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Why Did Biden Give Iranian Proxies Time To Prepare For Strikes? February 05, 2024

It's a feature of the policy of appeasement this administration - allowing Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp and local Iranian-backed militias to leave and take as much as they can with them without any real damage. This weakness increases the risk to our troops and our allies in the region.

Media Silent As Persecution Of Christians Worsens Around Globe February 05, 2024

Open Doors International, a nonprofit organization that supports persecuted Christians in over 70 countries, has released its annual 2024 World Watch List, which highlights and ranks countries in which Christians face the most severe persecution and discrimination.

YMCA Camp Goes Full Throttle Woke With 'All Gender' Cabins February 05, 2024

Sleep-away camp is diving even deeper into the culture wars this summer, so you better make sure you read all of the fine print before you sign up your children for overnight experiences," a local publication warned parents.

The Biden Doctrine Will Not Fool Israelis February 05, 2024

The real scheming going on right now is in Washington, not Jerusalem. It is Biden who is playing a double game in which he seems willing to ensure Hamas's survival in power in order to settle scores with Netanyahu, as well as to defeat former President Donald Trump in November.

Covid Controls A Precursor To Climate Controls? February 04, 2024

If you think the war on farming which is raging right now in Europe is only intended to affect industrial farms, think again. The establishment is going to try to use the man-made climate change lie to dictate ALL food production, right down to your unassuming backyard garden.

Progressives Continue To Blame Homeschooling For Collapse Of Public Education February 03, 2024

The one thing the left fears above all is losing their control of the next generation. Having made the mistake of not making homeschooling illegal from the get-go, the left is taking the back-door approach by making homeschooling difficult through increased regulations and oversight.

Parents Wake Up - Transgender Rights Will Trump Parental Rights February 03, 2024

What happens to a trans-identified minor child who makes his or her way to one of these sanctuary states seeking trans-related care, against their parents' wishes? Does the sanctuary state now have legal authority over that child? Do the parents have a way to get their child back?

Poking God In The Eye - Biden Looks At Options For Palestinian State February 03, 2024

The Biden administration is bucking decades of U.S. foreign policy by considering a plan to unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state, despite deep opposition to the move within Israel.

Child Protective Services Revokes Parental Custody Over Gender Transition February 01, 2024

In a controversial and heart-wrenching case, Montana's Child Protective Services has been accused of forcibly transporting a 14-year-old girl from her family in Montana to Wyoming for gender transition treatment, leading to a complete revocation of her parents' custody.

This is A Blueprint For How The Dollar Goes Kaput February 01, 2024

The dollar’s reserve status is a very special privilege for the United States. But if the world finally demands a new, de-dollarized system thanks to our enormous debt, then foreigners would no longer need to hold US dollar assets starting a domino effect of inflation.

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