YMCA Camp Goes Full Throttle Woke With 'All Gender' Cabins

News Image By Bob Unruh - WND News Center February 05, 2024
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A YMCA camp's full throttle acceleration into "wokeness" has prompted a warning from a local publication to parents.

"Heads up, parents!" suggests the Connecticut Sentinal regarding the Camp Hazen facility in Chester, after its announcement it is adding "all gender" cabins.

"Sleep-away camp is diving even deeper into the culture wars this summer, so you better make sure you read all of the fine print before you sign up your children for overnight experiences," the local publication warned parents. 

"Especially at the YMCA."

The report explained the "all-gender" rooms are for those whose identity may or may not fall into the male-female definition.

Or for those who simply decide they "don’t want to be in a traditional ‘gendered’ cabin for any reason."

But, the warning continues, there's more. All the traditional boys and girls cabins now are "Boys+" and "Girls+."

"To make sure that all campers are included and feel a sense of belonging," the report said.

Those who will be allowed in the "Boys+" facilities include boys, transgender and non-binary campers who want to be there, and more.

Same for the "Girls+" cabins, the report said.

The publication warned parents, "There are literally ZERO cabins available for children who identify as the sex they were born."

So that means if you have a younger camper, say a daughter entering third grade in the fall and this is her very first sleep away camp experience, she could end up in a cabin with a biological boy who decides to identify as a girl.

The YMCA, by the way, believes it is the morally right thing to do to allow children to identify as whatever gender they like, and stay in whichever cabin they want.

The YMCA Hazen camp director, Katherine Davies, even said she felt it was "more transparent" this way, and then justified the mixed gender and gender "plus" cabins by saying, "we're not doing anything different from anyone else in the world, we just want to be inclusive."

But apparently "inclusion" doesn't apply to boys and girls who don't dabble in gender ideology at the tender age of 9 years old, leaving parents frustrated that yet another once treasured program has been infected by radical, progressive gender ideology.

Originally published at WND News Center

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