Terrorist Families Could Receive $3 Million From PA For Massacre Of Israelis

News Image By Harbingers Daily October 21, 2023
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The Palestinian Authority (PA) could pay the equivalent of almost $3 million out to the families of terrorists who were killed or captured during the Hamas massacre on October 7th, according to a watchdog organization.

Under the PA's "pay-for-slay" program, terrorists "martyred" or imprisoned in the act of attacking or killing Israelis receive an initial financial reward and monthly payments to family members.

"In total, the PA will pay at least 11,170,000 shekels ($2,807,021) in payments under the PA's 'Pay-for-Slay' program to the Hamas terrorists this month," the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) report detailed. "This is a low estimate since as the war continues, there will be additional Hamas terrorist 'martyrs' and prisoners. This figure is added to the more than 100,000,000 shekels/month the PA already pays in salaries to imprisoned terrorists and families of terrorist' martyrs.'"

The watchdog organization warned that aid from abroad is largely to blame for supplying the PA with the finances needed to continue its "pay-for-slay" program.

"These donor countries like to pretend that it's not their money rewarding terrorists, but everyone knows that the PA could not reward terrorists without this generous foreign funding," they underscored.

Biden Admin Continues To Ignore Warnings Against PA Funding

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in 2022 criticized the Biden Administration for restoring "hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority."

In words that are chilling today, Pompeo forewarned the administration last year that "funding to the PA will not only likely be directed toward acts of terror; it may also one day go to Hamas to fuel its destruction of Israel."

In 2021, prior to the government's unfreezing of over $360 million in US funds to the PA, the State Department wrote an assessment stating that there was "a high-risk Hamas could potentially derive indirect, unintentional benefit from U.S. assistance to Gaza."

That same year, The Zionist Organization of America President urged the US to halt financial assistance to the PA, insisting, "If the Biden administration keeps providing funding to the PA, terrorists and their families will be paid for life by U.S. taxpayers."

Despite the risk of further funding terrorism against Israel in the wake of the brutal Hamas attack, on Saturday, following a conversation with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, President Biden pledged his "full support" to aid the PA with its "humanitarian assistance to Palestinian people, particularly in Gaza."

Satan Inspired Hatred Towards Jews

The "pay-to-slay" program showcases the PA as indistinguishable from Hamas, carrying the same blood lust to kill the Jewish people.

On Monday, Amir Tsarfati, Founder and President of Behold Israel, maintained, "There is no such thing as 'humanitarian aid' to an area completely controlled by a murderous terrorist organization. Every truck that comes in will help the fighting effort of Hamas."

Pastor Gary Hamrick, in an interview with Cissie Graham Lynch, highlighted that "Hamas's evil intentions towards Israel are so strong they don't care about the Palestinian people."

Discussing the horrific attack on October 7th, Hamrick noted, "The real vitriol, the animosity of Hamas, was just towards the Jews themselves. If they get the land [that's] a benefit, but they just wanted to slaughter the Jews."

"It is rooted in satanism," the pastor described. "He is the one who inspires people to hate the Jewish people."

"I think as we get closer to the return of Christ, we are going to see more and more antisemitism around the world. It's unfortunate, but I think it's part of the end times," he told the audience. "God brought the Messiah through a race of people that He designated. Because of that, Satan incites people with hatred towards the Jews."

Originally published at Harbingers Daily - reposted with permission.

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