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The Prophecy Puzzle: Putting The Pieces Together September 12, 2019

Without the box top, puzzle pieces seem completely random and disconnected. But with the box top we have a clear picture of what we are supposed to be piecing together. Scripture gives us a box top to world events happening on the scene right now.

What Does Bolton's Exit Mean For U.S. Policy On Israel & Iran? September 12, 2019

Bolton's exit comes at a time when the administration is preparing to release its long-awaited Middle East peace plan to respond to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as possible negotiations with Iran.

Israel's Long, Multi-Front Struggle Against Iran September 12, 2019

Iran's efforts to entrench itself on Israel's borders have gradually made it a constant presence for Israelis. Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the south, and Hezbollah in the north, are all funded and armed by this leading state sponsor of terrorism.

Hong Kong's Christians Fear Chinese Persecution Is Coming September 12, 2019

If China gains the power to extradite dissenters, Christians fear, they could have Christians in Hong Kong picked up and shipped to Chinese prisons--and that eventually, they will face the same restrictions as Chinese Christians.

Woke Capitalism: Religious Freedom's Greatest Threat? September 11, 2019

Usually, infringements on religious freedom come from the government: legislatures, regulatory agencies, or local agents of inquisition like the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. But emerging and serious threats to religious freedom are also coming from the private sector.

UK Schools Ban Girls Skirts To Become More Inclusive For Trans People September 11, 2019

As transgenderism lurches from a fringe ideology to a fad, schools are grappling with how to deal with this strange new reality--and some have now decided to respond by banning certain distinctive differences in dress between girls and boys in order to level the playing field.

The Rising Tide Of Christian Antisemitism in America September 11, 2019

Antisemitism has no place in the heart or mind of a true Christian but more and more stories are popping up of Christians and church leaders encouraging such dangerous thinking.

Canada: Orthodox Priest Fired For Praying For Israel September 11, 2019

A Christian Orthodox priest in Nova Scotia was forced to retire after praying for Israel and delivering sermons that connected Christianity's roots and the Old Testament's Jewish background.

Is The Glory Of God Departing America? September 10, 2019

Societies that once reverberated with Christian truth throughout the Western world have succumbed to a post-Christian ambivalence toward truth itself. Is there hope for America, teetering on the brink of that same fate?

The Fading Light Of Pop-Christianity September 10, 2019

Pop-Christianity does offer something that may seem appealing: a foot in both worlds. Pop-Christianity has all the sensation and spectacle of popular culture, which is inarguably dedicated to feeding whatever passions and desires one might have. Yet, simultaneously speaking the language of and seeking for the divine.

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