Propaganda Wars - The Battle For Truth Must Not Become A Casualty

News Image By Michael Snyder/End of the American Dream October 19, 2023
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When emotions are running high, it is amazing how rapidly some people will fall for deception.  In the early days of the Great Middle East War, we have seen a tsunami of bad information.  

Especially on social media, many are so eager to run with anything that seems to be supportive of the side that they are supporting in the conflict.  But in a lot of cases, the reports that people have been sharing have simply not been accurate.  

In a time of war, we must not allow truth to become a casualty, because what people believe about this conflict has real world consequences.  In fact, as I write this article protesters are swarming the U.S. embassy in Beirut because they believe that something has happened that Israel has proved conclusively didn't happen at all.  It is so important to carefully investigate the facts before jumping to conclusions.  

Unfortunately, vast numbers of people out there seem to be convinced that it is not necessary to be reasonable and rational at a time like this.

Let me start by discussing the Hamas attacks.

Some have attempted to defend Hamas by suggesting that incidents of brutality were isolated and that they were not specifically instructed to go after women and children.

But now documents that were actually being carried by Hamas fighters are revealing the truth...

Newly uncovered documents reveal that Hamas terrorists were directed to kill as many people as possible, with a specific focus on elementary schools and youth centers. These meticulously rehearsed attacks resulted in a death toll exceeding 1,400 in Israel alone, according to official sources.

Israeli officials say the attacks were not a byproduct of military action but rather a central objective, as can be concluded from the documents recovered from the bodies of dead militants at the sites of the attacks, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Written orders carried by Hamas explicitly directed them to maximize human losses and take hostages, the Journal said, citing one set of orders that specifically targeted the farming community of Alumim, instructing militants to "achieve the highest level of human losses."

These fighters were ordered to kill as many civilians are possible.

And elementary schools and youth centers were selected as specific targets...

Details in the recovered documents also indicate that elementary schools and youth centers were among the primary targets.

Plans for attacks on communities like Kfar Aza and Nahal Oz were very specific, down to points of entry and modes of transportation for the attackers. For instance, in Kfar Sa'ad, one unit was assigned to "contain the new Da'at school," while another was to "collect hostages" and "search the Bnei Akiva youth center."

This is terrorism.

And there is no possible way to defend it despite student protest rallies to the contrary.

In one location that had been attacked by Hamas fighters, it was being reported that at least some Israeli babies had been beheaded.

The reporter that first broke this story is not backing down...

The TV reporter who broke the now-viral story about Israeli babies murdered -- some purportedly beheaded -- at the hands of Hamas terrorists is standing by her coverage and revealing other acts of unimaginable carnage.

Nicole Zedeck, a reporter with i24News who has been on the ground in Israel since the war began last Saturday, told CBN Digital a man responsible for clearing victims' bodies recounted yet another dreadful story.

"We're hearing more horror stories," she said. "He said he found a pregnant woman who was shot in the head, her stomach sliced open, the baby still attached to the umbilical cord."

Zedeck continued, "And the baby was stabbed with a knife."

Of course once this story started getting passed around on social media it began to get exaggerated in various ways.

Not all of the dead babies that were found in this particular area had been beheaded.

But it appears that at least some of them were.

I don't know why this is so hard for some people to believe.

Hamas has even released videos on social media that show them beheading Israeli soldiers.

So we know that they are into beheading.

Dr. Chen Kugel is a scientist at Israel's National Center of Forensic Medicine, and he has been examining many of the bodies that were killed during these terror attacks.

When he was asked about the story about the beheaded babies, he confirmed that "it was true"...

What about beheaded babies? Yes, said Dr Kugel, it was true.

Amid horrors that defy belief, the past week has seen an extraordinary debate about whether Hamas savages had decapitated defenceless babies, or had merely shot them dead. Reports of beheadings have been furiously attacked as fake news by some high-profile doubters.

So why are so many people out there so determined to cast doubt on this story?

Is it because it makes Hamas look bad?

If you are defending Hamas, you really need to take a very long look in the mirror, because there is something seriously wrong with you.

There is no way to ever justify what Hamas has done.

A colonel in the Israeli military has told the Daily Mail that he actually held one of the beheaded babies "in his arms"...

On Saturday, I spoke to a colonel who told me that he had not only seen a beheaded baby, but had held it in his arms as he recovered the child from a slaughter site in kibbutz Be'eri. Yesterday, with a heavy heart, I asked Dr Kugel, perhaps the most senior pathologist in Israel, if he had seen any babies without heads. He replied: 'Yes. Yes, I have seen that.'

He did not know the reason they had no heads, and could not state whether they had been cut off with a knife or blown off by an exploding grenade. He said: 'I cannot say. I can say that I saw people without heads.'

Maybe you don't want to believe any of the eyewitnesses.

Good for you.

Believe whatever you want to believe.

But don't pretend you are on the side of the truth.

What makes things even worse is that the families of the Hamas fighters that died while attacking Israel will be getting money from the Palestinian Authority for the rest of their lives...

Under Palestinian Authority law, every terrorist who is killed attacking Israel is defined as a "Martyr" whose family is immediately rewarded by the PA with a 6,000 shekels ($1,511) grant and a 1,400 ($353) per month allowance for life.

This means each family of the 1,500 dead Hamas terrorists who invaded Israel will receive 7,400 shekels for this first month. Families of those terrorists who were married and had children will receive even more. The PA will pay at least 11,100,000 shekels ($2,789,430) this month as a reward for participating in last week's murders and atrocities against Israeli civilians.

Some of these terrorists actually look forward to death because they know their families will be taken care of long after they are gone.

How sick is that?

Now I want to talk about another incident that is being very hotly debated.

On Tuesday, a massive blast absolutely devastated one of the most important hospitals in Gaza City, and it is being reported that at least 500 people are dead as a result...

Israel has denied it was responsible for the blast at a hospital in Gaza that the Hamas claims killed at least 500 people and has more trapped under rubble.

Intelligence information has revealed that the strike which hit al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City was a rocket misfired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists, the Israeli army has claimed.

But a spokesman for Islamic Jihad has said this is 'completely incorrect' and accused the IDF of 'trying to cover for the horrifying crime and massacre they committed against civilians'.

Hamas says that this blast was caused by an Israeli airstrike.

But the IDF says that it was actually a failed rocket that was launched by Islamic Jihad that caused the explosion...

An analysis of IDF operational systems has indicated that the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization is 'responsible for the failed shooting that hit the hospital'.

The military, in a statement, said that a 'barrage of rockets was fired by terrorists in Gaza, passing in close proximity to Ahli hospital in Gaza at the time it was hit'.

An IDF spokesperson added: 'Intelligence from multiple sources we have in our hands indicates that Islamic Jihad is responsible for the failed rocket launch which hit the hospital in Gaza.'

Israel has since released several different camera angles of the rocket fire showing it was clearly one of their missiles that misfired, drone footage and even an audio call that was tapped between two Hamas members talking about how their own missiles had hit the hospital.

The US Department of Defense has examined the evidence and also agreed with Israel's conclusion.

But instead of carefully investigating matters, the entire Islamic world is now in an uproar and it doesn't matter what evidence is presented to the contrary.  

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is a perfect example of such disinformation and is doubling down on her unfounded claim that Israel is responsible for an explosion near a hospital in Gaza Tuesday, declaring at a Wednesday rally in Washington, D.C. that Israel and President Joe Biden are responsible for a 'genocide.'

'People think it’s okay to bomb a hospital where children, you know, what’s so hard sometimes is watching those videos and and the people telling the kids, 'Don’t cry.' And like, let them cry!” shouted Tlaib at the rally.

Tlaib repeatedly declined to provide any evidence that Israel was responsible for the attack when asked about it by reporters at the Capitol Building earlier on Wednesday.

It's no wonder protesters attempted to storm the Israeli embassy in Jordan...

Dozens of protesters attempted to storm the Israeli embassy compound in Amman, Jordan on Tuesday, after a strike on a hospital in the Gaza Strip killed at least 200 people, an AFP journalist said.

The angry protesters got through a security forces barrier and advanced towards the embassy, but security forces fired tear gas to disperse them, the correspondent said.

And there was a truly chaotic scene outside of the U.S. embassy in Beirut...

Hundreds of protesters reportedly gathered at the U.S. Embassy in Beruit, Lebanon on Tuesday night after a rocket hit a hospital in the Gaza Strip.

The protest came after a Hamas-run hospital in the Gaza Strip was hit by a rocket on Tuesday, resulting in hundreds of deaths.

According to Reuters, more than 100 protesters were near the embassy carrying Palestinian flags.

There is going to be so much chaos and so much violence in the days ahead.

But it won't just be limited to the Middle East.

As Daniel Horowitz has aptly noted, the U.S. is absolutely teeming with radical Muslims at this point...

In the wake of the Hamas massacres in Israel, Hamas' Lebanon-based Shiite ally Hezbollah warned the United States that if we side with Israel, "there will be no red line" to prevent attacks on American assets anywhere in the world. If we enjoyed a modicum of real leadership, such threats would ring hollow. After all, Hezbollah should not have the capabilities to strike us. The trouble is, we left our front door and our back door wide open -- particularly in Latin America. That makes Hezbollah's threat far more serious.

It isn't simply the fact that we have let so many people into the country directly from Lebanon, Syria, and Iran -- the countries that finance, train, and host Hezbollah and its global terror network. In the past 20 years, the United States has admitted around 230,000 Iranians, 70,000 Syrians, and 63,000 Lebanese. 

Some of them were ethnic minorities, but the overwhelming majority were Muslims. Now add immigrants from Iraq, which, thanks to our idiotic war, is now a safe haven for Hezbollah as well. We've brought in more than 200,000 Iraqis, half of whom are Shiite. You might have seen some of them waving Palestinian flags at a celebration of Hamas in Dearborn, Michigan, this week.

We are going to see things happen on U.S. soil that most people cannot even imagine right now.

Islamic terrorists don't seem to care much about the truth.

They just want to win their stupid war.

And ultimately it is a war against the entire civilized world.

Their stated goal is to get every man, woman and child on the entire planet to submit to Islam.

Anyone that does not submit is to be eliminated.

World domination is what they want, and they have no plans to stop until they reach that goal.

Originally published at End Of The American Dream - reposted with permission.

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