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Why The Liberal Media Don’t Show Sympathy For Murdered Christians April 26, 2019

Obama and Clinton responded to the bombing of Christians by Islamist terrorists by referring to an attack on "Easter worshippers," prompting nearly universal mockery and demands that they actually call the victims what they were: Christians, butchered in their churches because they were Christians.

Will Democrats Revive The Appeasement Of Iran? April 26, 2019

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry has already confessed that he is advising the Iranians to simply wait until Trump is out of office and now several leading Democratic presidential candidates are vowing to return the United States to the previous deal Trump has pulled out of.

Deal Of The Century: From The Golan To Judea & Samaria April 26, 2019

This coming June, upon the conclusion of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, the Trump administration will supposedly unveil details of its so-called "deal of the century" to bring an end to the century-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

'Jesus Was A Palestinian' - Islam's Plot To Rewrite World History April 25, 2019

It seems strange that Rep Ilhan Omar, who is neither a Palestinian nor a Christian, should espouse this theory however it is not the first time that Jesus' Palestinian identity has been incorporated into the Democratic Party platform.

5 Reasons To Talk About Prophecy April 25, 2019

Does the study of prophecy add value to the lives of believers they could not receive apart from it? Is it worth the effort talk about our future hope despite the controversy that rages over it today?

Charlize Theron Joins Confused Parents Allowing Children To Choose Their Gender April 25, 2019

Nobody is ever surprised to hear that a celebrity has said something crazy, but Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron's latest announcement manages very effectively to upstage the regular torrent of progressive platitudes emanating from Hollywood.

UN Agency Preparing Children For War Against Israel April 25, 2019

Not one Palestinian school textbook has promoted peace with Israel--or even mentioned Israel or Israelis in a positive light. Rather, the books promote a Palestinian state not alongside Israel, but to replace Israel entirely.

Academic & Corporate Wokeness: The Real Threat To Religious Freedom April 24, 2019

Private-sector threats to religious liberty are dangerous precisely because, unlike governments, universities or a Fortune 500 company aren't covered by the First Amendment.

Parents Need To Understand What Transgender Activists Are Promoting April 24, 2019

As the phenomenon of "transgender children" spikes right across the Western world, there has been a boom in websites, instructional videos, and products marketed towards young children to help them pose as the opposite sex.

Palestinians Have No One To Blame But Themselves April 24, 2019

The Palestinian leadership has repeatedly rejected compromises that would have given them the statehood they claim to want.

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