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3 Stories You Probably Missed This Week: Creating Bias With Underreported News May 08, 2024

If you watched the legacy media outlets this past week, you would think the news revolved around "mostly peaceful" campus protests, Donald Trump's courtroom, and the barrel of Kristi Noem's shotgun. Important as (most of) these stories are, numerous other significant stories took place this week that received far too little coverage.

Biden's Plot To Trap Israel In Ceasefire Plan Backfires With Invasion May 08, 2024

"Israel got played" by the U.S. and the mediators, two Israeli officials said. They drafted "a new deal" and were not transparent about it.

Is The American Church Prepared For Persecution? May 08, 2024

At the 2024 March for the Martyrs, held in Washington, D.C. in honor of persecuted Christians, a unique perspective was raised. While considering global Christian persecution, event speaker Christian Trimino asked the question: What about the American church? Are we prepared, should persecution come our way?

Ezekiel's Alliance Draws Closer - Sudan Could Become Iran's New Terror Proxy May 08, 2024

Pocketing Sudan would provide Iran with proximity to Israel, and serve as an additional launching pad from which to swarm Israel with more lethal drone attacks.

Cost Of Living Tipping Point - US Consumers Are Near Breaking Point May 07, 2024

If you are like most Americans, the cost of living has been going up much faster than your income has been. Right now, millions of Americans that were once prospering are now deeply struggling and for many it's only going to get worse.

Massive Pushback Against Biden Plan To Bring Gaza Refugees Into US May 07, 2024

The Biden administration's plan to import Palestinians from Gaza into the U.S. is an absurd scheme to bring into our country the people who cheered as Americans and Israelis were killed, beaten, raped, and taken hostage on October 7th. These are the same people who elected Hamas as their government and polls shows they support more now than they did before Oct 7th.

Assisted Suicide Laws: Telling Citizens Their Lives May Not Be Worth Living May 07, 2024

Already in the United States, 10 states and the District of Columbia allow assisted suicide under certain circumstances. If mental health continues to deteriorate in the U.S., as unfortunately seems likely, we could well face advocacy for allowing suicide for the mentally ill.

United Methodist Church Affirms And Celebrates Its Fall Into Apostasy May 07, 2024

The United Methodist Church voted on May 3 to change its bylaws, repealing its longstanding ban on same-sex marriages by its clergy or in its churches. The change allows clergy to be homosexuals themselves and to perform all homosexual ceremonies celebrating homosexual unions.

Propaganda Wars - Hamas Can't Find 10,000 Names Of Those It Claims Died May 7, 2024

Why does the media continue to accept Hamas propaganda unchallenged even as reports prove they previously lied over and over about civilian deaths from previous conflicts with Israel?

7 Numbers That Clearly Reveal The Direction That America Has Chosen May 03 2024

I know that a lot of people out there may not want to hear that our national values have been turned upside down, but it is the truth. Those that sought to "fundamentally transform" this country have succeeded, and at this point "American values" are vastly different from the "American values" that I cherished as a young boy.

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