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Bible College Fires Theologian For Tweet Defending Biblical Sexuality

A Christian theology lecturer has been sacked and threatened with a counter-terrorism referral by a Methodist Bible college for a tweet on human sexuality that went viral. Dr Edwards has said that: "Anyone concerned about academic freedom, Christian freedoms and free speech should be deeply concerned by what has happened to me."

Consumers Tapped Out? Signs Of Major Credit Contraction & Economic Slowdown

Walmart has just announced that it will be giving the axe to hundreds of e-commerce fulfillment workers. Layoffs at Walmart are considered an indicator of retail trends due to its size in the retail space, and serve as a warning sign of potential economic turbulence ahead.

Human Rights Issues Have Become Platform For Embracing Woke Policies

The State Department has released its 2022 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. Over the years, progressive social agenda items -- including LGBT policies -- have been added to these reports, sending a not-so-subtle message to world leaders: if you do not embrace woke policies, your country will be deemed a human rights violator.

Big Tech Won't Protect Our Kids: Parents Must

Parents today are caught between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, allowing kids online means exposure to content that threatens their mental health and their innocence. On the other hand, removing online access threatens to socially isolate kids from their friends and peer groups. What are parents to do?

Prison Time In Israel For Sharing The Gospel? Bibi Comes To Christians Defense

The prime minister of Israel is coming to the defense of Christians in the wake of a proposed law that would send believers to prison merely for sharing Jesus' message in the Jewish state.

Other News

March 23, 2023Sharks Goalie Reimer Continues The Sea Change In NHL Pride Debate

Turns out, the rainbow-colored sushi wasn't the biggest buzz at San Jose's "shark tank" Saturday night. Unfortunately for the NHL, neither was the team's Pride Night. What was supposed to be a return to the league's woke normal managed to prove that -- at least for some players -- there's no going back....

March 23, 2023Biden Administration Pushing Arabs Towards Iran

Many Arabs and Muslims are celebrating the Saudi-Iranian agreement to restore diplomatic relations as a devastating blow to the Biden Administration, a victory for Iran and China, and a sign of Washington's failed policies in the Middle East....

March 21, 2023FedNow Instant Payments Coming This Summer - 1st Step To Digital Currency?

If your bank account was suddenly emptied and you had nothing left - no retirement fund, no savings, no checking, nothing - what would you agree to in order to restore it all? What if you were offered a bailout but it was in the form of a different kind of dollar - a CBDC to replace the dollars you lost, but that you can only use digitally?...

March 21, 2023Biden Believes Opposing His Radical Gender Ideology Is 'Close To Sinful'

Protecting children from premature, harmful exposure to gender ideology and its life-altering consequences is "close to sinful," said President Biden Monday on "The Daily Show." ...

March 21, 2023Scotland's Test: Can A Conservative Christian Still Lead A Western Country?

Can a devout, Bible-believing Christian still become the head of a major Western political party in a post-Christian world? According to Stephen McAlpine in a recent column titled "Kate Forbes Is Done (or Why an Orthodox Christian Can Never Lead a Western Political Party Again)," the answer is no....

March 21, 2023New Gallup Poll: More Democrats Side With Palestinians Than With Israel

A newly released Gallup survey reported that 49% of Democrats responded that "their sympathies lie with the Palestinians" as compared to 38% who favored Israel. This represents an increase of 11% increase in support for the Palestinians among Democrats in the past year alone....

March 20, 2023186 More Banks At Risk - This Crisis Is Far From Over

They are desperately trying to plug one leak in the system after another, but what happens if the entire system suddenly comes crashing down all around them? If large numbers of small and mid-size banks start failing, this country will rapidly plunge into an economic nightmare....