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Transhumanists And The Quest For Godhood March 01, 2017

Transhumanists don't just want to delay death, they want to beat it and become like gods.

Pro-Israel Supporters Concerned Over Keith Ellison's Rise  March 01, 2017

The appointment of Rep. Keith Ellison as deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee has left many Democrats worried about their party's future positions on Israel.

Russia's Power Play In Middle East Brings Together Nations of Ezekiel 38  February 27, 2017

2,600 years ago, the prophet Ezekiel foretold of a time when a coalition of Nations would gather together to invade the nation of Israel.

11 Deeply Alarming Facts About America's Crumbling Infrastructure February 27, 2017

The quality of our infrastructure affects all of our lives every single day.

Why Do We Help Fund Palestinians To Pay Terrorists? February 27, 2017

The Palestinian government makes absolutely no attempt to hide its rewards for terrorism.

New Worries Over Our Automated Future As Robots Predicted To Take Over Many Jobs February 27, 2017

What is going to happen to society when robots are able to do just about everything better, faster and cheaper than human workers can?

Canadian Government Employees Must Pass Pro-LGTB Test February 24, 2017

Canada has a warning for its government employees: Accept LGBT indoctrination or suffer the consequences.

After Syria, Hezbollah Will Turn Its Eyes To Israel February 24, 2017

Hezbollah views Syria as a training ground for its real target: Israel.

France's Muslim Demographic Future February 24, 2017

Demographics suggest a very different France of the future.

Your Body, Your Spirit, and a Good Night's Sleep: Why Rest Matters February 24, 2017

Because our bodies matter to God--and not just in a moral sense--our rest matters to God, too

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