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Karen Pence Condemned By Left For Teaching At Christian School January 21, 2019

The wife of the Vice President of the United States is a committed Christian who - perish the thought - teaches at a Christian school. What has become of our nation?

Americans Willingly Plug Themselves Into The Matrix For 6 Hours A Day January 21, 2019

It has been said that "we are what we eat", and the same principle is true when it comes to our minds but perhaps it's no surprise that Americans spend nearly half of their waking hours looking at screens, according to a new survey of 2,000 adults.

Replacement Theology Rearing Its Ugly Head In Many Christian Organizations January 21, 2019

We are seeing the return and growth of the scourge of antisemitism in American life; in schools, on college campuses and yes, even in the church.

A Tale Of Two Marches: The Two Sides Of The Abortion Debate January 21, 2019

Devotion to abortion has hijacked not only the women’s movement, but an entire political party.

Transgender Domination Of Sports Only Beginning As More Sports Capitulate January 19, 2019

One by one, women's records are being broken and competitions dominated by an influx of transgendered athletes who were born male but are now allowed to compete as women.

The Attack On Masculinity: APA & Gilette Lead The Charge January 18, 2019

In this day and age, "traditional masculinity" has been renamed "toxic masculinity", and an all-out attempt is being made to eradicate traditional forms of male behavior from our society.

Is The IDF Ready For All-Out War? January 18, 2019

The question of just how ready the Israel Defense Forces is for war has dominated Israel's headlines in recent weeks.

Amnesty International Plans 'Intense' Effort To Target Israel In Early 2019 January 18, 2019

Amnesty International is planning to target Israel with several “intense” campaigns early this year which include a plan to delegitimize the Jewish historical connections to Jerusalem.

Magnetic Pole Shift Could Turn Our World Upside Down January 16, 2019

The behavior of our planet is once again making headlines. According to scientists, the magnetic North Pole is making a "sudden shift" away from Canada and toward Russia...

Babies Made-to-Order: America’s Fast-Food Embryo Industry January 16, 2019

For most of human history, the mystery of life's beginnings were tucked away inside the womb, safe from prying eyes and meddling hands. But in the last few decades, new technologies have changed all that.

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