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Poll Shocker: More Than 100 Million Americans Expect Civil War Within 5 Years May 03, 2024

A stunning new poll shows that more than 100 million Americans, 41% of the nation's population, believe there could be another civil war in America within the next five years.

Biden Farm Priorities: 'Queer Farming' Pushed As Improving American Agriculture May 03, 2024

The Farm Credit Administration wants you to read, "The Queer Farmers Reimagining American Agriculture," which suggests that LGBTQ farmers can improve American agriculture in ways that their "straight, cis counterparts" cannot.

Manipulating Home Educators - The Trojan Horse Of The 'Homeschool Hub' May 03, 2024

As the global war on educational liberty heats up, Johns Hopkins School of Education is launching a new "Homeschool Hub" that has experts and advocates deeply concerned. Many say it is part of the escalating effort to bring homeschooling families under government control.

Hamas Plays Westerners For Fools - Any Peace Will Be A Deception May 03, 2024

The Prophet Muhammad is said to have entered into a 10 year truce with the infidels. He conquered them a few years into the truce. Hamas imagines a similar scenario with Israel.

Consumers Feel The Economic Shift - Uncertain Outlook For Rest Of 2024 May 02, 2024

Can you feel it too? Over the past few weeks, I have heard from so many readers that are deeply troubled about economic conditions where they live. In some cases, sales are way down. In other cases, it seems almost impossible to find a decent job.

Biden Warned Terror Attack On U.S. Not 'If' But 'When' May 02, 2024

Ahmad Massoud, the son of Ahmad Shah Massoud, a legendary Afghanistan resistance leader known as the "Lion of Pamjshir," who was assassinated by al-Qaida just before 9/11 is warning that terror is "breeding" in the vacuum left behind by Biden's disorganized pullout in August 2021.

Chinese Military Developing Space Assets At "Breathtaking Speed"  May 02, 2024

Reports indicate that China is actively working on various space-based weapons technologies, including satellite-mounted lasers, kinetic kill vehicles, and electromagnetic railguns. These capabilities, if fully realized, could potentially enable China to neutralize enemy satellites, intercept incoming missiles, and exert dominance over strategic orbits.

American Dream Replaced With American Nightmare: Renting For Life May 02, 2024

For at least 40% of Americans – up from 27% just two years ago – the American Dream is dead and buried and has been replaced with the American nightmare: renting for life.

Paid Activists Are Back - Left Wing Donors Funding Protests May 02, 2024

With tent cities springing up across American campuses, filled with anti-Semitic activists who are openly supporting U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organizations, you could be forgiven for suspecting that this activism was not wholly organic. And you would be right.

UN 2.0 Coming This Fall - Setting The Stage For Global Government May 01, 2024

The United Nations will meet in September for the 79th session of the UN General Assembly, as well as the highly-anticipated "Summit of the Future" where nations will sign the so-called "Pact for the Future". What does this agreement and its policies mean for the future of individual and national sovereignty?

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