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Dreams And Visions Of Jesus Fueling Muslim Conversions To Christianity March 17, 2017

Millions of Muslims all over the world are giving their lives to Jesus Christ.

Who's To Blame For Christian Bookstore Closures? March 16, 2017

The end has come for the Christian retail giant that employed 3,000 and stretched across 36 states.

The Hypocrisy Of Pro-Palestinian "Feminists" March 16, 2017

Pro-Palestinian activists rarely, if ever, address women's issues in Gaza itself but instead choose to focus on hatred of Israel.

Questioning Jesus' Existence: An Eastertime Media Tradition March 16, 2017

Ah, springtime. Flowers blooming, birds singing, and articles questioning the historicity of Jesus hitting the newsstands.

Global Debt Bomb Ready To Explode - $21,714 For Every Man, Woman And Child March 14, 2017

We are living during the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world.

Report: Iranian Sleeper Cells Operating In U.S. March 14, 2017

There is growing evidence that the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist group maintains a network of sleeper cells in the United States.

Enhanced Human Operations - Welcome To The Next Generation Soldier March 14, 2017

The goal is not just to provide soldiers with the tools to fight the next war but to make soldiers themselves the tools to win that war efficiently and ruthlessly.

Iran Closing In On Israel - Deal With Syria Could See New Military Base March 14, 2017

Iran is looking for payback for it's assistance in Syria and that means bad news for Israel.

Global Leaders Rattle Their Sabers As World Tensions Rise March 13, 2017

We have entered a season where leaders all over the globe feel a need to rattle their sabers, and many fear that this could be leading us to war.

Christian Street Preachers Found Guilty For Proclaiming Jesus Only Way To God March 13, 2017

Freedom of speech is under attack in England in yet another legal case where anti-Christian sentiment has trumped both core liberties and Biblical truth.

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