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Why Are Billionaires Selling Off Stocks And Building Massive Survival Bunkers? February 29, 2024

If you want to determine what people believe, don't listen to what they say. Rather, closely watch what they actually do, Many of our most famous billionaires have been doing things that indicate that they are extremely concerned about what is coming in the future.

Has Google Created An AI Frankenstein? February 29, 2024

We have learned just how extremist Google's Gemini really is, not to mention how long Google apparently says it will take to fix things. This leads to the question: has Google created an AI Frankenstein?

Parents Warned Most Mental Health Professionals Will Push Transgenderism On Kids 

Many parents struggle to navigate mental health issues and now find themselves demonized by the very professionals who they trust to help their kids.

US Obsession With Two-State Solution Is 'Delusional' February 29, 2024

Pushing for a Palestinian state now "would serve as the most powerful form of confirmation that the Iranian strategy of violence, chaos and genocidal terrorism is the only path to vindicating the rights of Muslims"

State Dept Focuses On Misgendering While Border & Middle East Tensions Build February 29, 2024

As the U.S. faces a rapidly deteriorating situation in the Middle East and a worsening crisis at its own southern border, the State Department is ensuring that staffers don't "misgender" one another.

More Signs In The Heavens, Not Just The Great Eclipse February 27, 2024

So why am I so concerned about what is going on in the heavens? In Luke 21:25, Jesus specifically told us that we should watch for "signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars" just prior to His return. Very soon it's about to get interesting up there.

Transgender Basketball Player Injures 3 Female Players, Team Forfeits Game February 27, 2024

The women and girls in swimming, track and field, golf, volleyball, dance, cross country, and other sports, are repeatedly defeated by men. For some, this alone is enough to demand a change. But when women losing to men isn't enough to spark change, many are asking if women being hurt by men, which has happened repeatedly over the last few years, will prove to be the final straw.

This Dangerous Lawsuit Reveals How Biden Will Do WHO's Bidding February 27, 2024

When patriotic Americans point out the flaws and overreach of a new World Health Organization (WHO) document about pandemics, opponents often ask us, "What harm could come of adopting it?" A lawsuit filed by the Biden administration in Tennessee shows the lengths to which the administration will challenge good policy and common sense to do the global government body's bidding.

Hamas May Be Losing In Gaza, But It's Winning In Michigan February 27, 2024

To the Hamas caucus in America, they are fighting one war, whether it's in Israel or America. And Democrats are learning the hard way that their new Muslim constituency has no loyalties or allegiances to anything except, as Omar put it, "people of one blood" and, as has been made clear in Dearborn, people of the same religion. And the issue goes far beyond Israel.

American Jews Face A New Reality They Can No Longer Ignore February 27, 2024

Demographic trends in the US being what they are, it is not difficult to envision a future in which antisemitic or anti-Israel politicians like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hold the highest offices and use their power to radically alter the direction of U.S. domestic and foreign policy to the Jews' detriment.

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