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U.S. Consumers Are In Very Serious Trouble As We Finish Out 2023 November 20, 203

Most Americans are working extremely hard, but they have very little to show for it. For decades, we have been able to count on U.S. consumers to just keep spending money no matter what the economic outlook was, but now things have changed.

Target Pushes Ahead With Woke Holiday Merch Despite Financial Losses November 20, 2023

Target clearly hasn't learned their lesson. So, naturally, with Christmas around the corner, Pride ornaments are next on the agenda!

Biden's Dangerous Palestinian State Fantasy November 20, 2023

It may be hard for many in the West and for liberal Jews to accept, but the incontrovertible evidence of the last century of history has shown that Palestinian nationalism is inextricably tied to a war on Zionism that will not allow any of their leaders to accept even the most favorable two-state solution.

Bethlehem Cancels Christmas To Show Solidarity With Hamas November 20, 2023

Bethlehem Municipality crews announced the dismantling of all Christmas decorations in the city's neighborhoods and removing all festive appearances in honor of the martyrs and in solidarity with our people in Gaza the municipality wrote on Facebook.

First Hamas, Now Osama Bin Laden Going Viral With U.S. Youth November 17, 2023

Perhaps it shouldn't shock us that those claiming support for Hamas on social media have found a new hero, Osama Bin Laden. Over the past 24 hours, thousands of TikToks have been posted where people share how they just read Bin Laden's infamous "Letter to America," in which he explained why he attacked the United States.

Lawlessness In America - Retail Chains Forced To Lock Up Products 

In response to a tsunami of theft, retailers are starting to lock up products all over the nation. But if we don't start locking up the criminals, we are literally going to have to lock up everything.

Israel's Strategic Imperative To Counter The Iranian Blueprint For Annihilation November 17, 2023

One of the central questions related to Oct. 7 is: Why didn't Hezbollah participate? Why did Hamas invade Israel by itself? One explanation, presented by some experts is that Hamas jumped the gun before a much larger war had been planned and should be a warning to the not so far future.

The Palestinian Reality - Survey Shows 80% Support Terrorists November 17, 2023

An opinion poll conducted by Birzeit University's Arab World for Research & Development revealed that a majority of surveyed Palestinians in the West Bank support the October 7 massacre carried out by Hamas, and an even wider majority have a positive view of the various terrorist factions.

How To Easily Download The Online WPT Poker App 

In recent years, online poker has experienced a tremendous surge in popularity, captivating players worldwide.

Controversy Over Resting Spot of Noah's Ark May Finally Be Put To The Test November 15, 2023

In 2021, researchers carried out 3D scans of Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) survey. They claimed to have discovered a man-made boat structure beneath the ground. Next summer, they will carry out a survey using ground-penetrating radar (GPR) technology.

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