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Bird Flu Concerns Increase Just In Time For WHO Pandemic Treaty May 24, 2024

Health officials are issuing very ominous warnings about the potential for an H5N1 pandemic among humans at the same time that the WHO is preparing for a vote on the global pandemic treaty at the 77th World Health Assembly at the end of this month.

Is US Ready For Chinese Invasion Of Taiwan? May 24, 2024

China has just launched enormous military exercises codenamed "Joint Sword-2024A" which are designed to simulate what a war against Taiwan would look like. Chinese fighter jets are conducting mock airstrikes against "high-value military targets", and Chinese warships are practicing for a future economic blockade.

Supreme Court Refuses To Intervene In 'Secret Gender Transitions' In Schools May 24, 2024

A left-wing school district in the Old Line State is attempting to hide LGBT grooming from parents, and the nation's top court is refusing to intervene.

Biden's Gaza Pier Disaster As Most Aid Stolen And Soldiers Hurt May 24, 2024

That was $300 million in taxpayer money well spent. Biden announced that America was going to spend two months building a floating pier to deliver aid to Gaza at a cost of $300 million. However the aid keeps getting stolen and some reports say none of the aid has gotten through to any recognized aid distribution points.

Watchdog Warns: One-Third Of Country At Elevated Risk Of Blackouts This Summer May 23, 2024

Parts of America could face difficulties in meeting electricity demand during the summer season, with renewable energy sources like wind and solar power posing a potential risk to reliable power supply, according to a report by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

Is 'The Big One' Coming? More Than 1000 Earthquakes Shake California May 23, 2024

Scientists have warned us that California is way overdue for a major earthquake and that "the Big One" could literally strike at any time. That is why I was so alarmed when the Los Angeles Times reported that "two sets of earthquake swarms" had just hit the state.

LGBT Activists To Spend Millions Reminding Voters About Biden Leftist Agenda May 23, 2024

LGBT activists plan to drop big bucks reminding swing-state Americans how they've successfully overtaken classrooms, sports, business, entertainment, and politics with radical gender ideology under Joe Biden. Conservatives say 'thank you'.

European Message To Terrorists With PA State Recognition: Terrorism Works May 23, 2024

The Hamas terrorist organization welcomed the decision by Ireland, Norway and Spain on Wednesday to recognize a Palestinian state.

Frustration Builds As Gap Between The Rich And The Poor Is Larger Than Ever May 21, 2024

Have you ever felt like you can never seem to get ahead no matter how hard you try? If so, you are definitely not alone. The gap between the ultra-wealthy and the rest of us has never been greater, and more wealth is being transferred to the top of the pyramid with each passing day.

Commencement Speech Causes Outrage For Challenging Progressive Norms May 21, 2024

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker delivered what has turned out to be the most controversial commencement speech in U.S. history. During his address at Benedictine College, he expressed traditional Christian viewpoints that nearly the entire country would have agreed with a few generations ago.

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