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The Leftist Plan For Reconstructing American Manhood November 05, 2021

In the last five years, the percentage of male college students has decreased by an astonishing 71 percent. While there are certainly many factors that have contributed to this decline, there is no denying that young men in America are struggling with finding a sense of purpose.

Palestinian Leaders Consider All Of Israel To Be A 'Settlement' November 05, 2021

Palestinian leaders consider all of Israel to be a "settlement"--a fact that has been amply documented, but which many media outlets and self-styled "human rights" defenders continue to ignore.

China's New 'Satellite Crusher' - Is A Space Pearl Harbor Coming? November 03, 2021

Space is the ultimate strategic high ground, conferring control of the earth. For many years, Washington has taken its space superiority for granted. Now, however, America is about a half-decade behind China and is also trailing Russia, setting up the potential for a 'space pearl harbor'.

Just In Time For The Holidays, The Biggest Mandate Of All Is Coming November 03, 2021

OSHA has finished developing a rule that compels companies with 100+ employees to require vaccines and it could go into affect in as little as a few days. It has been estimated that the OSHA mandate will cover somewhere around 80 million American workers.

Australia Threatening Seizure Of Homes & Bank Accounts Over Covid Violations November 03, 2021

Multiple reports out of Australia over the past days have confirmed that state and territory governments are threatening to seize the homes and bank accounts of citizens over unpaid "COVID violation" fines.

The State Of Christianity In The United Kingdom November 03, 2021

Prior to 2000 the overall assessment of the church was summarized in one word: ‘Declining’. While some would still use that word today, looking below the surface tells a different story.

America Will See Consequences Of Its Self-Inflicted Wound In 2022 November 02, 2021

Are we about to witness one of the greatest self-inflicted economic wounds in history? Vaccine mandate deadlines are starting to arrive, and large numbers of very qualified people are losing their jobs as a result.

X-Mess: State Dept. Approves Genderless Passports November 01, 2021

Forget something on your trip... like your gender? No problem. Under new rules at the State Department , travelers don't have to know who they are -- or even what they are -- to get a passport.

Is This The Beginning Of A New Cold War Between Biden And Israel? November 01, 2021

The Jewish state is in for a rough ride in the coming years. And no amount of eyewash about a belief in a bipartisan consensus in America supporting the U.S.-Israel alliance will be enough to cushion the damage that an openly antagonistic administration could do.

'Unprecedented' IDF Simulation Preps For Full-Scale War Scenario November 01, 2021

The exercise, dubbed "national home front," will include simulations of the effects of thousands of rockets fired during a potential conflict with Lebanon's Hezbollah terror group.

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