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Islamic Schools In America Becoming Recruiting Grounds For Hezbollah April 08, 2019

Clarion Project has discovered that a private Islamic school in Dearborn, Michigan is linked to diehard supporters of Hezbollah and the Iranian regime. However, it is not the only school to show such sympathies.

Israeli Candidate Calls To Build Third Temple Now April 08, 2019

For the first time ever, an Israeli politician has had the temerity to publicly declare what, for more than 2,000 years, the Jewish people have prayed for: build the Temple now.

UK: Radical Muslims Welcome, Persecuted Christians Need Not Apply April 04, 2019

In a rejection letter from the UK's Home Office, which is in charge of immigration, an Iranian man was told that biblical passages were "inconsistent" with his claim to have converted to Christianity after discovering it was a "peaceful" faith.

Retail Layoffs Are So Bad Even Wal-Mart Is "Quietly Closing Stores" April 04, 2019

Many are referring to this as "the retail apocalypse", and without a doubt this is one of the toughest stretches for retailers that we have ever seen. But many believe that what we have witnessed so far is just the beginning.

Russia Positions Itself As 'Final Judge' In Syria Amid Israel-Iran Tensions April 04, 2019

The Russian interest is to position itself as the 'final judge' in Syria, and this situation, in which Netanyahu runs to Putin and the Iranian side runs to him, is right where he would like them.

"Unplanned" - Exposes Both Abortion & Complicit Silence April 04, 2019

The movie "Unplanned," a Pureflix biopic about former Planned Parenthood director-of-the-year Abby Johnson, had more than a few "unplanned" obstacles to overcome for its opening weekend.

Tensions Rise With Russia As US Counters Moves Around Globe April 03, 2019

U.S. and Russian tensions are picking up, and several geopolitical moves have been made in the past week with much of the press mum on what's happening between the U.S. and Russia over Venezuela and Ukraine.

Unplanned Movie Surprises Hollywood With Powerful Response To Pro-Life Message April 03, 2019

To the surprise (and consternation) of Hollywood, Unplanned opened to more than $6 million in box office receipts, finishing number 5 in the nation. And it did this while opening in less than 1,100 theaters nationwide.

Is It Islamophobic To Deny That 'Palestine' Exists? April 03, 2019

A New York City Councilman has been removed from the legislative body's committee for denying "Palestine" is a country.

The Duplicitous Double Standard Of The UN Towards Israel April 03, 2019

The political reality within Israel is that every Israeli, right, left and center agrees that the Golan Heights is critical for the survival of Israel but that didn't stop 14 nations of the UN Security Council meeting at the request of Syria, to condemn America's recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

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