Methodist Church Goes Full Woke Warning That Terms Husband & Wife Are Hurtful

News Image By Bob Unruh - WND News Center January 08, 2024
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Franklin Graham, the popular evangelist who heads the Samaritan's Purse worldwide Christian charity as well as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association that his famous father started, is scolding officials of the Methodist church in the United Kingdom.

It's because they're telling ministers that using the words "husband" and "wife" is "hurtful."

The church's ideology comes from the worldwide agenda to promote the LGBT lifestyle choices. Those lifestyles made the use of those words awkward because, for instance, when two men are "married," which is the husband, or are both?

Graham, online, wrote, "The Methodist Church in the United Kingdom has released its own 'Inclusive Church Language Guide' that urges ministers and church-goers to avoid using words such as 'husband' and 'wife' (and more) because those terms can be 'hurtful' and 'offensive.'"

He scolded: "Shame on the Methodist Church. These are biblical terms--and marriage between a man and a woman is biblical truth. The word 'wife' is used in some 360 verses in 38 books of the Bible."

He explained, "They are in essence trying to edit what the Word of God says and teaches to be more appealing to the changing whims of culture. We are warned against that in Scripture. As Christians, we aren't called to avoid what might offend people--we are called to share the Truth of God's Word that can guide and direct us through every step of life."
A report from the Western Journal explained that the U.K. organization is telling ministers and parishioners to avoid "certain words on the basis that their usage makes 'assumptions' about one's family life."

The church claims, "As Christians, we need to have the courage for conversations that can sometimes be difficult, to recognize that we sometimes exclude people, to listen with humility, to repent of any hurtful language or imagery and to take care with how we listen and what we say, write or depict, in the Spirit of Christ."

It explained about the "infinite variety in the way that God's creation is expressed in human life," so, "Terminology such as 'husband' and 'wife' may sound inoffensive, but it makes assumptions about a family or personal life that is not the reality for many people."

The report noted, "Other terms such as 'brothers and sisters' are also unacceptable on the grounds that it 'doesn't take into account our nonbinary friends.'"

Going full into the "woke" ideology being promoted by leftists, the church said, "You might consider using 'siblings,' 'friends' or 'children of God' instead. Similarly, using 'he or she' could be exclusive; 'they' is also accurate and acceptable."

The statement explained the church organization wants to recognize the "harm" that has been done to "marginalized groups" by the church, and "make amends."

Father Calvin Robinson, who has been outspoken in fighting progressivism in the Church of England, blasted the U.K.-based Methodist Church for its guidance and suggested it's symptomatic of a neo-Marxist attempt to effectively destroy it.

"This is not Christianity," Robinson wrote on X. "It is Critical Theories: 'smash heteronormativity.' It is no longer enough to acknowledge disordered lifestyles. Everything normative and ordered must be demolished for fear of causing offense."

"Critical Theories is neo-Marxism. It is a communist ideology, antithetical to the Christian faith. It is not possible to be a communist *and* a Christian. One must make a choice. Embrace the ways of this trendy yet toxic ideology, or embrace God's order," he continued, and urged the Methodist Church to "pick one."

Originally published at WND News Center - reposted with permission.

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