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US End Game Approaching - Govt Spending More Than Twice What It Is Collecting March 26, 2024

In a world where the US is spending more than twice what it is collecting, the endgame is clear: debt collapse, and while it won’t be tomorrow, or the week after, it is coming… and it’s also why the US is now selling $1 trillion in debt every 100 days just to keep operating

Hezbollah Offensive Would Be Oct. 7 On Steroids March 26, 2024

Thousands of rockets, thousands of casualties and devastating strikes to major infrastructure, cutting off water and electricity to Israel's citizens--this is the likely scenario of an attack by Hezbollah across the Jewish state's northern border.

U.S. Falls on the Global Happiness Scale - Why Are So Many People Unhappy? March 2, 2024

"Finland is the world's happiest country, U.S. drops to all-time low," the New York Post reported earlier this week. This was in response to Gallup's 2024 Happiness Report, which surveyed over 100,000 people in 143 countries.

Senate Dems Call Protecting Unborn Babies 'Dangerous' and 'Extreme' March 26, 2024

A.C. tells the justices, that no one knows the "horror of abortion," like she did. And yet, on Capitol Hill, these nightmares are what Democrats call "choice." And this week, they proved that they'll do anything to keep women in the dark about the gruesome, life-long realities of it.

Why Is The National Guard Being Deployed During The Great American Eclipse? March 25, 2024

The National Guard is only supposed to be deployed in emergency situations. Now we have learned that National Guard troops will be deployed during the Great American Eclipse on April 8th. What in the world do they expect to happen during this eclipse?

Recognize The Times - Mankind's Exponential Increase In Knowledge March 25, 2024

The angel Gabriel reveled to Daniel that there would be three major signs that would mark the "time of the end" and only those living in the end times and who were "wise" would at last understand these prophecies regarding the exponential increase in knowledge, travel, and prophetic understanding.

Dangerous Delusions: Palestinian and US Muslim Views On Hamas March 25, 2024

Ninety-three percent of Palestinians believe that Hamas did not commit atrocities during its mass invasion of southern Israel on Oct. 7, and 72% support the attack, according to recent polling conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research.

Canada's Betrayal Of Israel March 25, 2024

History is going to remember this as one of the greatest moral failures of the Canadian government. Canada is supposed to be a true friend of Israel, and this feels like betrayal.

Red Heifer To Be Sacrificed In Israel During 2024? March 21, 2024

Since the time of Moses, only nine red heifers have been sacrificed. There is a tremendous amount of speculation that another sacrifice could happen soon. In September 2022, five red heifers were flown from the state of Texas to the land of Israel and time is ticking on their ritual purity.

Is A War Against Hezbollah Imminent? March 21, 2024

The world's attention is focused on Gaza, but if a war breaks out on Israel's northern border with Lebanon, it will be far broader and more destructive than the one Israel is waging against Hamas.

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