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Old U.S. Enemy Threatens 'War' If Trump Moves Embassy January 27, 2017

A major nemesis during the Iraq War is warning that if the U.S. moves its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem it will be regarded as a declaration of war against Islam.

Prepping Moves From The Fringe To The Elite January 27, 2017

Prepping was something that was previously considered to be on "the lunatic fringe". But in 2017, wealthy elitists are actually the most hardcore preppers of all.

Pro-Israel Christians Rally Support For A US Embassy In Jerusalem January 27, 2017

President Trump will need to decide by June 1 between another waiver or an embassy move.

Pro-Woman, Not Pro-Abortion January 27, 2017

Women who dont support abortion arent real women, according to many modern feminists. Here's why they should read more history

Pentagon Pursues "LOCUST" Drone Swarm Technology - Precursor To Revelation 9? January 25, 2017

The Pentagon has continued it's quest to unleash a 21st-century version of locusts on its adversaries, but is there a Biblical connection to this technology?

Potential Crisis Looming - Foreigners Are Dumping U.S. Debt At Record Pace January 25, 2017

While most of the country has been focused on the inauguration of Donald Trump, a very real financial crisis has been brewing behind the scenes.

Has the Time Come For Amexit From The UN? January 25, 2017

As British Prime Minister Theresa May plans a Brexit from the EU, Americans may soon ask what kind of exit we want from another international institution.

Obama Quietly Sent Palestinians $221 Million In Final Hours Of Presidency January 25, 2017

Despite concerns over corruption, incitement of violence, and paying salaries to terrorists, Obama transferred $221 million to the Palestinians as one of his last acts in office.

'Social Justice' Incompatible With End-Times Focus? January 24, 2016

Millennial Christians are shifting from their parents' theological emphasis on Biblical Prophecy to a focus on issues of social justice.

No 'Safe Spaces' for Persecuted Christians January 24, 2017

Christians around the world face discrimination from many sources, not just ISIS and other Islamic radicals.

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