Sad Irony - Christian Teachers Under Attack From Church Of England Schools

News Image By Bob Unruh - WND News Center October 17, 2023
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A longtime teacher who is Christian is under attack because she declined to promote the ideology of extreme LGBT lifestyle choices at a Church of England school.

She's also been accused of expressing her biblical beliefs on human sexuality when she responds to student questions.

A report from Christian Concern explains Glawdys Leger, 43, for 12 years was a specialist Modern Foreign Languages teacher before being fired by the Bishop Justus School in Bromley, Kent, last year.

She now is being represented by the Christian Legal Center in her fight with the school, where officials treated her "like a dangerous criminal" for holding biblical beliefs, the Christian Concern organization reported.

The problem stemmed from the school's decision to install "extreme and politically partisan LGBT" lessons as part of the school's "Religious Education."

She had expressed her belief that "God believes humans are born male and female and that LGBTQI practice is sinful," the report said.

It was the Aquinas Church of England Education Trust that claimed, in a report to the Teaching Regulation Agency, that she had "upset one pupil" with her beliefs.
"On the basis of upset, not harm, to one child," Christian Concern reported, a case was launched against her.

That could result in a decision to bar her from teaching, the report said.

She had been seeing more and more promotion of LGBT ideologies, "and other contentious ethical and political issues" in the school, which claims to be Christian.

For example, teaching materials were introduced that suggested to children that they can be "born in the wrong body," the report said.

Gender ideologies promoting the concept of "pansexual, asexual, intersex and transgender" beliefs were introduced.

And demands were made that those who are "non-queer" must "support" those beliefs.

But such lessons are "misleading and partisan," as "gender identity" is not a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010, the report said.

Also implemented were various promotions on abortion and Critical Race Theory, which claims society is racist and the solution is more racism.

Concerned that parents, in sending their children to a "Christian" school were being deceived, she decided to teach the biblical perspective on those social issues.

An investigation, and her dismissal, followed, and a pending hearing before the TRA is accusing her of "unacceptable professional conduct."

She said, "The thought of me losing my career for expressing my Christian beliefs in response to questions from students is heart-breaking. I was treated like a criminal and as though I was a danger for expressing my Christian beliefs."

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said: "Glawdys' case is part of a growing trend of the TRA targeting Christian teachers for expressing their faith in schools. Glawdys was hounded out of the job she loved because she wanted children to understand in an RE lesson in a Christian school that Christian teaching does not align with LGBTQI ideology."

Originally published at WND News Center - reposted with permission.

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