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The Copper Scroll Project Book - Special Sale!

Could secrets contained in the most enigmatic of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Copper Scroll, hold the keys to one of the greatest treasures in Israel’s history?


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A behind the scenes look at a decade-long quest to uncover the lost treasures of the Jerusalem temple. Could secrets contained in the most enigmatic of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Copper Scroll, hold the keys to one of the greatest treasures in archaeological history?  What would happen if this magnificent treasure were to be discovered hidden away in Israel? Many explorers have fallen prey to the siren call of the Copper Scroll, risking life and limb for the what would easily become the world's greatest treasure hunt.

The Copper Scroll Project tells the real life story of an Oklahoma arson investigator, Jim Barfield, who sets off on a decade-long quest to uncover Qumran's secrets―the lost treasures of the Jerusalem temple―and show the world that the Dead Sea Scrolls were merely the tip of the archaeological iceberg. 

Through a series of breakthroughs and setbacks, Barfield's Copper Scroll Project becomes inadvertently tethered to Israel's modern battle for the Temple Mount. The Copper Scroll Project is the one remaining witness to a covert operation to rescue Temple tithes and vessels before foreign invaders overran Jerusalem's city gates. 

If you love Israel, Biblical Archaeology, Bible Prophecy & a good treasure hunt - you will love this book.  

Book Reviews:

**The Copper Scroll Project opens with a quote praising the man who enters the arena willing to sweat and strive and bleed in pursuit of a worthy cause, over the one who stands unsullied on the sidelines. At first it seems out of place for a book on Biblical archeology, that is, until you meet Jim Barfield. You can't read the story of this arson investigator turned archeologist and not get swept up in his quest to find the lost Temple treasure alluded to in the Copper Scroll. Shelley Neese puts you right in the middle of the adventure. You're with Barfield in his study as he makes a new discovery, sitting in on meetings with high-level Israeli politicians, standing with him before the Sanhedrin, and scanning for precious metals at Qumran. You'll be amazed at how far his willingness to dream big and walk through every open door have taken him.

If you've come to Neese's 'Copper Scroll Project' for the history or Biblical archeology, you'll have plenty to sink your teeth into. Throughout her account of Barfield's quest, she weaves in the rich history of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Qumran, and the Temple Mount without slowing her narrative. It's a fascinating history, especially the Temple Mount tie-in. But I was captivated even more by Barfield - the man in the arena. The deeper you get into his story, the more you'll find yourself wanting to get off the sidelines and get in the dirt with him, which is exactly what many others have done along the way. **

** Shelley Neese brilliantly weaves a modern-day Indiana Jones story into a must read for all who are interested in Biblical prophecies of epic proportion and impact. The world's political and religious order is soon to be turned upside down because of what's contained in this book. Shelley beautifully captures the raw emotion (and humor) of the players involved and the historical sonic boom that is soon to erupt on the global scene. **

** The Copper Scroll Project is a gripping narrative of inspiring and quirky characters interlaced with biblical, archaeological, and historical content that is highly readable! Shelley Neese is a wizard at teaching complex archaeological and biblical ideas in a way that is accessible. Not only was I inspired by Jim Barfield's relentless zeal to uncover the secrets of the copper scroll, but my faith was deepened by his team's journey through inexplicable and divine movements by God. **

** Meticulously researched and masterfully presented, The Copper Scroll Project reveals the latest chapter of an ancient quest that spans several millennia and remains an issue that is critical to our current world. It is a fascinating story of an average American's devotion to learning the truth that is very well told by the author.

Skillfully transitioning among the centuries, the author educates the reader -- with a superb vocabulary and engaging style -- about the complex past and present issues surrounding one of the most volatile places in our 21st-century world. I found it much more interesting than fictional works, such as The DaVinci Code, because this is a true story that still resonates in the present.

The book covers a topic about which I knew nothing but now feel well informed and want to know even more as this religious/political saga continues to unfold. I have a new understanding of and a new sensitivity to this puzzling enigma, thanks to Ms. Neese.  Read it. You will enjoy it and be enlightened! **

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