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Scotland's Transgender Hate Crime Law Already Showing How It Leads To Tyranny April 17, 2024

Scotland's new "hate crime" law already is demonstrating how it will be used to squash dissent and free speech. And who decides what exactly stirring up "hatred" really means?

Middle East Update - What Next? April 16, 2024

There are reasonable arguments to be made for Israel to think carefully about the kind of response to Iran's decision to escalate the ongoing conflict between the two countries. But the notion that Israeli security is best served by doing nothing--always Washington's advice whenever Israel is attacked--is not as reasonable as both Biden's apologists and Netanyahu's critics seem to think.

Multiple Global Pestilences Threaten To Spiral Completely Out Of Control April 16, 2024

Do you remember the nightmares that we experienced in 2020 and 2021? Nobody wants to go through anything like that again, but right now multiple pestilences are raging all over the planet, and one or more of them could potentially spiral completely out of control.

A Resounding Strategic Failure For Iran April 16, 2024

The fact that 99% of the threats were intercepted means that a central pillar of Iranian force projection--its missile and UAV arsenals--has been proven to be no match for Israel's Air Force, its multi-layered air defense system, or for regional cooperation with allies.

LGBT Can Discriminate Against Christians Because Of Mental Health Reasons? April 16, 2024

Lawyers argued that they can't employ someone like Felix because his views on sex and gender might 'damage' the mental health of people identifying as LGBT. They take their argument to the extreme when they assert that those identifying as LGBT might kill themselves if they discover Felix is a Christian.

Long-Predicted Storm Clouds In The Economy May Be Here As Inflation Rises Again April 11, 2024

As we approach what is likely to be the most chaotic presidential election in U.S. history, troubling signs are starting to erupt for the U.S. economy. Inflation is getting worse at the same time that many key sectors of our economy are slowing down. If you thought that the last couple of years were rough for the economy, just wait until you see what is coming next.

Survey: Dramatic Rise In Young Women Leaving The Church  April 11, 2024

"Over the last two decades, which witnessed an explosion of religious disaffiliation, it was men more than women who were abandoning their faith commitments," but as the survey reveals, this time around, "the pattern has now reversed."

Faith Groups Protest Biden Plan To Control Their Employment Decisions April 11, 2024

"Nondiscrimination" schemes under the Joe Biden regime in Washington often have been used to advocate for blatant discrimination against Christians and Christian organizations. The State Department, which is proposing a new "nondiscrimination" demand that could affect the employment decisions of Christian ministries.

Magog Rising: Israel Warns It Will Bomb Iran Directly If Attacked April 11, 2024

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz warned on Tuesday that Israel will respond in kind should Iran launch a direct attack against it.

Prophecy News Watch In The Crossfire - ISIS Fanatic Targets Idaho Churches April 10, 2024

While getting little media attention, Christians in the Northern Idaho town of Coeur d'Alene are breathing a sigh of relief after the FBI arrested an 18-year-old resident just before his plot to attack churches this past weekend on behalf of ISIS.

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