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CAIR Kicked Out Of School District For Promoting Islamist Propoganda March 28, 2019

In a landmark case, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been forced out of the San Diego Unified School District after it used it's power to change the district curriculum to make sure Islam was looked upon more favorably.

Trump Sends Message To Arab World With Golan Heights Declaration March 28, 2019

Trump is saying: You can reject my about-to-be-presented peace plan, but know that if you do, you'll lose.

Indicator That Has Predicted Every Recession In The Last 50 Years Just Got Lit March 27, 2019

Over the past 50 years, there have been six previous occasions when the yield on three-month Treasury bonds has risen above the yield on ten-year Treasury bonds, and in each of those instances a recession has followed. Now it has happened again.

Transgender Push For Puberty Blockers In Kids Causing "Irreversible" Damage March 27, 2019

We now have another study indicating the “devastating effects of puberty blockers” - although you likely didn’t hear about it in the media.The transgender movement’s push to stop normal development in children with drugs will scar a generation.

Qatar Spreading Radical Islam To A Mosque Near You March 27, 2019

To understand better the kind of teaching mosques funded by Qatar have been spreading in the West, Qatari Islamic school education books -- produced and approved by Qatar's Ministry of Education -- provide a look at what Qatari leaders would apparently like to see at home and abroad.

Israel Must See Tangible Gains In This Round With Hamas  March 27, 2019

Over the past year, Israel has tried to avoid reaching a major confrontation with Hamas. Whatever the reason, Hamas has chosen to play with fire, quite literally.

War Planners Concerned: WW3 Simulations Show US Lose To Russia & China March 26, 2019

RAND’s wargames show how US Armed Forces experience the most substantial losses in one scenario after another and still can’t thwart Russia or China from accomplishing their objectives: annihilating Western forces.

Echoes of Ezekiel 38: Israel Has "No Alternative" But Force With Iran In Syria March 26, 2019

Iran could be trying to build missile factories in Syria again, according to recent reports, raising the possibility of further Israeli preemptive action.

Welcome To The UK's Transgender Orwellian Nightmare March 26, 2019

UK schools are now reporting parents to children's services as "emotionally abusive" if they discover parents refusal to be sufficiently affirmative of their children's desire to transition genders.

IDF pummels Hamas After One Rocket Attack Too Many March 26, 2019

The Hamas rocket that shattered a village home in the Sharon district of central Israel, north of Tel Aviv early on Monday morning, is an attack that for Israeli leadership represents a step too far.

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