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Iran Proxy War Could Bring Entire Region To The Brink Of Conflict June 03, 2019

The recent rise in military tensions in the Persian Gulf between the United States and Iran introduces a heightened possibility that Iran will activate proxies against Israel, or respond more fiercely to alleged Israeli airstrikes on Iranian assets in Syria.

Illinois High School Promoting Palestine Liberation Struggle Curriculum June 03, 2019

It is beyond belief that at a time when the US government has stopped funding UN agencies because the organization's educational division does not adequately acknowledge the State of Israel and holds up terrorists as role models for young students, that a school district in Illinois would model similar curriculum.

American Soil Is Being Globalized: 30 Million Acres Of Farmland Foreign Owned May 31, 2019

These days, a lot of people are warning about the "globalization" of the world economy, but in reality our own soil is rapidly being "globalized".

The Good (Christian) News You Didn't Hear From India May 31, 2019

The recent elections brought bad news for Christians, and you probably heard about that. But there's some wonderful news for the Christians of India as well. Prepare to be encouraged.

Google Earth On Steroids: New US Army Tech Can Look Inside Buildings May 31, 2019

New mapping technology is expected to transform training and simulation exercises for America’s warfighters.

Fighting Back: Illegal Sharia Patrol Convicted In Germany May 31, 2019

Members of a sharia patrol operating on the streets of Germany were found guilty of violating the country's laws against wearing uniforms that are "suggestively militant or intimidating."

Economic Momentum Is Moving In Just One Direction & Few Are Ready May 30, 2019

We have witnessed a dramatic shift in recent months with negative economic numbers. In so many ways, what we are witnessing at this moment is very reminiscent of the conditions that prevailed just prior to the last financial crisis.

Canada: Christians Muzzled While Islamists Get Federal Funding May 30, 2019

Legislation has been proposed in the Canadian province of Ontario that would criminalize public displays by Christians deemed hateful to Muslims. Meanwhile the federal government is preparing to fund Islamist groups, including those tied to terrorists.

Israel's Not-So-Subtle Message To Iran That It Is Watching & Poised To Strike May 30, 2019

Despite being under major American economic pressure and facing bruising Israeli strikes on its assets in Syria, the Iranians are not walking away. Israeli satellite imagery has released photographs showing what it described as "Iran's land bridge from Tehran to the Mediterranean."

The 'Deal Of The Century' Is Splitting The Arab World May 30, 2019

The fissures are already visible. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, two important, influential Persian Gulf counties, announced they will attend the U.S.-led economic conference while many more nations remain undecided.

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