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Dangerous Trends - Churches Promoting Self Happiness Over God's Holiness August 26, 2019

The contrast between the contemporary American gospel and the biblical gospel is this: The contemporary American version says, "This is who I am. This is how I feel. And God is here to please me." The biblical version says, "This is who God is. This is how He feels. And I am here to please God."

How Will Netflix Portray Israel's Most Famous Spy? August 26, 2019

HBO recently turned the tragic murder of three young Israelis in 2014 that led in part to the IDF invasion of Gaza into a piece of anti-Israel propaganda. Now we will have an opportunity to see if Netflix can do any better with it's examination of Israeli Mossad hero Eli Cohen in The Spy, a six episode series coming September 6th.

Crash Of The 'Everything Bubble' Will Be Blamed On Trump & Conservatives August 23, 2019

My primary concern has been that the globalists will crash the 'Everything Bubble' on Trump's watch, and then blame all conservatives for the consequences.

The Censorship Of Alternative Media Is Virtual Book Burning August 23, 2019

Some of the ways our virtual books are being burned are deplatforming (when people can no longer publicly express their opinions) and being hidden by search engines (when readers can no longer find the information).

Getting To The Bottom Of A Tragic 'Disloyalty' August 23, 2019

The astonishing fact is that Trump is sticking up for Israel against the enemies of the Jews within the Democratic Party, while that party, along with its Jewish supporters, is sticking up for the enemies of the Jews within its ranks.

New HBO Series Depicts Jewish "Settlers" As Neo-Nazis August 23, 2019

Many viewers were excited when the HBO ten-episode series "Our Boys" was announced, anticipating a docudrama covering the horrific murder of three young Israelis in 2014. What they got was a intentionally politicized anti-Israel message that blames the Jews for Palestinian terrorism.

The Resurrection Of Socialism In America August 22, 2019

Socialism always flourishes in a secular society. And the reason is simple... socialism goes hand in hand with abandoning God and worshiping the idol of an ever-growing government who providers for our every need.

World Vision's Deal With The Devil August 22, 2019

World Vision, a multi-billion dollar international charity founded on evangelical Christian principles, has made quite a few deals with the devil including funding Islamic Agencies that fund terrorists.

End Which Occupation? August 22, 2019

For most Palestinians the occupation began in 1948 when Israel was born, and only continued in 1967 when Israel took over the West Bank. Therefore, they won’t be satisfied by anything less than the elimination of the State of Israel. Don’t just take my word for it. Listen to the Palestinians themselves.

Congresswoman Tlaib's Israel Trip Hosts Tell You Everything You Need To Know August 22, 2019

First, they praised the terrorist who murdered a US senator's niece. Then they were chosen by Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) to organize her now-cancelled trip to Israel.

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