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Abbas Is Trying To Pull The Wool Over The World’s Eyes March 07, 2024

While Abbas and the P.A. leadership have deflected responsibility to everyone and anyone else, the Palestinian people were not hoodwinked. When given the chance to vote in elections for the P.A. parliament and choose between Abbas's Fatah Party and the internationally designated terrorist organization Hamas, the Palestinian people chose Hamas.

Bracing for Impact: The Unavoidable Hard Landing For America's Economy March 05, 2024

Global central banks were able to delay the inevitable by flooding the system with colossal mountains of money. But that just created a tremendous amount of inflation and now a horrifying economic crisis is coming anyway.

Another Case Of A Teen Taken From Home Over Pronoun Usage March 05, 2024

Tearing a child away from loving parents because of their religious beliefs, which are shared by millions of Americans, is an outrage to the law, parental rights, and basic human decency but it's happening more and more over gender issues.

The Long March Of The Lemmings - Will We Follow Progressives Off The Cliff? March 05, 2024

The weird rage of progressives proves that everything they achieve only makes them more miserable. Even when once-great empires hoist the rainbow flag, their hatred of the civilization they call home only burns hotter, and they insist that everything is somehow worse.

Escalation Towards An Independent Terrorist State Should Worry Us All March 05, 2024

Both Blinken and Cameron reveal their simplistic, and somewhat imperialist, Western approach to a complex Middle Eastern situation, irrespective of the aims and intentions of the two parties chiefly involved: the radical Islamists of Gaza and the West Bank, and the State of Israel itself.

Religious 'Nones' Are the Product of a 'Post-Christian, Religiously Confused Age March 05 ,2024

The Pew Research Center recently released data about the religious "nones" in America. The poll tried to uncover more about this enigmatic group and what it is they believe.

Why Are Billionaires Selling Off Stocks And Building Massive Survival Bunkers? February 29, 2024

If you want to determine what people believe, don't listen to what they say. Rather, closely watch what they actually do, Many of our most famous billionaires have been doing things that indicate that they are extremely concerned about what is coming in the future.

Has Google Created An AI Frankenstein? February 29, 2024

We have learned just how extremist Google's Gemini really is, not to mention how long Google apparently says it will take to fix things. This leads to the question: has Google created an AI Frankenstein?

Parents Warned Most Mental Health Professionals Will Push Transgenderism On Kids 

Many parents struggle to navigate mental health issues and now find themselves demonized by the very professionals who they trust to help their kids.

US Obsession With Two-State Solution Is 'Delusional' February 29, 2024

Pushing for a Palestinian state now "would serve as the most powerful form of confirmation that the Iranian strategy of violence, chaos and genocidal terrorism is the only path to vindicating the rights of Muslims"

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