leaders and others with 'moral influence' to affirm homosexuality and 'transgenderism' and to accept that Christian efforts to help people with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion are 'ineffective, unethical and harmful.'

Warning Sign: This Predicated All 7 Previous Recessions July 03, 2019

Known among economists and Wall Street traders as a "yield curve inversion," this economic indicator has hit the three-month mark. When this has happened all 7 times previously, the result was an economic recession.

Israel Pounds Iranian Targets In Syria - Will Iran Get The Message? July 03, 2019

The airstrikes that hit multiple targets across Syria early on Monday were extensive and too widespread for the Bashar Assad regime to be able to deny. The overall message behind them appears to be aimed at telling Iran that it should give up on attempts to turn Syria into a war machine against Israel.

The Dangerous Drive To Correlate Islamophobia With Anti-Semitism July 03, 2019

A relentless campaign is currently being waged to outlaw Islamophobia in the West--and thereby shut down vital discussion. The United Nations is working with the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to prohibit all speech that Muslims consider offensive.

New Terror Fears As Europe Loses Track of Returning ISIS Fighters July 02, 2019

ISIS supporters are making new and chilling threats just as there are new revelations that most European governments have lost track of returning ISIS fighters.

Presbyterians Descend Into Depravity With Drag Service, First Non-Binary Pastor July 02, 2019

With Gay pride flags covering the hall and rainbow candles on the church stage, Cincinnati’s Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church greeted its visitors with Drag Queen "Sparke Leigh", complete in purple dress, makeup, high heels and a glitter beard.

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