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Final Warning? Great American Eclipse Will Pass 7 U.S. Locations Named 'Ninevah'

It is being reported that the Great American Eclipse of 2024 will be the most viewed astronomical event in all of U.S. history and along with the eclipse are some amazing 'coincidences'.

3 Existential Threats That Could Devastate America

In recent years, there has been one enormous crisis after another. We live at a time of major wars, global pestilences and billion dollar natural disasters. There are several existential threats that we are facing right now which could potentially result in millions of dead Americans.

The Next Generation Is Being Prepared For The Adoption Of Digital Currency

Yesterday a close friend of mine who lives in Spain told me that his son, a high school senior, has been getting lessons in school about Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDCs.

What Americans Don’t Get About Israelis Fighting For Their Lives

This war is between a democratic nation fighting for its existence against an Islamist movement whose goal is the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. Yet many outside of Israel, such as President Joe Biden and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, are increasingly speaking as if the only thing to do is to end the war as soon as possible.

Is America 'On The Precipice Of Christian Invisibility'?

Americans are rejecting God and following their hearts to destruction and emptiness. A sobering conclusion to a brand-new study is that it appears America "is on the precipice of Christian invisibility."

Other News

February 19, 2024State Wants Parents Charged With Abuse For Opposing Child's Gender Change

A new bill introduced in Illinois is causing alarm among parental rights groups as it seeks to charge parents with medical neglect for opposing abortion and gender transition....

February 19, 2024The Christian Super Bowl Ad They SHOULD Have Made

A Christian pastor is sharing what he says would have been a more effective message than the "He Gets Us" ad that debuted on Super Bowl Sunday and it is going viral....

February 17, 2024All Of The Elements Are In Place For An Economic Crisis Of Staggering Proportion

From the federal government on down, our entire society is absolutely drowning in debt, and now it appears that our economic problems are about to go to the next level. In early 2024, there are all sorts of signs that economic activity in the U.S. is really starting to slow down....

February 17, 2024US & Arab States Plotting Imposed Peace Plan Upon Israel?

A scheme has been uncovered that apparently would involve announcing - unilaterally - a Palestinian state right away, and it is drawing a chorus of objections....

February 17, 2024The WHO's Transgender Trojan Horse

The World Health Organization is poised to promote extreme transgender ideology as a college of 21 experts will gather (16 of whom are gender ideology activists) to develop global guidelines governing how doctors respond to people who identify as transgender....

February 17, 2024An Open Border Is An Open Invitation To Terror

Nineteen people. That's all it took to completely upend our world on 9/11. Yet almost 300 people from our Terror Watch List have already been caught at our Southern Border. Imagine what 300 could do?...

February 15, 2024America's Military In Decline: Are We Prepared For The Next Crisis?

Many people will say the purpose of a strong military is to deter war, but deterrence derives from the belief of the enemy that they would be defeated in battle. So if our military is at great risk of not being able to win ... well, it doesn't have much deterrent value. Our potential enemies can see this; the American public, not so much....