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Record Number Of Jews Visit Temple Mount, Could Be Pretext For More Terror August 04, 2017

More than 1,300 Jewish visitors ascended the Temple Mount Aug. 1 on the annual Tisha B'Av day of mourning, the largest one day visit since Israel's reunification of Jerusalem in 1967.

US Finally Acts Against Palestinian "Pay To Slay" Sponsor Of Terrorism August 04, 2017

US lawmakers denounced the Palestinian Authority's "sick" policy of paying salaries to terrorists as they passed the Taylor Force Act through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

16 Facts That Prove That America Is In Deep, Deep Trouble August 02, 2017

Throughout human history every great society has eventually entered a period of decline, and sadly that is happening to us as well.

Now Western Media Face Wrath Of Islamic Blasphemy Laws August 02, 2017

Islamic countries are seeking to criminalize social media posts critical of Islam that are uploaded in Western countries.

Transgender Gives Birth - Now Womb Transplants For Men Are Next August 02, 2017

Within a generation men are set to take from women their most difficult, incredible and unique role in the human species.

The Battle Over Jerusalem Has Only Just Begun August 02, 2017

Removing metal detectors and security cameras is only the first step in the Palestinians fight to eradicate any Israeli presence in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

Kings Of The East Prepare For World Power Status July 31, 2017

President Xi Jinping is calling on the Chinese military to transform itself into an elite fighting force to bolster the country's rise into a world power.

The Islamization Of History July 31, 2017

Muslims believe that Islam was brought to the world by Allah to correct the "distortions" of Judaism and Christianity.

Canadian Parent Battles For Right to Have Birth Certificate Genderless July 31, 2017

Biology has now become inconvenient to certain liberal extremists.

The Temple Mount: No Longer In Our Hands? July 31, 2017

History has shown repeatedly, appeasement never satiates the appetites of an aggressor. It only whets them, with each placatory gesture heightening expectations for additional and more substantial concessions in the future.

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